Best Dual Monitor Stands in 2024 [Home & Office] Reviews

Some of the best computer accessories for increasing work productivity are dual monitor stands. These devices hold two monitors, not just one, side by side and provide a wide range of ergonomic and aesthetic benefits such as preventing neck and eye strain.

However, not all dual monitor stands are created equal, and some are better than others.

As gamers, editors or even just over-indulgent regular users we love the concept of having more than one monitor in our workspace. For some this is out of hobby but for most having a dual monitor workstation is a necessity. And it’s not easy mounting 2 monitors simultaneously to be held at the perfect angle and height that minimizes neck and eye strain for you.

This is where dual monitor stands come in and we have got the best options right here!

Dual Monitor Stands List

1. AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand

Lift Engine Arm Mount

The Good

  • VESA compatible
  • Extending and retracting feature
  • 1 year warranty

The Bad

  • Difficult initial installation
  • Expensive

This premium arm stand is particularly wonderful because, on top of the common sideways tilts, swivel, and rotation features, it has a forward and backward tilt as well. And the cherry on top of it all is the arm’s ability to extend and retract just as you want it, of course, this adjustability comes at a price. No screwdrivers or wrenches are needed and with just a little maneuver of your wrist, you can constantly adjust the monitor to fit your preferences.

The best part is that this isn’t just for small screens like we have seen with other adjustable mounts so far. You can easily equip this stand with a 20-pound weight on each arm and rest assured that none of the arm’s abilities will be hindered. Because this stand has such high quality features it needs to have a tight grip on the monitor so you will have a bit of trouble tightening the clamp during initial setup but once that’s done you can rest easy for many years.

2. VIVO Dual Monitor Stand Desk

Desk Mount Stand For Monitor

The Good

  • Weight limit of 22 pounds
  • Both freestanding and grommet options
  • Cable management system

The Bad

  • Can’t support large screens

While this particular stand can’t support very large screens, it has a strangely high weight limit of 22 pounds per arm. This is great because it ensures that the stand won’t topple over when you apply force when changing the adjustability settings. While this stand doesn’t offer as many adjustability settings like the AmazonBasics Premium model it isn’t too far behind either.

Our favorite thing about this stand is the neat look it gives to our overall workplace. It has both clamp and grommet options which are easy to install thanks to the detachable plates. And to make sure there is absolutely no mess, VIVO was sure to include a cord management system so all those wires are safely tucked out of sight.

3. VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Stand

Monitor Arms for Dual Screens

The Good

  • VESA compatible
  • 3 year warranty
  • Dual Monitor Stand For Desk

The Bad

  • Can’t support large screens

Despite being a freestanding mount it is sturdy and can capacitate even the heavier models with a weight limit of 22 pounds per arm. At first, you may think that because the base is made of glass it will be weak, but actually its tempered glass is both strong and balanced. And if you still doubt its durability there is a 3-year warranty to back it up.

The 360 rotation allows you to easily turn the panel into portrait or landscape mode with a simple maneuver however we are sad to say that the tilting function isn’t as great as some of the other models on the list. While the tilting mechanism isn’t as great as the AmazonBasics Computer stand, it is definitely one of the easiest stands to set up. No long hours spent just installing this one.

4. WALI Desk Mount MF002

Fully Adjustable Desk Mount

The Good

  • Both freestanding and grommet options
  • 360◦ rotation
  • Durable

The Bad

  • Only fits screens up to 27 inches

This mount is one of our top picks because it not only has a freestanding setup but a grommet base option as well, so you can choose if you prefer mobility or do you want the most stability. It also features flexible arms just like the VIVO V002 model and 360 rotation that allows you to switch from dual and horizontal orientation in seconds. Even in the freestanding mode, this particular stand can bear a lot of weight and there is absolutely no fear of it toppling over. As long as you don’t want to hold panels larger than 27 inches this stand is sure to last you many years thanks to sturdy engineering.

We would like to forewarn the reader that they may face a little difficulty in adjusting the arms during the initial setup. We recommend moving them about a bit and then placing the monitors on them to make the whole installation easier, but personally we feel it’s better to have tight arms than those which are loose on their axis.

5. HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

Adjustable Gas Spring Monitor Desk Mount

The Good

  • Both clamp and grommet options
  • VESA compatible
  • Easy Installation

The Bad

  • Limited adjustability
  • Can’t support larger screens

A side-clamp and grommet base, this mount gives you the option to choose whatever kind of stability you want. While it gives us great stability and we know there is no fear of our panels toppling over, it is a bit disappointing to see the lack of adjustability features. It does offer 360 ° rotation for both portrait and landscape settings but there is very little range in terms of tilt and swivel angles.

HUANUO has always been careful to produce items that are easy to install, and this model is no exception. While most mounts can take at least 30 minutes for initial setup this will barely take up 10 minutes of your time and your screen will be perfectly in place like you want it. And yes the grommet base is easy to install as well.

6. EVEO Premium Dual Monitor Mount

Best Dual Monitor Stand

The Good

  • VESA compatible
  • 3 year warranty
  • Customizable

The Bad

  • Difficult to install
  • Instructions that come with it are difficult to decipher

EVEO is a new competitor in the mounting market and it’s holding up its own against the bigger players. This monitor is all about customization and user satisfaction. Not only does it offer all the basic adjustability options for rotation, tilt, and swivel, it even has arms that can extend, retract and even have a forward and backward tilt just like the AmazonBasics model. But this model is even better because it takes customization to a whole new level by making the arms detachable. This way you can convert your dual stand to a single stand whenever you want.

And to top it all off they don’t just offer a 3-year warranty, but a 3-year satisfaction money-back guarantee. So if at any point within the three years you realize that this isn’t what you wanted, you can return it with absolutely no questions asked and get a full refund.

7. Suptek Dual Stand ML6802

Free-Standing Desk Mount

The Good

  • Both freestanding and grommet options
  • Cord management system

The Bad

  • Can’t support larger screens
  • Limited adjustability

This is the most unique among all the stands because while all the others on our rundown support the monitors on two separate arms side by side, this one supports the monitors on a single-arm on top of each other. This is a specialized stand especially for those who want their screens to be placed in an on top of each other arrangement.

Don’t buy this mount unless this is what you are looking for because due to its unique style it offers the least adjustability and of course absolutely no rotation. Just like the WALI mount, it offers both freestanding and grommet base so you can choose what kind of installation you want, but we would recommend the grommet base because there is a lot of fear of this stand toppling over.

8. EleTab Dual Arm

Height Adjustable Desk Monitor Mount

The Good

  • Both freestanding and grommet options
  • Cord Management System
  • VESA compatible

The Bad

  • Weight limit of 17.6 pounds per arm

This is a stand built to bear the onslaught of time. It has a sturdy construction which ensures that your monitors are in safe arms. The whole concept behind this stand is to promote healthy work methods and so it has a very easy to adjust system, so with a simple maneuver you can change the height and tilt position of the screens to reduce neck and eye strain.

The only thing we found a little strange about this monitor is that it has the ability to hold larger screens of up to 32 inches big, but has a very low weight limit of 17.6 pounds per arm. So when installing your screens make sure you don’t go over that limit.

9. Allsop 31883 ErgoTwin Stand

Metal Art ErgoTwin Dual Monitor Stand

The Good

  • Supports different types of gadgets
  • Unique look

The Bad

  • No adjustability

This is unlike any of the typical arms stands that we have seen so far. Instead of mounts for monitors, this is a dual platform for your laptops. Don’t worry it’s not limited to laptops but has an integrated holder for tablets and phones as well. You can of course place your monitors on it too and it will give your workspace a shelf like a look. If you have different types of gadgets that you use together then this will be a good option for you, but other than it offers no adjustability or helps against neck strain.

10. The Office Oasis Dual Riser Support

Best Monitor Stand for Computer

The Good

  • Gives you extra desk space
  • Very strong and stable

The Bad

  • No adjustability

Just like the previous stand which was platforms to support different types of gadgets, this too is a platform kind of mount for your monitors. It gives you a raised area to place your monitors, TVs, laptops, or whatever gadget you want.

This riser support is highly stable due to its wide surface area and can carry large screens with a lot of weight. But in terms of how useful it is when compared to your desk, it will just give you added height, otherwise, it is just a small extension to your present desk. This is for those people who are happy with their current setup and just want a little extra desk space.

Types of Installations

There are three major types and each has its own advantages so make sure to carefully consider what could be best for your individual needs.

Freestanding Monitor Mounts

These kinds of stands are some of the most common stands that are easy to install. Instead of using your desk as a stable point, these mounts simply sit on the desk. These are perfect for users who have desks made of weaker material like glass, on which you can’t place a lot of force and pressure. However, because the stand is not fixed in place it isn’t as stable as the other options but it definitely gives you the option to move the whole setup at once.

Side-clamp Desk Mounts

As you can tell from the name, these mounts maintain their stability by clamping onto the edge of your desk. Its stability is entirely dependent on the build of the desk so your desk must be very sturdy to support this kind of stand and the monitor attached to it. If you are someone who needs every bit of extra counter space then this is definitely the best option.

Through-the-desk Grommet Stand

This is the most difficult stand type to install because you will have to drill a bolt all the way through your desk. Of course this will perfectly secure the stand to the desk and make sure there is absolutely no wobbling. But be prepared because drilling a hole into your desk is permanent and you will never get that original look back.

Rising Platforms

These are hardly stands, just an extension of your desk. These are platforms which will give your current setup more height and you will have more room on your desk to work with.

Features To Consider When Buying Dual Monitor Stand

Mounting Compatibility

Make sure the stand you buy is compatible with the mounting design on your monitor. However if you are unsure, a stand that follows VESA standards will most probably fit perfectly with any monitor you own. If you are using smaller screens, however, there is a possibility they don’t follow VESA standards so you will have to purchase an additional adapter for the best mounting. Instead of going through all this trouble it is best to make sure the stand you initially buy is compatible with the monitor you intend to mount.

Monitor Size It Can Accommodate

Most stands are built to support monitor sizes within a specified range. So if you don’t do your research there is a high possibility that the stand you buy may not end up accommodating your device. Instead of receiving a shock post purchase it is always a good decision to make sure the mount can capacitate the monitors you own.

Adjustable Arms

While all dual monitor stands offer some sort of adjustability, each stand is different. Each stand has a unique style which is dependent on the number of joints in each arm, and each joint has its own flexibility range. The more flexible and adjustable the arms are, the more expensive the stand will be.


Make sure the mount you invest in can bear the weight of your panels and will be able to last you many a year without showing any signs of fatigue. We recommend buying metallic constructions because not only can they carry the most pounds, they are less prone to stress over time.

Stand Aesthetic

Everyone wants their workspace to look the best. Stand aesthetic is a completely personal decision and we can’t advise you on it but we do recommend looking out for a cord management system because it will help make your workspace neater.


Can all monitors be mounted?

In theory all monitors can be complicated. However you may face some complications if your monitor’s mounting clip and the mount’s clamp are not compatible. Most devices follow VESA compliances but it’s best to keep this compatibility in mind when searching for a mount.

Can you mount a curved monitor?

Curved monitors are specially designed monitors that limit eye strain. However they can only be mounted horizontally, so their unique shape will limit the adjustability of your stand. Not to mention, these monitors are usually very wide so you will not be able to equip two of these together unless you buy a dual stand that capacitates this large size.


For most modern professions, owning dual monitors is the need of the hour. And to mount them correctly is the need for our long term health. It’s not easy choosing a dual monitor stand because there are many features you have to look at simultaneously and decide what will give the best viewing experience for you. We found the EVEO premium to be the best even among our top picks because it checks all the boxes.

By James Klett

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