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Do you really need big projector screen for pool party or having fun with friends on movie night.

Why big screen matters? Why it is important to have big screen? Does screen matters for outdoor parties?

If I answer shortly, it is yes. Size of the screen matters a lot. A large screen means that you have better visual experience of the picture going on the screen.

A small projector screen fails to deliver much depth in the image. So if you can afford, always go for the biggest possible image.

So is it this much simple? No it is not.

Ever wondered why the last seats to be filled in a cinema are the front ones? This is because sitting too close to a larger screen may cause a headache and stress to the eyes. So bigger is not always better until you have a bigger room to support sitting for the large screen.

Keep in mind this is only for home theater system and you don’t need to worry much for inflatable or outdoor projector screens. If you are in your backyard, you can always move some feet back to watch the image clearly.

For an indoor projector screen, it is recommended to sit at a minimum of 1.5x distance from the width of your screen. It means that if your screen is 10 feet wide, then sit at a min distance of 15 feet.

If you sit closer than this, you won’t get a complete picture and your eyes will start the pain. The max distance from a screen must be 4x from the width of your screen.

For example, for a screen of width 10 feet, never sit more than 40 feet away from it. If you sit that much away, you might feel you are out of the picture. Keep in mind that you need to consider the width of the screen and not the height. This is because all new screens are wider than their heights.

If you have a small screen is in your room, you can anytime move closer to it and the only problem you might feel is that you can’t accommodate more people.

But for a large screen, you can only move to a certain distance apart from the screen and not beyond that point. So this will be a permanent problem for you.

When we select a room to place our home theater system, we always look for the width of the room. We see if sockets are in place and if the windows are at a proper place. Then we decide that whether the room is capable of placing a widescreen in it.

What we always ignore is the depth of the room. We rarely focus on it despite it must be one of the key factor deciding the suitable room for our theater.

Community halls are always deeper than they are wider so they can have enough place for proper seating. If your room is less deep, even the smallest screen will not be enough to give you a proper visual experience.

This is the reason you must consider both width and depth of the room before finalizing a room for your home theater system.

Even for the outdoor or inflatable screen, it is recommended to select a screen 8-12 feet wider. If your screen is wider than this, you will need to sit at a distance so far that you will lose the depth of the image which is the main purpose of a large screen.

This is particularly important because a large size screen will cost you more money to buy it. You need to be pretty sure about the size of the screen required for you so you buy the one with exact dimensions. If you buy a larger screen than your need, you will only end up wasting money than doing some good.

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