Best Fixed Frame Projector Screens in 2024

It is very difficult to go to the theater every time you want to watch a movie. Plus, going to the theater for watching personalized content is impossible because a cinema will play what they wish.

But watching your favorite videos on an ordinary TV minimizes entertainment and you can’t get full fun. For this reason, people try to have a separate set up at home which will let them have fun equivalent to the theater.

There are several options available, but having a fixed projector screen is the most durable one in the given price range. Once you set it up, it will go with you for years if some mishap doesn’t happen. This is the reason many people prefer it over other options like LED TV or retractable screen.

Painting your wall white is also an option but you will lose quality. There is a huge difference in quality between watching a video on the wall and watching the same on a projector screen.

Now the point arises about which screen to buy as there are so many different projector screens available in the market. Buying a good projector screen is not a big problem because there are some basic points to consider. If you take care of them, then your fixed screen will surely be a perfect one.

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Latest Fixed Projector Screens in 2024

In this review guide, we had tried to cover the whole aspects of fixed screens. Reviews of top 10 fixed projector screens are given first so you will come to know about different options available. After then, when you read the buying guide, you will develop a clear idea about which screen is perfect for you.

How We Select Products?

We select products by considering a lot of features. These include the size of the screen or material used. While internal features are also focused like gain ratio, screen resolution, viewing angle, aspect ratio, and viewable area.

We will summarize all these points in detail in the buying guide below.

1. Elite Screens Aeon – 4K Home Theater Fixed Frame Screen

Best Screen For Outdoor Entertainment

This is an Elite projector screen by Aeon, measures 120 inches diagonally. The screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 that is the same aspect ratio of famous video sharing sites like YouTube. This makes it a perfect option for most of the videos.

This Elite Screen gives you a gain ratio of 1:1, you get a next to natural like viewing experience. The screen resolution is of 4K Ultra HD and also has Active 3D projection. Which gives you a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

That’s why more people can use it for entertainment at a time.  It has fully black backed front projection screen material. You can clean it easily with the help of soap and water and it is compatible with all standard UHD/ HD projectors.

This Aeon screen is having a stunning design you will love it. What makes it special is its Edge Free design. The projector screen is light in weight and you can easily assemble its split Aluminum frame. There is an optionally LED backlight kit available. The kit is having a remote control and other important things.

The package also includes wall mount brackets. This ensures that you have a secure installation of your projector screen. There is also a 2-year warranty by the manufacturer in case if any mishap happens.

Sleek fixed frame and Edge-free design make this one special. I will recommend this screen for its stunning look. Installation is also easy so you won’t be having any problem fixing your screen.

2. QualGear 120-Inch Cheap Fixed Frame Projector Screen

Affordable Projector Screens Reviews

This projector screen by QualGear gives you a seamless look and style. It has a luxurious fixed frame screen measuring 6cm thickness and is assembled with a high-quality aluminum frame. It absorbs over the projected light so you get the best viewing experience.

The thickness also enables this screen to block any light coming from the back. This way you can use this screen even in front of the window as the light coming from it won’t make any difference.

Installing this projector screen is very easy. A color manual is there to help you. It has step by step instructions in it and photos where needed. So you can easily install the whole product without any problem.

Hardware is presorted so your time will be saved during setting it up. Plus, four wall hanging brackets are also there. These will help you to hold the projector screen frame close to the wall.

This projector screen by QualGear features high contrast gray fabric. It has a gain of 0.9 which lets you have a next to natural like the picture. It absorbs ambient light to improve your focus on the picture. The black level of images is improved. Plus, it also boosts contrast to provide a great difference between the max black and max white. Its white is having 1.2 gain while the silver’s gain ratio is 2.5.

The construction and assembly of the product is amazing. All the hardware is presorted so you don’t need to spend time sorting it out manually. The screen is large enough to cover your media room. The price is also reasonable. All of these make this product a better option than others. One issue is that the exact viewing angle is not available, however, users claim that they are not having any problem with this screen and it is easily viewable from all sides.

3. STR-169100 Silver Ticket – (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen

Projector Screen For Home Cinema

The screen surface of this projector screen by Silver Ticket provides a 1.1 gain. This means that you will get next to natural viewing experience from this screen. It ensures that you won’t lose brightness if you move from the front of the projector thus giving you ease to place more chairs in your home theater system. This screen has a wider viewing angle of 160 degrees you won’t lose resolution from any angle.

Assemble this projector screen is a very easy and quick process. This is achieved with a tensioning rod system. It ensures to provide home entertainment that matches the quality of cinema. You can set it up literally in seconds. There are top and bottom mounting brackets available which will help you securely adjust your screen horizontally.

The screens of all Silver Ticket products are made 100% wrinkle free. Means when it comes to picture quality, you get a clear, colorful and uniform picture from all sides. In the given manual, you get step by step instructions on how to assemble this product and it becomes easy for you and doesn’t need to ask for help from an outsider. You get videos from the manufacturer’s website, which will help you to understand each and every step during setting up the screen.

Diagonally, the screen measures 100 inches. This makes it large enough to meet your home theater needs. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9 to make it perfect for most modern-day videos. You get a screen resolution of 4K Ultra HD to get the best picture of any movie, picture or song.

If you ask me its pros, then the main advantage of buying is, this screen very easy to assemble. The high-quality material is used in its making so it will run for a long time. You can say, it’s a durable one.

4. STR-169120 Silver Ticket  – 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV

Best 120-inch Projector Screen

This is an improved version of the above product which was also by Silver Ticket.

The main difference between both is that the first one measured 100 inches in diagonal. This projector screen is much larger than that and measures 120 inches in diagonal.

Every other feature is the same as the previous one except price. Because of its large screen, it may cost around $60 more to you than the one having 100 inches screen.

So if you love to watch movies on a big screen, then you must opt for this one. If 100 inches is enough for you, then you should select the above screen because that will save money for you.

5. Elite Screens Sable Frame B2

Active 3D 4K/8K Ultra HD

Big Screen For Home Cinema


  • 160° Wide Viewing Angle
  • 1.1 gain Full Lambertian Diffuser- no half gain drop
  • Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR ready!
  • Black-backed for a bright image
  • Works with Regular, Short or Ultra Short Throw projectors

This is a fixed projector screen by “Elite Screens.” It measures 120 inches in diagonal and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. This makes it perfect for viewing your fav movies and songs. The view size measures 59 inches in height and 104.7 inches in width. The black velvet frame makes the visual experience perfect.

The material used on screen is Cine White which provides a gain ratio of 1.1. The screen resolution of this projector screen is 4K ultra HD and active 3D projection ready. Features a wide viewing angle i.e. 160 degrees. It is fully black backed front projection screen material. Cleaning a large screen is very easy. You can easily clean it with soap and water.

Aside from the above details, it also has a 2.75 inches light in weight aluminum frame and has a dense black velvet finish. It is made to absorb project overshoot while on the other hand, it increases the picture contrast. So you get a polished experience like the one you get in a real theater.

Setting up this fixed projector screen is very easy with the help of a tensioned rod and spring system. The package includes each and everything needed to fix the screen. These include sliding wall brackets, drywall anchors, and screws. If there is someone to help, you can fix the whole screen within one hour. You remain worry-free for 2 years because it gives you manufacturer warranty of 2 years.

Unlike many others, this Elite screen has zero perceived texture. This means that once you project an image on the screen, it just disappears. This gives you a feeling that you are watching the movie on an LED TV. So you get an Elite viewing experience.

6. DELUX SCREENS 120 inch Home Movie Projection Screen

Affordable Delux 120 inch Screen Reviews

If you want to turn your home into a live movie theater, then this one could be the best choice. It is a large screen which measures 120 inches diagonally. The viewing angle is superb with whole room coverage of 180 degrees and a 1.1 gain ratio in this Delux Screen. It allows you to watch your favorite videos and movies in full 4K Ultra HD that is the whole new experience for many users.

This is a sleek and stylish screen with the view size measuring 58.8 inches in height and 104.5 inches in width. You will get a whole new experience for all of your home theater entertainment. The frame is made from light in weight aluminum which is further bordered by 2.7 inches of premium quality black velvet. The frame not only gives this screen a classic look but also absorbs projection overshoot so you get better viewing.

The most important option on any projector screen is the way you install it. People like easy installation because it saves extra time and cost to call a professional. This Delux Screen is very easy to install. You get complete sliding wall brackets, drywall anchors, and screws. You receive each and every object needed to have easy installing. It uses double support bars. This way you can quickly assemble the product on your wall while it will be safely attached so you will remain worry-free.

This one is made from premium quality materials. This makes it flat and smooth. Beautiful color combinations and high contrast make this one a must to have a screen for every movie lover. Cleaning the screen is also simple and easy. You can use soap and water on it to ensure complete cleaning.

Every person wants to shop risk-free so his investment remains secure. This Delux Screen makes you tension free. You can use it at home, school, office, and restaurant or anywhere where you want to go big. After all of these, if you are still not satisfied with the product, just contact the service team and avail your money-back guarantee. The product itself comes with a 3-year warranty.

Users are greatly satisfied with the product. What makes it a better option is its viewing angle of 180 which will make a difference when finalizing your decision.

ShowMaven Fixed Frame Projector Screen Outdoor

120 Inch Screen For Home

This is a fixed frame projector screen by ShowMaven. It measures 120 inches diagonally while the aspect ratio it provides is 16:9. This makes it perfect for many videos and movies. You get a large viewing area of 45 inches in height and 80 inches in length. It has a gain ratio of 1.3. The viewing angle of this screen is 160 degrees. This is enough in most of the cases as it will help you to place more and more chairs in the room without losing the quality of the image.

It has a large 3 inches wide fixed frame design that adds to the beauty of the product. The frame is made from aluminum and has black velvet covering. This increases the focus of the picture and adds to the contrast to get a better viewing experience.

In the package, you get 4x aluminum frame bars and the same amount of corner connectors. 1 Rope of matte white screen material is also there which is ready to install. You receive 4x metal bars to help you fix the material and 2x mounting plates. Some nails, screws and a user manual is there to help you guide step by step on how to install the product.

Assembling this product is a matter of minutes because it is very easy to install. You can wash it with mild soap and water to ensure cleaning. This is a new product so not many details are available at the moment. But it is probably the cheapest cost of all the projector screens. If you are having a low budget, then you can go for it. Screen size is less from others, but the price totally justifies all the features provided.

Celexon 108 inch Home Cinema – Projector Movie Screen

Projector Screen For Indoor Use

Celexon is a fixed frame projector screen for home cinema best for watching your favorite movies, or other sports events on this large screen. This projector screen lets you go large on its 108 inches screen. You get a viewing area of 94 by 53 inches to give you an ideal cinema-like experience at your home. This high-quality projector frame screen serves as an ideal option for all projections.

The aspect ratio you get is 16:9 the most commonly used nowadays for all media. The installation of this screen is simple and easy and you will get every required fixing and joint. A tension rod and hook hold the fabric to make it perfectly flat for the best projection.

The gain ratio is 1.2 on this projector screen. The screen is flattened from the inside so you don’t receive any reflections at the edge of the images. Setting this screen projector is also very easy. Plugin system, fixings, and joints are included. You can easily mount this one on your wall.

It weighs just about 15 kg which makes it light and easy to use the product. This one is also a new product in the market and these were the only details available. The main thing about this projector screen by Celexon is that it costs much less than the projector screens of the same size. So you will definitely save a lot of money if you choose to buy it. Celexon also has more than 10 years of business experience. They know very well about the likes and dislikes of the user and their product matches best to the requirement of many users.

Elite Screens Star Frame Series – Cheap Projection Screen

Latest Projector Screen For Outdoor Entertainment

If you want a sleek home theater experience, then the Star Frame series should be the perfect choice for you. It provides an award-winning front projection Cine White material. Thus it features a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees with a gain ratio of 1.1. You will get a perfect picture from every side of the room. A natural, clear and vivid image is ensured from this combination of viewing angle and gain ratio.

The screen resolution you get is 4K ultra HD and also active 3D ready. It has a newly designed spring tensioning system. This ensures you get an ultra-flat projection surface. It also has a plush black velvet finish aluminum frame to absorbs the projector light overshoot so it won’t cause viewing problems. These all innovative features give you a whole new experience of watching movies and videos on a projector screen.

The package includes sliding wall mounts and an installation kit which makes assembling these screens very easy. Setting your screen up is just a matter of seconds. If it comes to screen size, then this Elite Screen doesn’t disappoint you and gives you the best one possible in this price range. The screen measures 100 inches diagonally while keeping the aspect ratio to 16:9. View size is 49 inches in height by 87 inches in width to get a true large picture.

The quality of the material used is perfect and the price is worth all the features included. Assembling is simple but not very much easy, no need two people to do so. One to pull the fabrics while another person will stretch the strings. A viewing angle of 180 degrees makes this screen worth considering for your home theater screen.

Pyle PRJTPFL122 – Wall Mounted Fixed Flat Projector Screen

Cheap Screen For Office USe

Technical Specs:

  • Screen Size: 120’’ -inch (Diagonal)
  • White Display Screen Dimension (W x H): 104.0” x 58.7” – inches
  • Screen Material: Engineered PVC Fabric Cloth
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Matte Fabric Thickness: 0.5mm
  • Projectors Viewing Angle: 160° Degree
  • Display Ratio: 16:9
  • Gain: 1.2
  • Color: Matte White

Ever wished for best large and large screen? Well, this one by Pyle will fulfill your wish. This is a professional home theater screen for you measuring 120 inches. It features a special spring stretching system which makes the projection 100% flat. Through this Flat projection Screen, you get the best view quality. This is equally perfect for your room video, slideshow, or movie watching.

When am writing these lines, YouTube has changed its aspect ratio for old videos to fit accordingly. Before this 16:9 was the most common aspect ratio for all YouTube and other videos because it stretches widely and gives a good viewing experience. This 120 inches screen by Pyle has a 16:9 aspect ratio just like a full HD TV so you get full entertainment. Your TV might not provide you this much fun because of its small size, but this projector screen promises complete fun through its large screen.

Pyle uses Matte White screen material to reduces light ripples and glare. Thus it creates a color balance so you get a realistic picture. It has a wide viewing angle, the exact number is 160 degrees. “Pyle” assures each person in the room will get the best image and you won’t lose quality if you change your viewing angle.

Supporting the shape of the projector screen is very important. For this purpose, this screen includes an extra middle support bar at the back of the frame which helps to maintain its rectangular shape. When you wall mount it, you will not lose the shape. Setting up the screen is not difficult at all. A user manual is there to help you complete the process easily. When taking down the screen projector, you can take help from the manual again so you don’t cause any joint to break.

There is a specially designed aluminum beveled frame covered with real velvet that is planted in front. This way it enhances the appearance of the screen absorbs the projector light overshoot and gives a much higher contrast ratio. So you get a detailed view of the picture on the screen while a refreshing view ensures you get the best viewing experience.

The gain ratio of this projector screen is 1.2 while you get a display screen of 58.7 inches in height and 104 inches in width. This screen shows you vivid colors which means it has a high contrast ratio to provide you a wide color range. You will enjoy each and every moment of the video. A universal wall mounting option is available for it. A new product in the market you must check it because the price is much less than other screens of the same size.

Safstar – Fixed Frame Projector Screen for Home Theater

Best Projector Screen For Kids Entertainment


  • Color: white
  • Material: PVC cloth, aluminum frame
  • Viewing area (W x H): 80″ x 45″
  • Diagonal: 92″
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Gain: 1.2
  • Viewing angle: 160 degree
  • Weight: 28lbs

This is a premium quality projector screen. It is durable and will last for long. This is achieved by using the premium quality aluminum frame. Each and every part used is of good quality so it is ensured that you will get a good projector having balanced material.

This projector by Safstar has a 6 cm fixed frame screen. It is wrapped with premium black velvet fabric. This not only gives it a seamless look and modern style but also absorbs over the projected light so you don’t face any problem while watching your favorite videos on this screen.

The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9 which is ideal for most videos. This white PVC screen will give you a screen resolution of 4K ultra HD. The screen has a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees so anyone sitting in the room will get a real image. It has black velvet borders to give you a sharp and clear picture. The view size of this screen is 80 inches by 45 inches.

The screen features a fixed frame design that allows for high tension uniformity. You get flawless entertainment for all of your media. Installing this projector screen is very easy, comes with detailed manual instructions on each and every step on how to set this product for use. Manual has visuals at important points to help you further.

Buying Guide For Projector Screens

In this buying guide, we will discuss several points that you must consider before buying a projector screen for you. These include features in the product and other essentials:

Room Characteristics

The first thing to consider is the characteristics of the room. This step must be completed before buying a video projector and screen. You must have a clear idea about your room so you can decide on the best place for your screen. First, you need to analyze whether the wall is large enough to accommodate a large screen on it.

Other things to consider are light sources. These include windows, French doors and other objects that let the light come in the room. This is because a darkroom provides a better viewing experience room size also matters a lot. There should be enough space in the room so you can maintain proper space between the screen and seats.

Screen Size And Seating Distance

How large an image can be projected on the screen is determined by two main points. First of them is the type of lens, while the other one is a projector to screen distance. The type of lens used decides how a large image can be projected on the screen from a specific distance. In the same way, you can decide which is the best distance to watch the screen. If you have a good quality projector and a large screen, then you must keep a distance from the screen to get a complete view and vice versa if your screen is not so large.

Screen Aspect Ratio

This feature must be given special attention. Today nearly all of the movies are based on widescreen. It means they have an aspect ratio of 16:9. Having a screen of the same size means you will get the perfect match for your videos. Most of the screens maintain an aspect ratio of 16:9 but you should not ignore this feature as it will make a huge difference in the end.

Screen Resolution

Nowadays simple HD is a very little thing to get. On the projector screen, it simply doesn’t matter. Your screen must display at least 2K images if not 4K. 4K Ultra HD is the recent addition to HD family and many screens will give you this resolution. So never compromise on the screen resolution as big screen is useless if the quality you receive is mediocre.

Gain Ratio

When we discuss different aspects, we consider it to be good if its value is high. A large screen size, a widescreen aspect ratio, a greater screen resolution, and others. But this is not the case with the gain ratio. A gain ratio is considered to be good if it is near to 1. A high gain ratio means that the mid-region will be brighter. However, it causes a problem if you change your angle from the screen. Then you don’t receive full quality. Gain refers to the total amount of light that is reflected by the screen. A gain ratio of 1 means it will be near to a natural one. This ensures you get complete quality everywhere.

Viewing angle and viewable area

The viewable area of any screen is certainly less than the total length of the screen diagonally. You must take care that there is not a huge difference between both. Viewing angle refers to your angle from the mid of the screen. A good screen refers to a quality image irrespective of which side you see it. A mediocre screen may provide a good image from the center but will certainly lose the quality if you shift your angle. So viewing angle must be considered as it lets you accommodate more people in the room if it is good.


For a room where there is little light, a white screen is perfect. This is because the white color is more visible in dark. However, if your room lightens up, you may consider buying a grey or black screen for it. This will help you to focus on the screen.

Installation type

This side of the picture must not be ignored. You must ensure that the screen you buy supports easy setup. If the product includes a video guide or pictures assisting then it will be of great help. It will help you step by step during installation. Easy installation saves you time and saves you from asking for help from a professional.

Fixed Screens FAQ’s

What is a fixed projector screen?

In a fixed projector screen, the screen material is stretched over a frame made of metal. You cannot roll it up and down when not in use. Thus, they have a tight, tensioned surface. This way it gives you a perfectly smooth image.

After you mount your screen for the first time, then it is not easy to move it to another place because you had to unjoin all joints. This gives it the name of the fixed projector screen.

How Fixed Projector Screen Works?

Installing fixed frame screens is rather an easy task. This is because you don’t need to attach any power source to it. Most of these have a thick frame that is covered in black velour. The black border frame also improves the contrast of the image.

You just need to set your projector so that light falls on this screen. If some of the light spills on the frame, this black frame will help to absorb it. This way your picture experience won’t spoil. After you finish fixing the projector light on this screen, just turn it on and enjoy watching.

How To Mount Fixed Frame Projector Screen?

First of all, you need to select the best available place for your screen. It should be a large one to accommodate such a big screen. These screens are usually thick enough to block any light coming from back so that won’t be an issue. Then mark straight lines through a pencil so you do it in a straight line. After then, use the screws to fix attaching the screen on the wall. In most of the cases, you will need two persons to complete mounting.

One to pull the fabrics while another person will stretch the strings. Nearly every projector screen comes with an installation guide with step by step instructions and relevant pictures where needed. This way you can easily install your screen.


Having a fixed projector screen is a pleasure. This is because it gives you full entertainment while it is much durable than the one which is not fixed. But there are many things to consider before you go to buy a fix projector screen. Fixing a projector screen is expensive and fixing it for the first time requires some efforts. So you can’t change them daily.

At the start, we gave you details of some commonly purchased projector screens. This is to give you an idea of the features included in common projector screens. Then a buying guide was there. It will help you to decide which features matters a lot because it covers all the important aspects of the projector screens. After reading all this, you will be having a clear idea about which product suits you.

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