Best Big And Tall Gaming Chairs from $100 to $400

Why does a gamer need a comfortable chair for playing video games? Which is the best Big And Tall gaming chair to buy? These types of questions may come to your mind when you never use one before.

In this in-depth guide, we present you with comfortable big and tall gaming chairs for the best gaming experience.

Cheap Gaming Chair

You will find our best picks and comparison table below on this page. Our expert reviews and recommend gaming chairs on the basis of exhaustive research and thorough testing.

An enthusiast gamer knows what it’s like when it comes to playing games and the importance of accessories like gaming monitor, headphones, graphics card, and Gaming Laptop or PC. It’s very important to have a reliable gaming chair to help satisfy your gaming needs.

When we talk about games, the situation is somewhat tougher. It requires a high level of care. This is because normally gamers are seen to spend the whole day playing games sitting in front of the screen. Sitting in one pose for hours demands the chair to be extra comfortable.

From there the concept of gaming chairs has evolved. Companies started designing the best gaming chairs that have special features to make them fit for gaming purposes.

A gaming chair differs from office chairs in terms of shape and features. It has a posture that is perfectly suitable to hold your body in a rest position. Plus it has certain tech in it to help you directly in-game playing. These include hands-free plugs, Bluetooth, High-quality speakers, HD Display, etc.

Big And Tall Gaming Chairs List

When it comes to buying the best gaming chairs, the experience is a little different than purchasing other chairs. However, when you are buying the best big and tall gaming chairs in 2024, you need to keep all features in mind.

1. X Rocker 51259 Pro

Best Gaming Chair with Speakers

Best Gaming Chair For Money

X Rocker uses Audio Force Modulation technology in these gaming chairs. AFM makes use of speakers, ported power subwoofers and also of the open space inside the chair. Going beyond the frame helps it to magnify the quality of sound. Vibrational audio is created to give you the best sound experience of your games. The chair discussing here is X Rocker Pro 51259. It is a wireless gaming chair and is a perfect choice for gamers.

This chair is designed to provide maximum support. It has vibration, full back support, and a headrest in it. So you can play your favourite games for a whole day without the worry of tiring. The vinyl is very durable and wipes, clean and stands up to the moment of intense gameplay. It may also connect to multiple chairs to give you a whole new experience.

4.1 Audio: This gaming chair has a built-in speaker and a powered subwoofer. These are a total of 4 in number. They create a full immersion experience. You will love the quality sound of your games, music or movies. This will let you get deeply attached to the voice.

Bluetooth Enabled: The chair has a side control panel. It has a volume and bass controller and jacks for I/O with personal headphones. You may connect your chair to various famous games. These include Xbox, Play Station, Gameboy, and many types of audio like MP3 or one from CD/DVD.

Easy Storage: This chair has gunstock arms. The important thing to know is that it has the ability to fold. The chair tends to provide complete comfort to the person sitting in and is designed to store the user in the most easing pose.


  • Used exclusively for console gaming
  • Allows the gamers to back and forth
  • Built-in High Power Sub-woofers
  • Contain Durable Vinyl


  • Doesn’t let you swivel left to right
  • Some users complain, uncomfortable after a couple hours of gaming

2. X-Rocker 51396 Pro Series

Best Video Gaming Chair Under $300

Gaming Chair With Speakers Reviews

X Rocker is an industry-wide name in the manufacturing of the best gaming chairs. Gaming chairs are designed to give perfect comfort for gamers. These have special features that are best suited for long hour’s usage of the screen. This chair has some great features for gamers.

XRocker welcomes its users to a new world. A world where you will hear the sound in its full detail. You hear to sound in your routine life and that’s quite normal. However, this Gaming Chair will let you feel the sound in its depth. Just like goggles enhance the viewing experience, this chair is made to give a new shape to your hearing. It is suitable for music, watching a movie, or playing games. Hence you will enjoy each and every sound to hear.

Built-in Speakers: Built-in speakers provide maximum comfort to the users. They do not need any installation and are ready to use anytime. This black XRocker gaming chair features two speakers. The speakers are hidden in the headset. It also has a subwoofer that uses AFM tech to give you a magnified sound. To sum the story up, this chair is perfect if you like to hear the voices in depth.

Maximum comfort level: This is a pedestal 2.1 version wireless audio gaming chair. Its base raises you up so you can easily tilt and swivel to provides max comfort for long hours of usage. The chair has gunstock arms which are perfect in giving support and an awesome look at the same time. On the other hand, the wireless feature helps you get rid of wires and you enjoy the games, movies or any other thing in the best manner.

Ideal for Gamers: If you are planning to give Christmas gifts to your young cousins or siblings, this might be the best gift for that person. A gamer does not need anything more than a comfort sits in the chair. It has a royal look and a young relative will be more than happy to get it. It is easy to connect with most gaming fields and a gamer does not need any other thing from life. You simply need to connect it and enjoy a perfect experience.

This one is of the best and extreme x rocker gaming chair in the market right now.


  • Built-in High Quality Speakers
  • Connect Headphone Wireless
  • A Best Gift To Give Someone
  • Hybrid between the rocker and wheelbase style


  • Expensive than rocker type chairs

3. Shionoom

Affordable Gaming Chair For Good Posture

Affordable Gaming chair reviews

When it comes to using advanced technologies, no one can beat SHIONOOM. They lead the market in giving advanced features to the users. This chair is very flexible in nature. Its flexibility can be measured in 90 degrees to 175 degrees and 360 degrees to swivel.

There are twenty different positions you can lock your chair at any of them while reclining. The feature which is superb for all is its 3D armrests. It offers a wide range of preferred positions so every gamer can fit it into his individual position to enjoy complete freedom. This chair has a pad for your elbows. The pad is made of soft polyurethane and is knee to provide maximum rest to get you a proper position to sit.

The chair is made for gamers for all levels. The weight limit of this chair is around 330 lbs. This high limit is achieved with the help of advanced gas pressure combined with a solid aluminum base of the chair. This way no one will have a problem with using the product and you can enjoy your game easily.

This chair is perfectly suitable for gamers. Its body is designed to give maximum comfort during long hours sitting. It has a high back metal structure. This way, gamers back will be in the most comfortable position all the time.

Headrest pillow and Lumbar cushion: SHIONOOM is known for providing recent technologies. They provide each and every feature which is necessary for user comfort. For this purpose, this chair is having a headrest pillow. While you can increase the comfort level through it, you can also remove it when not needed. The same is the case with lumbar support. All the good chairs have this support which helps to maintain your posture. You can remove the support when desired.

Back presser adjuster: Another important feature of this chair is that it has a back presser adjuster. It is designed in Germany and hence the high quality of the product is ensured.


  • Class-4 gas lift verified by SGS
  • 3D armrests
  • Best Price In Such Performance
  • Best chairs in terms of mobility and comfort


  • Some may not like angular aesthetic

4. Ewin Gaming Chair

Adjustable Armrest And Backrest Chair

Best Chair For Gaming only

Ewin is known for making economical products. This is an Ewin gaming chair having all essential features of a good and comfortable chair. It is very easy to assemble and very good quality cushioning is done on it. The most important, it is cheaper in price than chairs having the same quality features. Gamers rate this a good chair that competes for some of the best gaming chairs in the market. The chair is simple to adjust to the required posture and tends to provide maximum comfort for a long period of time.

High-density foam: The density of foam highly affects the quality of the chair. Ewin uses high-density foam in this chair which is very necessary for getting the max level of comfort. Anti-oxidation, the elasticity of chair and service life all depends on the density of foam used. Other brands use two main methods to cut the production cost. One of them is to use low-density foam while the other includes no foam usage.

However, Ewin is committed to providing a good quality chair which is its first priority. The foam used is integrated and is greater in quantity to increase the comfort level.

Steel frame: Steel frame is of very much importance for a chair. We can relate it just as the need for bones for the human body. The thickness of the steel and coating type actually decides the life of the chair. Ewin uses a steel tube of 16 mm diameter in this chair, the thickness of which is 1.5mm. If we compare it to other famous brands, this chair features more thickness of steel tube. All other brands have a steel tube of less than 1.2mm in thickness.

Armrest: Armrests are another thing that contributes to the comfort of the person sitting for long. Low-cost armrests directly result in poor comfort. For this reason, Ewin uses high quality and good elasticity PU lifting armrest. To regain strength, an 8mm steel plate is used at the bottom of the armrest.

Poly-Urethane: When you go on shopping, you will come across this term most often. It is often used as “PU”. It is a type of leather that is made by man. Unlike genuine leather, it has attributes that are desired for a specific job. A thick PU affects the wearing coefficient, requirements from the enviro and flexibility of the chair.

Easy to install: Ewin has a how-to install video and also a user manual. You can follow these easy steps to install your chair and your chair will be ready in minutes for use as soon as it arrives.


  • High Comfortable For Gamers
  • Easy To Install With User Manual
  • Steel Tube is 16mm as compared to others
  • Not Breakable
  • Best For Professional Gamers


  • No cons


“Budget Gaming Chair Under $200”

DEERHUNTER gaming Chair Review

Deer hunter produces the best gaming chairs and gives them a sporty look. They are fashioned with gaming aesthetics and have an ergonomic design in them to provide max function.

The seat is made using high-quality materials to achieve a customizable anti-fatigue seat, so it will fit to fulfill all your needs. Sometimes companies downgrade the performance of the chair in giving min comfort. However, Deer hunter tends to provide a balance between comfort and performance. A gamer will be able to enjoy the most intense gaming sessions.

Relieve pressure: The times of old chairs have finished. Nearly all of the chairs have an ergonomic engineering style. It perfectly suits the best body posture to provides relief to the neck and shoulder. This chair also has a lumbar pressure which is basically used to provide maximum support and comfort during long hours sitting in the chair.

High elasticity Cold foam: Foam is known to provide comfort to the chair. Gamers need to sit for a very long duration at a place and thus require complete comfort. Deer hunter uses a high elasticity cold foam in this chair which is very helpful in attaining high resilience. It is a property of an object to spring back to its original position. This adds to the elasticity of the chair.

Up down Armrest: This chair has a high-quality armrest you can move it up or down depend on your need. It is covered with a soft PU. This will increase the comfort level of the user. Thus your arms are at a complete rest when you are using this gaming chair.

Adjustment wheel: Tilting helps you to get the needed pose, you can tilt this chair up to 12 degrees. This way you can set it up to get the most comfort in position. To set the desired resistance, you can use the adjustment wheel.

Seat height: The height of this chair is not fixed. It is kept adjustable so each height person will be able to adjust it to his own need. This feature is very useful to neither tall nor short people, will face no problem sitting on the screen for a long time.


  • Lumbar adjustment knob
  • All levers can easily be reached and respond smoothly
  • High-quality armrest


  • Only available in 4 color styles


Ergonomic Racing Chair

Cheap GTRacing chair reviews

Chairs have a major role in our everyday life. An office person uses it for sitting to respond to emails or evaluate reports. On the other hand, a gamer uses the chair to enjoy precious moments of joy with his friends. This is the reason, you need a chair that has something more than an ordinary one. It needs to support you for many hours so you can work at your best.

This high back gaming by GT Racing tends to provide full support to you. It is sleek, has a style suited for professional use and supports to give comfort for all day.

Fully Adjustable: When you need to sit at a place for a long time, it is very hard to prevent repetitive stress. You need a correct ergonomic posture, an important feature. This chair has an adjustable seat. It ensures every height person gets full comfort by adjusting the chair to the position which is the most relaxing for him. You can use it to have the best relationship with your desk.

It has a free back angle option on it. You can easily adjust the angle of the backrest. This will greatly help you to adjust your sitting position. If you adjust the backrest to 170 degrees, it will become a perfect place to have a comfortable sleep.

Adjustable Armrest: The armrest of the chair is cushioned and contoured to adjust to the shape of the arm. It easily adjusts to the arm height-wise. You can move it up and down to let it provide max support to the arm. This way it prevents repetitive stress to the arm and also very helpful in controlling the tilt of the chair. There is a tilt-tension know under the seat that controls this setting. You can change it by moving the knob in a specific direction. This will directly affect the way you rock back in your chair.

Different Colors: Color is something that many gaming chairs do not focus on. However, GT Racing is keen to provide all the necessary features to its customers so they will like it to the best. These chairs are designed in three different primary colors which include red, blue and yellow you can purchase what you like.

Left-right Armrest: To add to the comfort level of the product, the armrests are made to move left to right. You can move them to adjust to your level. This feature is important for over and under-weight people to adjust the armrest to their best pose.


  • Awesome looking design, material looks and feels high quality
  • Many unique size and style options, armrests and backrests fit gamers of all sizes
  • Professional Use
  • Available In Different Colors
  • High Quality Material Used
  • Best Gaming Chair Under $100


  • Armrests could use improvement

7. Homall

Big And Tall Gaming Chairs Under Budget

Gaming Chair For Adults

Extending the full length of the back is an important feature for making sure that the body is in complete rest. It provides rest for the shoulders, head, and neck part. Homall crafts their chairs that are perfect for the body. They are designed in such a way as to provide a natural shape to your body. The complete comfort of the person using the chair is ensured.

Colorcaster wheels: Moving in the chair is an important feature of a chair. People like a chair that supports easy moving from one place to another. This executive swivel gaming chair has colour caster wheels in it and you can easily move it from one place to another.

Headrest pillow: A headrest makes sure that you get a comforting position on the chair. It is essential for gaming chairs. Homall features a good quality headrest pillow and you will have a natural effect when using it. The chair also has lumbar support for it. This way it supports the natural posture of the body. It increases the comfort of the body and you can sit more long hours without the worry of getting stress.

Tilt locking adjuster: Tilt is a sloping position of anything. When we say about chairs, a good chair has a tilt locking feature in it. This ensures that you remain in your desired position. This gaming chair features a tilt locking adjuster that can lock the tilt anywhere between 90 to 180 degrees. You simply need to adjust a suitable angle for your sitting and lock the tilt and you will have hours of comfort in this chair.

Armrests: One thing to note is that this chair has fixed armrests. If you have a normal body height, then you are well and good with it. But you must ensure that the length of armrests is suitable for you or not. This is because relaxing armrests matters a lot. You must take this thing into consideration when deciding.


  • High Quality Gaming Chair
  • PU casters safe for hardwood floors
  • Good quality headrest pillow
  • High Weight Capacity up to 136kg


  • Plastic Parts not much durable
  • Less ergonomic features

8. OFM Chair

Best Big And Tall Budget Gaming Chair

Best Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair is more of an office-type chair. It has a unique appearance and feels that is unmatched by others. It is a racing type seat and features bucket seats. Which is very helpful in giving you an extra level of comfort in long office days.

The back of the chair is also very comfortable. It molds around and supports your back to give a complete sense of rest. Normally chairs have a lower backrest. However, this chair has one that is higher than the others. It is pretty much helpful in supporting the entirety of your spinal column.

Perfect office chair – If you have a problem in long office days, then you must try this chair. It will give you a safe experience and you will more likely feel much comfortable than your previous chair. This chair has a stable five-point base and also has a gas spring that allows the user to adjust the height. You can adjust the height with it to easily fit the height of your office desk.

Bucket style seat – The seat of the chair is brand new and is of bucket style with a padded armrest. Soft polyurethane leather upholstery makes the chair highly comfortable. Overall it is a good chair if your work demands sitting on the chair for a long duration.

Attention for gamers – However, gamers must be aware that the chair is designed especially for office purposes. This is the reason it lacks some basic features of a gaming chair. The chair is, however, perfect for low budget people as you will get a comfort level greater than a normal chair.


  • Very Comfortable You Can Fall Asleep
  • Perform Well Above The Price
  • Best for gamers under budget chair
  • Easy to assemble


  • Back is not too adjustable
  • Some User Complain About Noise
  • Needed an extra cushion for the tush
  • The chair does not recline

9. Devoko Ergonomic

“Big and Tall Gaming And Office Chair

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Devoko has this racing style gaming chair specially designed for game lovers. However, the features are equally suitable for office usage. You can use this chair during your work in an office or relax in your free time. It will give you the most comfortable sitting posture. You will surely enjoy your game or will be able to work with complete devotion to the job.

360-degree swivel rotation – Swivel normally provides a great feeling. Other than just a joy, it is also helpful in getting the best pose. You move your direction without the need for standing physically from your chair. This chair provides 360 degrees swivel rotation. This feature is more useful for office users, so they will concentrate on their work. Moving from one place to another in a workplace is very simple.

Smooth-rolling casters – The rolling casters that use in the chair are very smooth. These are responsible for easy moving of the chair from one place to another. Plus, they also take care of the whole weight that is on the chair. These are heavy-duty casters and are of high quality.

Lock tilt function – As discussed earlier, locking the tilt is very important for a gaming or office chairs. It locks the chair to the desired angle and lets you do your work with more concentration. This chair has a lock tilt function along with pneumatic height adjustment. Through it, you can adjust the height of the chair to the required height, work in the more relaxing pose.

Premium, genuine leather – For Devoko, it is more important to satisfy the customer. For this purpose, they use a premium quality genuine leather. Many other brands use PU Leather in it. That leather used to provide specific qualities to the chair. However, Devoko believes that nothing can beat the quality of the natural object. For this purpose, they use genuine leather. This increases the durability of their Bluetooth gaming chair.

Ergonomic metal frame – The chair has a metal frame which increases the durability of the product. The frame is kept ergonomic, so it will provide extra comfort to the person sitting on it. When you sit for long on this chair, the frame will work to give you a perfect posture.


  • You may like the overall design and maneuverability
  • Quick set up, and Comfortable


  • cons


Recliner Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair To Buy Online

GT Racing is a leading name in the industry for innovative tech. Each of their products is kept up to date with recent tech. A gaming chair specially designed for those playing games on the computer. Its design suits the purpose. The best gaming chairs for gamers that can connect to a laptop or PC and also with PS4 or Xbox. This chair will help you a lot in your gaming.

Ergonomic body – When you are playing games, you need to sit at a place for a long time. Gamers go deep into the scenario where they sit for hours. Which causes excessive pain in the back, shoulders, and neck. That results in a bad mood or severe tiredness when they finish the game. Sitting in the same posture for a long duration is very dangerous for physical health. This is because it exerts excessive strain on the spine.

An ergonomic chair is, however, different from the ones we usually use,  provides complete rest to the structure of the body. It will give complete relief to the body parts that receive direct stress while sitting. It also tends to support the natural posture of the body. These chairs had a headrest to support the neck and also a backrest. This tends to support your posture when sitting for long times completely. You can adjust the features according to your need for this user-friendly chair by GT Racing.

Nylon topped wheels – This gaming chair specially designs to provide the maximum level of comfort to its user. Like many other features, it has nylon topped wheels. These wheels are widely known to handle pressure much more relaxed. Since nylon material is resistant to wear, these will last much longer than other wheels. These are 60 mm wheels and will help you to sit in a much comfortable posture.

Weight capacity – Like many of GT Racing products, this gaming chair can accommodate a weight of about 150 kg. This makes it perfect for every body type people. These gaming chairs are designed in Germany to ensure high quality.


  • Sturdy and comfortable.
  • Highly Recommended in This Price
  • Very easy to assemble


  • No Big Issues With This Chair

Big And Tall Gaming Chairs Buying Guide

In daily routine, we use chairs a lot. By sitting to specific work to doing home works, playing games in your room, attending college, visiting doctors, everywhere we had use of the chair.

Keeping this in mind, simple logic demands that a chair should be delightful and comfortable to sit. It should be pleasing to sit so we won’t feel stress upon its usage.

Gaming Chair Guide

How to Choose The Big And Tall Gaming Chair?

Since a gamer spends a lot of his time on a chair, the chair needs to be perfect. It should have every vital feature which needed in a good chair. Plus, it should be equipped with up to date tech so as to help one in playing games. Generally, you need to see the following points when selecting a chair for you:

Material – Material means a lot for a gaming chair. You need a material that gives max comfort throughout the time. It should be very comfortable and soft. There usually are three types of materials used in gaming chairs.

Synthetic Leather: It is made from artificial plastic and is very easy to clean. It can rip and tear easily. This means you need to take complete care of it. It returns it will take care of you. You need to find a model that has breathable holes in it. That will help save you from getting heat in the sun.

Cloth: If you have a small budget, you are going to find a one having a fabric. Cloth material is tough to clean and needs much care than any other material. Experience gamers do not recommend it for gaming purposes.

Mesh and Waving: The top office chairs use mesh and waving. These chairs are very much breathable. The quality which makes them the user’s first choice is their ergonomic structure. They mold to the shape of the person sitting on it. This way, it is very much relaxing.

Casters – You need to be careful about the type of casters that used in your chair. These are an essential thing to see because it affects the way weight is distributed to the chair. Dual, hardwood, and carpet are the three types of casters. Carpet casters are usually preferred because of the reason they are easy to move.

Armrests – When sitting on a chair, it is very crucial to have the right armrest. A relaxing position for arms is significant. It ensures you have a relaxing posture. A good chair always has the most comforting armrests. These are three types of armrests, namely:

  • Fixed: When you go to purchase a cheaper chair, it has the most fixed features. The armrests are the first ones. This means these are set at a point just like an ordinary chair. These are good for an average person, but a taller or shorter height person may find it difficult to adjust.
  • Height adjustable: Good chairs have armrests that height can be adjusted according to the need. You can change the height any time seeing the situation or person’s height in mind.
  • 4D Adjustable: An expensive chair gives you a fully customized chair. You can edit every feature of it. 4D adjustment is a feature that comes on the top of the list. You can adjust the armrests up, down, right, or left. This gives you complete freedom in selecting the most comforting position.

Head Support – Most chairs are high backed. They give support to the person’s head. Some of them had an adjustable pillow in them while others don’t have one. This is not a mandatory feature for all chairs. If you are sensitive about it, you must be careful that your favorite chair has this feature or not.

Lumbar support – Almost every chair has a specific type of lumbar support. Some chairs design to provide comfort to the lumbar area. While others had an adjustable pillow or other like the thing to provide customized support, this helps in maintaining your posture and giving an extra layer of comfort.

Speakers and sub-woofers – Most console chairs have this feature in them. They have attached speakers or sub-woofers in them. Some of them also have a place for headphones. This feature is essential in console chairs and is less critical for PC gaming chairs. This is because a PC gaming chair is generally already equipped with all these features.

Comfort – This is an essential feature of a gaming chair. A person invests in a gaming chair to get more support than a regular chair.  These fit the body of the person sitting in them. A chair should as much customized as possible. This gives you the comfort of choosing the features you need.

Wireless – Technology has advanced over time, and now we had wireless in every of our equipment. Many chairs now had a wireless radio receiver that comes built-in. It also had a wireless transmitter.

Wireless gaming chair works with any source. This makes it easier to connect devices or another thing with the chair.

Flexibility – A gaming chair is generally considered as a chair that is easy to store. You must select a chair that is easy to fold and can be taken aside when not in use. You will also love a chair which is easy to clean. This way, you will save time.

Types of Gaming Chairs

There are various features according to which a gaming chair can be classified. These classifications further help you to pinpoint your decision.

Classified by Function:

Gaming chair for PC – This type of gaming chair is used on PCs. A gamer will love this type of chair and enjoy playing games sitting on it. It is known for its smooth and comfortable cushion.

Gaming chair for console gamer – These gaming chairs fit perfect for playing video games on it. They have speakers, wireless, and a vibrate mode. This lets the gamers to have a great experience of gaming. The design helps to ensure there is no problem with the health of the player.

Gaming chair for RPG – There is a type of game known as Role-Playing Games. Some of the best gaming chairs are designed to give a perfect experience of RPG games. These have a modern sound system, have a joystick, can connect to the TV, and have wireless features. These chairs help to add a feeling of being really in the game.

Classified by Price:

Mid-range Gaming Chairs – These chairs usually cost between 100-200 USD. This makes them affordable, and you can easily own one of them. They will give you a good experience of gaming. This is achieved through a sound speaker system, vibration intensity, and having a good wireless connection. They have a small design in general, save space in your room.

High-end Gaming Chairs – These chairs will cost you over 200 US dollars. It will shift your gaming experience to a new level. It will give you a feeling of being really in the scene of the game. To achieve reality, these chairs are quite large, require ample space in your room.

Classified by Design:

The design of a gaming chair means a lot. They usually look just like a car seat. Based on the design and divided into four types.

Video Rocker – These are those kind chairs that you can sit on them. If you love console games, you should try it. They are suitable for reading a book or watching a movie in it. Young people and kids love this type of chair because they are very much comfortable. They are not expensive ones and it is easy to afford. One thing to rem is that stay away from cheap chairs of this category as they compromise on quality.

Racing Style Seat – These chairs are made especially for PC gaming purposes. They offer a variety of adjusting features. It also provides a unique neck and back support. This will allow you to sit for hours in front of the screen without the worry of having fatigue. Playing games is more comfortable. The price of some good racing chairs ranges around $200.

Racing Simulator Chairs – These are the type of chairs that suits best for die-hard gamers. These chairs designed to stimulate the feeling of the cockpit of a racing car. This will create a taste similar to like an original racing car. These chairs have a mount for the steering wheel.

Some of them even have a gear shifter mount. You need to get a compatible steering wheel and gear shifters. This way, you can start your race and get a feeling of the real car.

Pedestal Gaming Chair – These kinds of gaming chairs mount on a solid pedestal. They swivel and rock on it. Many of them have additional features to enhance the enjoyment of the scenario. These include speakers and control panels. This gives them an appearance just like you had seen in movies. Since they have extra features, they are best for playing video games on the console.

What types of Big and Tall gaming chair?

There are two types of gaming chairs, a PC gaming chair and console gaming chair. A PC gaming chair is just like a standard gaming chair that has some unique features in it to make it suitable for gaming purposes. On the other hand, a console chair is slightly lower in height and has attached speakers on it. It also has storage for Xbox or plays station gear.

If you do not know which cheap gaming chair to buy, you can go with the PC gaming chair. This is because it can do both duties in the right way. You can use it for PC gaming as well as on the console.

The Appearance of the chair!

The appearance of a chair means a lot. Many people love the type of chair. This could be the one they wished for time. A standard chair has limited colors, i.e., Black or Blue. However, a gaming chair comes in various vibrant colors, which you will like.

Apart from color, you should also consider the covering material. It is an important thing to consider because you will need to take proper care according to the type of material used in covering.

Gaming Chairs vs. Normal Chairs (Office Chair)

These differences can be summed up in several different headings. These include:

Design: An ordinary chair comes up with a simple design. However, the best gaming chairs has a sporty design. They much look like something specially designed for sports purposes. You can say they are special-purpose chairs.

Color: A simple chair has the same colors every time. They change from black to blue and something that is very much similar to them. However, a gaming chair has advanced colors. It features vibrant colors that are pleasant to the sight. The color best suits its function.

Shapes: A regular chair or an office chair is simple in terms of shape. At most, they had a texture on it. A gaming chair, when seen from near, you will realize it had sketches of different places. These could be any vehicle or sport-related object or some popular video game.

Lumbar support: It is supported in a specific area. It helps to maintain the posture of the body to the best of the chair. A regular chair doesn’t give this facility, and it is only available for a gaming chair.

Adjustable armrests: Armrests are the places on the side of the chair. A person, when sitting, places his arm on it. A simple chair has fixed arms, and you need to adjust yourself to it. On the other hand, some of the best gaming chairs sometimes feature adjustable armrests. It helps you to adjust the armrests to the best of your desired posture. This feature adds to the comfort of the chair.

Headrest pillow: A standard chair is nothing but a structure to sit on. It has no additional features in it. However, one that is designed especially for games has specific elements to make it comfortable. Some of the best gaming chairs feature a headrest pillow. It helps to give rest to the head area.

Size: Since a simple chair has fewer features, it is relatively smaller in size. An office chair, on the other hand, has a lot of features. Its adjustable features require a lot of space. This is the reason; they are generally larger.

How to connect your Gaming Chair to Xbox 360 HDMI?

You need to follow the given steps to connect the gaming chair to your Xbox 360 HDMI correctly. If you miss any of this tip, you won’t connect your Xbox 360 gaming chair. Read Carefully.

  • If you had already connected the console to your TV, then you need to go to the back of the TV. Unplug the red and white audio cables. These were previously connected to the TV from Xbox. Take care not to disconnect yellow color or other wires.
  • Now take out the audio cables that came with your gaming chair. They may vary depending on the type of control panel.
  • If your chair has a black control panel, it will be having an audio cable having two jacks. These are namely red and white. You just put any of its ends into the audio port of the chair.
  • Some chairs had a control panel of silver color. You will get an audio cable that will have one end of the green. On the other end; it will be having two jacks of white and red color. You need to put the green jack into the green audio port of your gaming chair.
  • The next step requires you to take out the barrel connectors provided with the chair. From outside, the color black, while from inside, they are white and red.
  • Then you need to connect the white or red audio jacks of the chair to the barrel connectors.
  • In the last step, you need to take the audio jacks of your console. Then connect it to the barrel connectors. You must take care while matching colors, i.e., connect red to red and white to white.
  • Now when you start your console, you will see that the voice is coming from your chair.

Advantages Of Big and Tall Gaming Chair

When you sit for long in the same position, you cause damage to your physical health. You will damage your spine. This will lead to pain in the back, stiff joints, and limit the range of motion. A gamer needs to sit for long times in front of a computer screen.

This is the reason most gamers face these problems. The pain eliminates the use of a quality chair. A good chair tends to protect your back. When you play computer games, prefer a chair that is specially designed for gaming purposes.

Enjoy Quality Gaming SessionsGaming chairs have lots of different features. These are useful in performing a variety of activities while sitting in front of a computer screen. Most models have their integrated speakers, 2.1 AFM tech, built-in vibration, and many other best features. They enable you to move swiftly. This way, it reduces the strain on the seat. You get your skills improved and enjoy better gaming.

Facilitate Better Posture – It helps you to maintain a good posture. They are designed in such a manner to support your spine. They keep your back straight. A regular chair often causes back pain because of the lousy posture they give. A gaming chair, however, solves all these problems. It will let you improve your posture. You will enjoy better health when using this chair.

Prevent Neck Problems – When you sit for long times, you get risks of cervical spondylosis. It also causes neck pain and another type of distress. These best gaming chairs tend to prevent neck problems. It reduces stiffness. You need to select a model that has headrest support or a removable pillow.

Improved Circulation – These gaming chairs help to maintain healthy blood flow in your body. It leads to better tissue functions, reduces muscle stiffness, and decreases pain in the body. If you want to sit for a long time, then this chair is a good investment.

Easy maintenance – A gaming chair is effortless to clean. It requires min maintenance and can work for years. You will love the quality service these chairs provide.


How does gaming chair work?

Gaming is a type of activity that requires very much sitting. You will be aware of a game that is pretty much virtual. It will have an exciting experience, but one thing is for sure that you will play it while sitting. There is a minimal physical exercise in it. It has some serious problems. Experts always suggest that humans are not to sit regularly at a place. They need to be in a relaxing position.

A gaming chair solves the problem. It offers a bundle of other things like speakers, wireless, and other features. Thus they enhance your enjoyment. They are designed specially to fit your body. They work by giving you the most relaxing position. This way, you can sit in a position even for a longer duration of time.

How to connect the Gaming Chair to Xbox One?

The X box has only an HDMI cable. This is for video and audio and has a digital audio output. You need to connect the gaming chair to the TV directly. For this purpose, you need digital audio to RCA phono adapter.

You can purchase all of these easily from an excellent electronics store or online. Xbox one doesn’t support Bluetooth. This means you need to connect every equipment physically through wires.

How to connect Gaming Chair to PlayStation 4?

The PS4 has an HDMI cable only for video and audio. It has a digital audio output device. You will need to connect your gaming chair directly to the chair. If it does not connect directly, you need to purchase digital optical audio to RCA photo adapter. This is available from many good electronics stores. It will enable you to use the digital audio output. If your gaming chair has Bluetooth in it, it will be useless. This is because the Bluetooth of PS4 is only to connect to the objects of PS4.

How to connect Gaming Chair to PC?

Connecting the gaming chair to the PC is very simple. All you need to do is to take the two ended green audio cables, plug one end of that cable into the green audio port of the chair.

In the last step, plug the other end of the cable into your PC’s sound card port. Now when you play any song on your PC, you will note that the voice is coming from the chair.

Where to buy a best Big and Tall Gaming Chair?

These chairs are available widely to purchase at online stores. Some famous online sites sell them to customers. You can decide your chair upon reviews and order one for yourself. If you had already pinpoint your decision, you can visit the company website and make a direct order.

Final Conclusion

The best gaming chairs help you to play games more easily. While these are specially designed for playing games, you can actually use them to do other jobs. Some of them are having a tilt lock. You can use the chair as a bed to have long hours of rest. Overall, they are perfect in giving rest to the whole body in general but especially back body.

When you go to buy the best Big and Tall gaming chairs, there are many different options. If you have a normal weight, you can save money. Otherwise, you had to invest some more to have a chair which will give you many customized options. It has other options like Bluetooth and built-in speakers to make it worthy.

They cost much more than an office chair. To be honest, when you compare to the benefits which the chair offers, it is probably a good investment. A gamer will love to play games sitting in the good quality gaming chair.

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