5 Reasons To Buy A Tablet in 2024 – Definitive Guide

A tablet is one of the great inventions that fill the gap between smartphones and laptops. Yet there is a downfall when it comes to tablets, mainly due to the advancement in technology and the recent uprising of smartphones. People have forgotten the importance of tablets and how they benefited them in the past and still can carry out their day to day tasks.

If you are planning on buying a tablet and find yourself in a bit of a dilemma, then you are at the right spot. Today, in this article, we are looking at the top reasons which suggest that you should get a tablet for yourself right away.

Reasons To Buy a Tablet

Whether you are a student, a stay at home mom, a regular employee, or a professional – you all need a tablet to carry out your day to day tasks. Here is why you should get a tablet for yourself.

1. Tablets are Portable

One of the greatest advantages that tablets offer to all users is that – they are highly lightweight and portable. The compact design of the tablets makes it easy for you to carry them around with you at all times throughout the day.

The screen size of most tablets ranges from 7 to 11 inches. You can easily fit them in your bag when going to work, in your folder, when going to class, or just hold it in your hand when exploring different natures of the world. Its portability makes it a great asset for students, professionals, travelers, and business individuals.

2. Tablets are Affordable

Another reason investing in a tablet is that it is highly affordable. The prices usually range between $100-$1000. Android tablets are often cheaper than Apple iPad, but overall, they are much less expensive than laptops or PCs.

Not only are the tablets cheap, but the additional gear such as a drawing pen, an external keyboard, or a power bank is also highly affordable. With these additional devices, you can easily boost the performance of your affordable tablet equal to the performance of a high-end laptop.

3. Easy access to the internet

Connectivity is another major benefit that tablets have to offer to users. You don’t need a coffee shop or an internet café to connect to the internet if you have a 4G tablet at your disposal. You can simply access the internet directly using your cellular data on your tablet.

4. Tablets Don’t Crash

When you running heavy software on you tablet and it crash and simple solution is restart the tablet and get right back on track.

5. Portable entertainment systems

Tablets act as the perfect portable televisions and gaming devices. You can stream your favorite TV Shows, movies, and play video games on your tablet at any time. Enjoy everything on a bigger screen and leave no room for boredom with a tablet at your disposal at all times.


How can a tablet help you in your college studies?

If you are a college student, then you need a tablet to cater to all your study needs. Tablets are highly versatile. As a student, you can use it for a multiple of your study requirements ranging from downloading e-books and taking notes to store data and giving presentations.

Tablets are highly portable, so you can easily carry them to class and have all your e-books downloaded on it. It saves a lot of space in your backpack since you don’t have to carry any books. You can also highlight and take notes in the PDF readers, which makes it easy for you to study after class. If you are into drawing and love editing check these tablets for photoshop editing.

Tablet allows a student to download several practical educational applications. The Apple app store and the Android Play Store have a ton of applications such as Microsoft docs, excel, etc. that you can use to make studies much more fun and exciting.

How can a tablet help you in business meetings?

Tablets aren’t just fun and helpful for the students. They are also an excellent investment for business individuals. If you are a business owner or just an employee who has to travel around a lot, then a business tablet can come in handy. It is highly lightweight; thus, you can carry it around with you at all times. Mostly business tablets come with a wireless keyboard.

You can store all your files on the tablet and access them anywhere at any time. Instead of carrying heavy files to business meetings, you can store all your data electronically and access it easily while in a meeting. Not only that, but you can also prepare presentations for your meetings on your tablet and connect it to the projector to easily present it to the group.

Another great thing about a tablet is that it allows you to share data with others. In case there is no projector in the meeting room, you can easily share the presentation with your fellow business individuals and present your idea with ease. You can also download some great business applications that can make your job fun and interesting.

How are tablets helping artists in drawing?

Tablets are suitable for all professions, but they are highly effective when it comes to the art industry. As an artist, you often find yourself playing around with the mouse for hours until you get the desired results. Not only is that time consuming but also annoying at times.

In such situations, a tablet comes in handy. Since it is a touch screen; thus, you can easily adjust the color or the design on the screen directly with the touch of your finger. You can also invest in digital pens that allow you to draw on your tablet with ease. It saves a lot of your time and is also easy on your hands.

Why you need a tablet for kids?

If you haven’t learned already, it is time that you do now because smartphones aren’t for kids. We all have heard our fair share of disasters when it comes to smartphones and kids. Tablets are much more durable than smartphones and offer a bigger screen for your kids to enjoy.

You can download a ton of kid-friendly applications on your tablets via the App Stores and use the enlarged screen to help them learn. Plus, instead of having the TV on at all times, you can play cartoons and movies on the tablets as well for your kids to watch.

Why should you buy a tablet and not a laptop?

Most people often get stuck between a laptop and a tablet. Now you can get notebooks that come with a flip screen or detachable screens; thus, the need for tablets has diminished – but not entirely. Tablets still have the upper hand on laptops in multiple scenarios.

Tablets are highly portable and easy to use as compared to laptops. Almost anyone can learn to use a tablet within an hour, where it can take days for one to understand the usage of a computer. It makes tablets the perfect choice for your kids.

All tablets come with touchscreens – that is the whole point of a tablet. In contrast, only a few laptops have a touchscreen, and they are often highly expensive; thus don’t fall within the price range of many buyers. It makes tablets highly affordable, as well.

Other than that, tablets are perfect for entertainment, web browsing, artistry, e-reading, and social networking.  Plus, they also come with cellular networking, which is something that laptops to date fail to accommodate.

Final Words

When it comes to computing, a tablet offers the perfect combination. It is designed to provide you with the features of a laptop and a smartphone in a single device. It doesn’t replace them yet fills the gap between them so you can easily carry out your digital tasks with ease and fun on a portable device.

When it comes to computing, all digital devices have their set of perks to offer to users. So, whether a laptop, a smartphone, a PC, or a tablet would be best suited for you depends on your requirements and personal preference. If you believe that a tablet can cater to all your needs, then waste no time and get one right ahead! at ReviewsCon.com

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