8 Reasons You Need a Wi-Fi Booster in 2024 | Complete Guide

Having access to a reliable and fast internet connection in all corners of your house can be a challenge, especially when you have a large house. Many people suffer from dead zones at the vast ends of their home. It is mostly in the backyard, and sometimes even in the rooms on the second story of the house.

It is all because your router is unable to cover the entire area of your house on its own. The antenna attached to your router comes with a limited range; thus, if your house surface area is more than that, then there are chances that you will encounter dead zones in multiple parts of the house.

It is best to invest in a Wi-Fi booster to overcome those dead zone. There are multiple reasons for one to invest in a Wi-Fi booster. So let us go ahead and look at some of the significant reasons which suggest that you should get a booster right away to strengthen your Wi-Fi Signal.

What is a Wi-Fi Booster?

A Wi-Fi booster is a boosting device that helps strengthen your existing Wi-Fi signal to avoid weak signals in multiple areas of your house. Wi-Fi booster serves the same purpose as a repeater and an extender. All three of these devices are designed to help you boost your signal and cover dead zones or weak signal areas in the house.

The only difference between an extender and a booster is how they operate and get the job done. Unlike an extender, a booster doesn’t transmit its signal in the area. Instead, it intercepts the existing signal transmitted by the router and retransmits it with more strength. It increases the coverage and speed of the signal and helps you connect smart devices easily, even in the weak signal areas.

How Does WiFi Booster Work?

If we need to explain how a booster works, we would say that it acts as a retransmitting device. For instance, when you turn on your router, it transmits the Wi-Fi signal and Wi-Fi on your smart device would try and catch that signal. But since the signals are weak, it wouldn’t be able to catch it.

In such a case, your booster would jump in and catch the signal transmitted from the router. It would then retransmit the same signal with more strength to turn it into a powerful Wi-Fi signal so that your device can easily catch on to it. You can connect your booster wirelessly or via a wired connection to your router to get a stronger signal.

Reasons to Get a Wi-Fi Booster

Although there are multiple reasons why people invest in Wi-Fi boosters, we are going to be discussing some of the most common ones here. If you are suffering from any of these problems, then a Wi-Fi booster might be the best solution for you. So let us go ahead and jump right into them.

1. Your House Is Too Big

If you are living in a big house with an elongated layout, then there are chances that you might be suffering from dead zones in some regions of your home. There are two reasons behind that. First, the area of your house exceeds the transmitting range of the router. Secondly, the concrete and wooden walls might act as hurdles and weaken the signal.

In both cases, you might need at least one Wi-Fi booster to cover all areas of your house in areas where you would need to place a booster depending on the position of your router. If you are experiencing multiple dead zones, then you might have to invest in various boosters to cover all areas.

2. There Are Dead Zones in Your Home

There might be rooms in your house where there is no Wi-Fi signal. It can be due to the amount of space between the router and that room.  It can also be the result of the number of thick walls, that falls between the two places. You can experience dead zones meaning no Wi-Fi signal or a weak Wi-Fi signal that keeps breaking after a few minutes.

In such a case, to get access to the internet connection in that particular room or area of the house, you can either move your router closer to that area, but that might give rise to dead zones at the other end of the house. Or you can invest in a Wi-Fi booster to expand the range of your Wi-Fi signal so that it covers the dead spots in the house.

3. Signal Is Weak In Certain Rooms

There are always areas in your house where you can access the Wi-Fi, but the internet connection is too slow for you to watch or download anything. In cases like this, you might be suffering from a weak signal. Due to which bandwidth isn’t transmitted properly to that end of the house. A Wi-Fi booster is the best way to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal and enhance the speed in the affected area.

4. Want To Expand the Wi-Fi to the Outdoors

The houses today are designed differently from as they used to in the past. Nowadays, the outdoor areas built aside to give your actual living area more space—layouts like that separate living area and the outdoor area.

If you have such a type of layout, then you might struggle to get a Wi-Fi signal in the outdoor areas. It is best to invest in a Wi-Fi booster to cover all grounds of the house. You can access Netflix in your outdoor living room or control the pool lights and function on your smart device easily.

5. Your Wi-Fi Is Too Slow

The connection speed that you get depends on the internet plan that you have. You might remember your ISP telling you about the bandwidth that you will receive and the speed that would come with it. So if you are suffering from slow internet speed, then it is due to your ISP, modem, and router.

But the good thing is if your router packed with the latest technologies, then you can enhance the speed of your internet connection of your own with the help of a Wi-Fi booster that can get you up to 802.11ac speeds. It means that you won’t have to change your monthly plan, your router, or your modem at all.

Final Words

A regular router can be best suited for many, but when your area range falls out of its limit, it is time for you to invest in a boosting device. Each device comes with on perks and works best in certain situations. So it is best to evaluate your situation before investing in one. A Wi-Fi booster is one of the best-boosting devices that you can get to add strength and speed to your existing Wi-Fi connection. It helps you overcome dead zones and weak signals. So if you are facing one of the problems mentioned above, then you should get one right away.

By James Klett

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