Best Monitors With Built-In Speakers in 2024

Whether you are gaming, watching a movie, or just checking your emails, monitors are something that you have to look at for long periods of time, or maybe even the majority of the day, if your job requires you to do so.

Therefore, a new monitor’s purchase is extremely important and should be done carefully and after thorough research. This is necessary in order to make an informed decision and to buy the right computer monitor for your needs. It also saves you both time and money since you won’t have to return an ill-suited product or waste your money on expensive products that are not worth the price.

Monitors With Speakers List

There are thousands of monitors with built-in speakers available on the market, and nobody wants to spend all of their time looking through the various choices and narrowing them down. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you and have detailed our picks below.

1. HP VH240a LED Monitor

IPS LED Monitor with Built-in Speakers

Quick Features

  • 23.8-inch Full HD Monitor
  • 3-side micro-edge design
  • VESA Mount adapter
  • IPS panel technology
  • 5ms Response time

This 23.8 inch IPS LED monitor is large and boasts 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution for high-quality and clarity. It also offers 72% sRGB coverage, ensuring a great color gamut with a wide variety of colors available and high brightness at 250 nits. FRC technology ensures up to 16.7 million colors.

The widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio also makes for more comfortable viewing, and the monitor boasts 178-degree wide-angle viewing. This makes sure that users can see from all angles without compromising on quality. The monitor’s ultra-slim design is also sleek and aesthetically pleasing, making it a great addition to any space. It is almost borderless with a micro-edge design, making for a more immersive experience, whether watching movies or gaming.

It is also adjustable and, thus, suitable for all kinds of users, from those with back pain to those just looking for comfort. It has an ergonomic design, and height and tilt are adjustable according to the user’s preferences.

The monitor is also speedy, with a 5 ms response time. The in-built speakers at 2 watts each and provide a great listening experience. In addition to all of this, this monitor boasts a host of connections, include HDMI and VGA ports.

2. Dell 27 Monitor – S2719H

Best 27 inch monitor

Quick Features

  • Resolution: FHD 1080p
  • 99% sRGB color coverage
  • Frequency: 60 hertz
  • Dual 5W speakers
  • Full HD (1920×1080) resolution

This ultra-sleek monitor boasts an InfinityEdge display, making it seem almost borderless and enabling the user to view the screen unobstructed. Its slim design also makes sure to maximize desk space since it takes up very little room. It is also large with a 27” screen and boasts 5 ms response time,  making it ideal for gaming, watching movies, and more.

This monitor brags especially great in-built speakers since they are 5 watts instead of the regular 2 watts and provide a high-quality audio experience. Professionally tuned by Waves MaxxAudio, they are sure to impress, whether listening to music or watching movies.

The ComfortView feature also makes sure that the screen is flicker-free, which is especially important to reduce eye strain. It also filters out blue light, further protecting the eyes, enabling you to use the monitor for longer without needing to take breaks. The stand is adjustable to accommodate a variety of users, ensuring comfort for all. Users can tilt, swivel, and pivot the monitor, as well as adjust its height.

The monitor does not compromise on quality, provides Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, and makes sure that the colors seen are vibrant and accurate. More than 99% sRGB color gamut is available, and the colors remain vibrant, no matter the direction you view them. The IPS technology also provides a wide viewing angle, improving the clarity and vibrancy by giving users more space to enjoy it.

With the dual HDMI ports that are built-in, it is easy to connect devices since cords do not need to be arranged or organized. Other ports include a power adapter port and an audio line out port. The monitor comes with an HDMI cable, a power cable, as well as a power adapter.

27 inch Monitor with Speaker
Zero Frame Monitor

3. Acer G6 Monitor – G276HL

  • 27 inches Full HD Widescreen VA Display
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.311mm
  • Speakers: Two with 2 watts per speaker
  • Ports: 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI (w/HDCP) and 1 x VGA

This full HD monitor (1920 x 1080) brags a large 27” inch widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) VA display and is ideal for watching movies because of the high-quality images and extreme detail. It also has a zero-frame design for a modern and sleek look, making sure that there is more screen space for users to utilize. With a response rate of 4 ms and a refresh rate of 75 Hz, blur is eliminated, ensuring a smooth experience.

It even considers vision since the monitor includes no-flicker technology and a blue light filter for less eye strain and more comfort. ComfyView also minimizes reflections to make sure that the viewing experience is as seamless as possible. Additionally, the stand provides tilt adjustment to ensure comfort for the user. The in-built speakers are powered at 2 watts each, providing great sound.

The 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio helps with quality since it allows users to view whites and blacks in complete clarity and contrast. 16.7 million colors are supported, and the brightness measures at 300 cd/m². The 178-degree viewing angle also ensures quality and clarity from every direction.

The monitor comes with a power cord and VGA cable and brags multiple connections such as VGA, DVI-in, HDMI, audio-in, and audio-out. A standout feature of this monitor is that it is environmentally friendly and consumes low energy. It is ENERGY STAR 6.0 certified and also makes sure that the products and packaging are recyclable.

Ultra-Slim Bezel
Ultra-Slim Bezel

4. BenQ 27 Inch IPS Monitor

  • Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality
  • 27-inch FHD 1080P IPS panel
  • 178° wide viewing angle
  • VESA wall mount: 100×100 (mm)
  • Patented Eye-Care

This large 27” monitor features IPS technology to make sure that color and image and accurately seen from all angles. A 178-degree viewing angle ensures this. This monitor’s design is also very sleek, with the edge-to-edge panel making sure that the monitor is slim and takes up little desk space. The stand also features a hidden compartment for cable management, further reducing the appearance of clutter and making the surface more streamlined.

The flicker-free screen ensures that the user’s eyes are protected from strain and overexertion, making sure that issues such as headaches and blurred vision are not a problem. The user is also protected from blue light, ensuring vision safety and extending monitor usage. It utilizes Brightness Intelligence technology to adjust the content intensity and correct overly bright scenes automatically. An impressive feature that is unique to this monitor is the color weakness mode provided so that those who cannot see color properly can customize the green and red on the monitor for better viewing.

This high-quality monitor has 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution and a 1000:1 contrast level. It is also widescreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and displays 16.7 million colors at 72% NTSC, ensuring both variety and accuracy.

The two 2 watts built-in speakers provide excellent sound while the device offers plenty of connections with D-sub, HDMI, and DisplayPort connections available.

Cheap Computer Monitor
Ultra Thin LED Monitor

5. Sceptre 20” LED HD Monitor

  • 20″ Led HD+ monitor
  • 2 x HDMI ports
  • Fast response time 5ms
  • Vesa wall mount ready
  • Built-in speakers

At 20”, this widescreen (16:9) high-resolution (1600 x 900)  LED monitor is ideal for everyday use. It is extremely affordable and features 2 HDMI ports that can be converted to DVI if needed and one VGA port.

Its fast response time at 5 ms makes it efficient, as does its 75 Hz refresh rate. This is further emphasized by the use of adaptive sync technology, which eliminates tearing and stuttering.

The monitor guarantees high quality with 16.7 million colors available, and 95% sRGB and 73% NTSC color gamut. The contrast is high at 3000:1, as is the brightness at 250 cd/m². An antiglare surface treatment also betters the viewing experience on this monitor. The 160-degree vertical viewing angle and 170-degree horizontal viewing angle also ensure that viewing is high-quality and clear from all angles.

In addition to this, it uses anti-flicker technology to minimize eye strain, allowing the user to use the monitor for extended periods of time. The monitor can be tilted 15 degrees backward and 5 degrees forwards and features a detachable stand, making it customizable for users and prioritizing their comfort.

The two in-built speakers are 2 watts each, and the monitor offers a security lock for extra protection.

Best Monitor For Gaming
Best 1440p Monitor

6. ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD

  • Wide Quad HD Resolution
  • SuperClear IPS Panel Technology
  • The Power of HDMI
  • Slim Bezel Design
  • Optimized View Settings
  • Dual Integrated Speakers

This monitor is extremely large at 32” and has 2560 x 1440 quad HD resolution for high quality and ultimate clarity. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio and is widescreen. Not only does this result in a much sharper image, but it also eliminates distortion and stretching, providing an excellent viewing experience for users. 5 different modes are available (game, movie, text, web, mono) to optimize contrast, brightness, color temperature, and gamma curve to ensure a pleasurable viewing experience.

With 250 cd/m² brightness, 1200:1 contrast, and 1.07B colors available, this monitor’s viewing quality is exceptionally high. 127.72% sRGB, 90.46% NTSC and 94.66% Adobe RGB make this excellent in terms of color gamut. The 3ms response time also eliminates blur.

Color accuracy, vividness, and clarity is also ensured with IPS panel technology, no matter the viewing angle. The monitor’s slim profile maximizes desk space and reduces clutter. The screen is flicker-free and features a blue light filter to lessen eye strain and allow extended use of the monitor without fatigue or headaches. The monitor is also ergonomic and allows a 13- -5 degree tilt for comfort.

Connections include HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort, and the monitor has a mounting option since it is VESA compatible. A power cable, audio cable, and HDMI cable come with the purchase. It is also eco-conscious and consumes less energy than other monitors, making it a green option for users. The in-built speakers are of high-quality and provide stereo sound at 2.5 watts from 2 speakers.

Best 1080p LED Monitor
Ultra Thin LED Monitor

7. Sceptre 24” LED Monitor

  • 24″ Ultra-slim profile
  • Contemporary sleek metallic design
  • Slim bezel with thin chassis
  • VESA wall mount ready
  • 2 x HDMI Ports

This 24” LED monitor features 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution and has a 3000:1 contrast ratio as well as 250 cd/m² brightness for high-quality viewing. Featuring 17.6 million colors at 95% sRGB, it makes sure that colors are both accurate and vivid, further improving the viewing experience.

The 75 Hz refresh rate and 8 ms response time also minimize blur and ghosting. Simultaneously, anti-flicker technology and blue light filtering make this a comfortable experience that does not cause eye strain. The antiglare surface treatment is also helpful for reducing eye strain and improving the viewing experience.

In addition to a slim design that maximizes desk space, the monitor features a detachable stand. This monitor can be mounted to the wall and is VESA compatible. It can also be tilted backward 15 degrees and forward 5 degrees for comfort and customization.

2 in-built speakers at 2 watts each provide quality sound, while 2 HDMI ports and 1 VGA port provide a number of connections. It also includes both input and output jacks, a security lock, and a one-year warranty. The security lock prevents theft and reduces damage, while the warranty also comes with excellent customer service in case of any problems.

4K Monitor for Gaming
HDR 4K Gaming Monitor

8. BenQ 28 inch HDR Gaming Monitor

  • 28-inch LCD TN 3840×2160 resolution
  • AMD Free Sync for smooth gameplay
  • 1 mms GTG
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • VESA wall mount
  • . 07 billion colors

This large 28” monitor provides 4K resolution for extremely high quality. Widescreen at 16:9 aspect ratio. It eradicates ghosting, blur, and image tearing with a 60 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response rate, and FreeSync technology. This makes for an ideal gaming monitor.

HDR improves this already high quality and makes sure to optimize color, contrast, and brightness. Four different levels of HDR, as well as B.I.+ modes, are available to optimize screen display depending on the content and viewing environment. In addition to extremely high resolution, this monitor provides 1.07 billion colors at 72% NTSC for both excellent color gamut and color accuracy, making it excellent for gaming, graphic designing, editing, and watching movies or TV shows.

Audio is also relatively good with 2 in-built speakers of 2 watts each. 2 HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and a headphone jack also make sure that plenty of connections are available.

Other highlights include Smart Focus for background distraction reduction and brightness intelligence plus for automatic color and brightness adjustment, which reduces overexposure, increases definition, and eliminates fatigue, headaches, and eye strain. It further protects vision with Eye-Care technology such as low blue light and flicker-free display.

27-inch Curved Frameless monitor
27 inch Curved LED monitor

9. Phillips Full HD Curved Monitor

  • Curved VA panel (1500R curvature)
  • 100% sRGB color gamut coverage
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • HDMI DisplayPort VGA
  • Built-in speakers and wall mountable
  • LowBlue mode

This monitor boasts a 27” curved display for complete immersion and an aesthetically pleasing look. The VA display also makes sure that images are extra bright, and the 178-degree viewing angle ensures that the viewing quality is sharp from all angles. It features 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, high brightness, contrast, and vivid colors to make the viewing experience as great as possible. With 100% sRGB, 83% NTSC, and 16.7 million colors, colors are both vivid and accurate.

FreeSync technology adds to this by eliminating broken frames and ensuring fast 4ms response time, ensuring smooth gaming. The SmartImage mode is included with gamers in mind since it has modes such as FPS (first-person shooting) mode, racing mode, and RTS (real-time strategy) mode, which adjust color, brightness, and response in accordance with the game.

A flicker-free display and low blue light ensure less eye strain to reduce fatigue and headaches as well as allowing the user to use the monitor for more extended periods of time. Comfort is also provided with a -5/20 degree tilt, allowing the user to customize the monitor to their own specifications.

Connections include DisplayPort, VGA, and HDMI, providing the user with plenty of options. The monitor comes with an audio cable, a power cable, and an HDMI cable. The built-in stereo speakers both boast 3 watts, with audio-in and headphone out options available. The monitor is also VESA supported and can be mounted on a wall and features a Kensington lock for security purposes.

Best 24 inch IPS Monitor
Ultra-Slim Bezel

10. BenQ 23.8 inch Monitor

  • Proprietary Eye-Care Tech
  • Resolution FHD 1080p
  • 250 nits of brightness
  • low blue light and zero-flicker technology
  • 5ms(GtG), refresh rate – 60Hz

At 23.8”, this monitor’s size is fairly average, but this is more than made up for when it comes to resolution. The full HD 1080p resolution and an IPS panel ensure wide viewing; this monitor provides a great viewing experience. The edge-to-edge design also increases screen space while also increasing immersion.

Additionally, the monitor includes an impressive cable management system to hide wires inside the monitor stand and remove them from sight, resulting in a more streamlined and clutter-free appearance.

The 5-8 ms response time and 60 Hz response rate minimize blur. 16.7 million colors are available with 72% NTSC for vivid and accurate color representation. This is enjoyed without eye strain because of the flicker-free technology used, as well as low blue light.

Brightness intelligence technology also fixes overexposure, resulting in clearer images. Adaptive brightness automatically adjusts brightness depending on the viewing environment for maximum comfort and reduced eye strain.

The built-in speakers as not as powerful as others on this list since they both cap at 1 watt. However, an audio line-in and headphone jack are available for use. Other connections include a DisplayPort, an HDMI port, and a D-sub.

Buying Guide for Monitors With Built-In Speakers

When making any new purchase, it is essential to make an informed decision. A monitor is something you will spend a lot of time looking at and using, so it is important to buy one that is right for you and suited for your particular needs. This buyer’s guide discusses features and specifications that you should look out for and consider when making your purchase.


Requirements and specifications tend to vary depending on what you use a monitor for. For example, those who require a monitor for basic tasks like checking email and using social media do not require advanced features and high color accuracy.

In contrast, those using monitors for gaming require high resolution, fast response time, high refresh rate, and excellent color display. Graphic designers and editors will prioritize large screens and resolution, while those doing simple office work like data entry can make do with smaller screens.

Screen Size & Aspect Ratio

Screen size in monitors is measured diagonally, and larger screens often carry a higher price tag. As a rule of thumb, larger monitors are better than smaller ones, but this can vary based on purpose and budget. Additionally, users should consider their monitor space since huge monitors will not be feasible in a small and crowded space.

Monitors 20” and less are usually adequate for those using them for basics like email and social media, whereas gamers may prefer dual-screen monitors between 23.8” and 29” for expanded views. 27” or higher monitors are ideal for graphic designers as well as professional gamers.

The standard aspect ratio is 5:4 but monitors also come in widescreen and ultra-wide dimensions, which are convenient for multi-tasking, gaming, and other such activities. Ultra-wide monitors usually have an aspect ratio of 21:9, while widescreen monitors brag an aspect ratio of either 16:9 or 16:10.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution can range from low to 5K, with HD (1280 x 720) being the minimum that users should opt for. Other resolutions include Full HD (1920 x 1080), Quad HD (2560 x 1440), 4K (3840 x 2160), and 5K (5120 x 2160). While HD and Full HD are suitable for everyday tasks such as watching movies, graphic designers and artists require at least Quad HD. Gamers and other professionals usually opt for 4K and 5K because of the level of detail available.

Color Gamut & Accuracy

Color gamut or color space refers to how many colors the monitor can display. Users should look out for sRGB and Adobe RGB. Color accuracy is especially important for graphic designers, and artists should be looked into when buying a monitor for these purposes.

Display Type

Monitors are primarily divided into LED (light-emitting diode) and LCD (liquid-crystal display) types. LCD monitors are more affordable and use CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) for backlighting. A sub-category of LCD monitors, LED monitors are more energy-efficient, thinner, and produce brighter images than standard LCD monitors. They also have advanced LED backlighting.

Panel Type

The different types of panels include in-plane switching (IPS), twisted nematic (TN), and vertical alignment (VA). IPS monitors have wide viewing angles and are ideal for professions such as graphic designing. TN monitors are affordable and have a fast refresh rate, making them suitable for gamers. VA monitors boast high contrast and depth of image resulting in extremely high-quality pictures, making them great for photographers.

Screen Refresh Rate & Response Time

The refresh rate is essential for clarity and smoothness and reduces blurred images. 60 Hz refresh rate is sufficient for everyday use, but gamers and professionals usually look for a 144 Hz refresh rate or higher.

Response rate also helps in reducing blur, which is important when viewing fast-paced media or gaming. The ideal response rate is 2 ms or less.


Connections are extremely important when buying monitors since these are essential for connecting to smartphones and other devices. Examples include DVI, HDMI, USB, VGA, and DisplayPort. USB connections, especially USB-C connections, are incredibly versatile and useful since one can use them for various devices. On the other hand, HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA are digital connections excellent for media since they provide high resolution.


Many monitors these days are height adjustable, which is a significant advantage, both in terms of comfort and practicality. This reduces strain on your back and is especially important to keep in mind if you have a back injury or chronic pain.


Why get a monitor with speakers?

Built-in speakers can be a vital feature for some. They prevent clutter because external speakers are one less thing the user needs to have on their desk. They are also convenient since they do not require any setup. The user also does not have to worry about organizing wires. This is also cost-effective since users do not have to spend money on external speakers.

Do all monitors have built-in speakers?

No, not all monitors have this feature. This is a special feature added for a particular subset of people and can be very useful. This article, however, focuses on monitors with built-in speakers.

How do I connect external speakers to a monitor?

There are a few different ways to connect external speakers to a monitor. USB speakers, for example, are enabled by plugging them into a USB port on the computer. Most PCs have output jacks on the I/O panel, which can be found in the back of the PC or sometimes in the front. The speaker jacks are used to plug in the external speakers.

Another way to connect external speakers to a monitor is via the S/PDIF (Sony/Phillips Digital Interconnect Format), which uses some special cables and components to set up input and output separately. However, it is important to note that professionals, not novices, use this option.

Are built-in speakers loud enough?

Most monitors with this feature offer 2 watts or 3 watts speakers, which is more than enough for day-to-day use. However, monitors that are used for gaming or for viewing usually offer 5 watts speakers. Users should also keep in mind that since monitors prioritize having a narrow frame, the sound is obviously limited.

Meta description: Check out this article for the top monitors with built-in speakers on the market, along with a comprehensive buying guide, and answers to common questions.


There are so many options on the market that it can be hard to narrow the choices down to an amount that you can actually read through. Instead of you looking through thousands of monitors with speakers from all kinds of different brands, you have read this article, saving you time and energy. We have taken care of the research for you and have aimed to make it easy as possible for you to make a decision based on our recommendations.

Our top 10 picks represent the cream of the crop and are sure to fulfill your needs, whether you’re looking for an everyday monitor or one with advanced features for gaming or design. This, in addition to our buyer’s guide and answers to commonly asked questions, arm you with all the knowledge you need to make a fully informed decision, and buy the monitor with speakers of your dreams!

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