Best Monitors with HDMI Input in 2024 [Cheap Monitors]

LG 43UN700-B Review

Are you looking for a monitor with HDMI input? Here’s a little good news for you. With the increasing popularity and demand, HDMI has become one of the most common connectivity ports on computers, laptops, monitors, and other such devices.

Monitors these days are designed with multiple connection ports. So along with HDMI, you’ll also get other connectivity options, just in case your demand changes.

Since there are several factors to consider, other than input options when buying a cheap HDMI monitor, here is a complete buying guide along with some of the best monitors available in the market. The guide will help you get the best product overall.

List of Cheap Monitors with HDMI Inputs

Best Cheap Monitor For Gaming
Gaming Monitor with HDMI DVI and VGA inputs

1. ViewSonic 24-inch Gaming Monitor

  • Ultra-fast 2ms response time
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Ultra-high 50M:1
  • Dual 2W stereo speakers
  • HDMI input to connect
  • VESA-mountable design

The ViewSonic 24-inch monitor is a good overall choice for games, work projects, and entertainment. With this monitor, you get three different types of inputs, including HDMI, VGA, and DVI. These connectivity options, along with the built-in speakers, form an entire entertainment package.

It features a standard full HD resolution for its width, providing a high image quality. The contrast ratio ensures sharp images with bright colors. So you won’t have to deal with cheap picture quality. With a response rate of 2ms and a refresh rate of 60Hz, we’d recommend this cheap Monitor more for your projects and media display than for gaming.

The VESA-compatible mount enables you to hang it on the wall for better viewing angles. Although the HDMI monitor is durable and reliable, the brand has provided three years warranty. So in case you face any issue, contact them right away.


  • Multiple connectivity options
  • VESA-mount design
  • Dual speakers
  • 3 years warranty


  • Slow refresh rate for gaming
  • Slight flickering

Best Bezel Less Monitor
Acer SB220Q Review

2. Acer 21.5-inch Zero Frame Monitor

  • Radeon free Sync technology
  • Refresh Rate: 75Hz
  • Ports: 1 x HDMI & 1 x VGA
  • Aspect ratio – 16: 9
  • Brightness – 250 nit
  • 75 hertz

Acer 21.5-inch Zero Frame Monitor is probably the most affordable Monitor with an HDMI port. It’s surprising to see such a cheap monitor at a low price. Not only does it feature an HDMI port, but also a VGA port for flexible connectivity.

Its display, too, is unbeatable for its price. With 21.5-inch widescreen and a resolution of about 1920x1080p, you’ll enjoy the best picture quality. To further enhance your experience, the brand has added an IPS system as well. It enhances the viewing angles and color reproduction.

The gaming monitor itself has a sleek design with an ultra-thin and frameless body. There’s no way you can take your eyes off this beauty. A slight problem with this model is that it is not compatible with a VESA-mount.

With a 4ms screen response and 75Hz refresh rate, you can use it for whatever purpose you want with no image-blurring or slow operations. Moreover, the Radeon FreeSync technology prevents screen tearing for a smooth display.


  • Super thin and sleek design
  • IPS and Radeon FreeSync technologies
  • Quite affordable


  • Incompatible with VESA-mount
  • Lacks built-in speakers

Cheap HDMI Computer Monitor
ASUS VE278Q review

3. ASUS 27-inch Display Monitor

  • Fast 2ms GTG response time
  • 2 x HDMI and VGA(D-Sub) Connectivity
  • Built-in 3W Speakers
  • VESA Mount compatible
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Brightness(Max) : 300 cd/㎡

This 27-inch display is the best of ASUS’s HDMI compatible monitor. This highly advanced model features HDMI port, DisplayPort, D-sub, and DVI inputs. It offers the most diverse connectivity options.

Besides that, the intelligent display technology will ensure perfect brightness and color contrast, creating crisp, clear, and bright images. Viewing such amazing pictures and videos over the 27-inch widescreen with a Full HD display further enhances the user’s quality of experience. This model does have good viewing angles, but not as good as the ones with IPS.

With the dual built-in speakers, you can enjoy the perfect audio content and have vigorous gaming vibes. After all, what’s gaming without the sound effects? Another good feature is that you get a tiltable base and VESA-mount compatibility. The company offers a three-year warranty to ensure you of your investment. So in case of any inconvenience, you can turn to them right away.


  • Flexible connectivity
  • Video Intelligence technology
  • Built-in dual speakers
  • 3 years warranty
  • VESA-mount compatible


  • ‘fragile’ cables
  • Washed out the display on switching ports

Cheap Computer Monitor
Best Widescreen Monitor Review

4. Acer Bidx 23.8-inch Monitor

  • Response time: 4ms
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Pixel Pitch: 0. 2745mm
  • display colors: 16. 7M
  • 178 degree wide viewing angle
  • 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI (with HDCP) & 1 x VGA

This amazing wide computer Monitor by Acer is an option worth trying. It features HDMI, DVI, and VGA input ports to give you flexible connectivity options.

With this ‘almost’ 24-inch display monitor, you’ll enjoy great Full HD resolution. Besides that, the IPS technology provides improved color reproduction and wider viewing angles. With a response rate of about 4ms, this Monitor tries to transition colors quickly. The refresh rate is 60Hz, which makes it a little less suitable for gaming.

The Zero Frame body offers maximum display from corner to corner. It also lets you to adjust two monitors together for multiple screening. The company has claimed to add a flicker-free technology to save you from annoying screen flickering. Moreover, the monitor filters potentially harmful blue light, giving you a safe screen exposure.

For better viewing positions, you can also tilt the Monitor up to certain degrees. One of the most considerable parts of the Monitor is that it is eco-friendly.


  • IPS technology
  • Blue light filter
  • Eco-friendly


  • Screen-blinking

Cheap HDMI Monitor
HP Pavilion 22cwa Review

5. HP Pavilion 22cwa Monitor

  • Adjustable tilt (-5° to 25°)
  • VGA and HDMI with HDCP support
  • 250 nits of brightness
  • up to 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 1000:1 static contrast ratio
  • Anti-glare panel

HP Pavilion offers you the best computer Monitor for your money. It has VGA and HDMI inputs, supported by HDCP so you can safely transfer data between your device and the Monitor. Moreover, they are compatible with Windows, Mac, and PS4.  

The Monitor’s response time of about 7ms is what makes the monitor a little skeptical because the lower the response rate, the better it is. The refresh rate of about 60Hz is quite fine for work projects and multimedia entertainment.

This 21.5-inch widescreen with Full HD display and a super cool aspect ratio delivers bright, sharp, and crisp images. Its IPS technology guarantees a super cool color reproduction and better viewing angles. To further improve your viewing ease, the device is made tiltable. You can adjust the screen anywhere between -5⁰ and 25⁰ from its upright position. Its anti-glare panel enables good screen exposure even in the sun.

The VESA mount included in the package allows you to adjust the Monitor on the wall or keep it on the table. It comes with a one year warranty that isn’t much longer though.


  • Great image quality
  • Better viewing angles
  • VESA mount
  • Anti-glare panel


  • Screen flickering  
  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Low response rate

Cheap HDMI Computer Monitor
Dell S Series S2419HM Review

6. Dell S Series 24-inch Ultra-Thin Monitor

  • Dual HDMI ports
  • Brightness 600 nits
  • flicker-free screen
  • Specifically designed for gaming
  • Works fine with a Mac
  • Ultra-Thin Monitor

The unbeatable visuals, along with dual HDMI ports, make this ultra-thin Monitor a good bargain. With the dual input ports, you can connect it to two devices simultaneously.

The amazing screen specs, including the LGP Corning Iris Glass, guarantees perfect visuals from corner to corner. The bright, crisp, and sharp images ensure a remarkable viewing experience. The IPS panel improves color reproduction and offers great viewing angles. The flicker-free panel offers a smooth display, preventing the annoying flickers from spoiling your mood. With the 60Hz refresh rate, the Monitor offers a smooth viewing experience. This might not be the best for gaming, but it’s quite sufficient for other tasks.

The super sleek body with a thickness of about 5.5mm only cannot go unnoticed. Its almost-borderless design enables you to place it side-by-side with other monitors for multiple screening.


  • Ultra-thin body
  • LGP Corning Iris Glass
  • Flicker-free panel
  • IPS technology


  • Limited connectivity options
  • Pricey

Cheap HDMI Computer Monitor
LG 43UN700-B Review

7. LG 43-inch Class UHD Display

  • USB Type C connectivity
  • HDR10 support
  • 4x HDMI inputs
  • 10W x 2Ch built-in speakers
  • Four screen split
  • Best Monitor For Gaming

With this massive screen, everything from width to connectivity seems extra. Starting with connectivity, the device has four inputs ports all of them being HDMI. So not one or two, but you get to connect up to four devices to the Monitor at once. It also has a USB Type-C port. The unparalleled audio quality of the dual built-in speakers is another great feature.

The super-wide 43-inch display offers UHD quality images with perfect crisp and details. The IPS panel further enhances display quality and viewing angles. You can split your screen into four sections to display the four different connected devices altogether.

With the 60Hz refresh rate, we would not recommend it to gaming enthusiasts, though it’s overall a great monitor for office use and other requirements.


  • 43-inch wide
  • Amazing speakers
  • Remarkable picture quality
  • 4 HDMI ports+ Type-C port


  • Expensive

Best HDMI Monitor
Sceptre 24 inch monitor review

8. Sceptre 24-inch Ultra-Thin LED Monitor

  • Adaptive-Sync technology
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Security Lock
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • 2 x HDMI, 1 x VGA
  • 1920 x 1080 High Resolution

The Sceptre 24-inch Ultra-Thin LED Monitor is an all-rounder. Its specs highlight perfect gaming and entertainment. It comes with two HDMI and one VGA port, offering you somewhat better connectivity.

Its ultra-thin body cannot go unnoticed. It fits into almost every surrounding theme, radiating class from every aspect. It has reliable built-in speakers to enable you to have clear conference calls, music, gaming sound effects, etc.

Moreover, the refresh rate of about 75Hz is one major aspect behind the versatility of the device. It provides efficient performance in games as well as work projects.

The 24-inch monitor with a standard screen resolution offers captivating images with great brightness and picture quality. It dons 178⁰ vertical/horizontal viewing angles so that you can enjoy the same view and picture quality from a variety of angles. Its Adaptive-Sync technology prevents stuttering and image tearing, giving you smooth and clear visuals.

To secure all these goodness, Sceptre has added a security lock on the device that keeps the Monitor securely in its place, which prevents accidental damages or other incidents.


  • Ultra-thin frame
  • Security lock
  • Adaptive-Sync technology
  • Multiple connectivity ports


  • 5ms response time
  • Comparatively pricey

Best Computer Monitor Under $200
Dell P2219H Review

9. Dell P Series 21.5-inch LED Monitor

  • LED-Lit Monitor
  • 60 hertz
  • Pixel per Inch (PPI):102
  • flicker-free screen
  • Pivot, tilt, swivel and adjust the height
  • Display Type: LED

Dell P Series 21.5-inch LED Monitor is another great computer monitor with the most flexible connectivity options on our list. It comes with an HDMI port, VGA port, DisplayPort, and three different USB ports. Now, this is the widest of all choices. You can connect it to any device whenever you want.

With an ultra-thin frame and bezel designs, you can easily join monitors for better efficiency and a bigger screen. Not only is the Monitor thin, but its base is also quite compact and leaves most of the space on the desk for other accessories. The Monitor can be mounted on a variety of stands. It is also compatible with VESA mount, offering you better placement options. The clutter-free design enables you to easily manage the cables, saving you from the annoying clutter of wires that never untangles.  

The picture is also top-notch. The bright and vibrant colors enhance image quality, while the IPS panel offers better color reproduction and wider viewing angles. The TUV certification ensures a flicker-prove screen for smooth and uninterrupted screen exposure. Moreover, the Comfort View prevents the radiation of harmful light rays, which allows you to safely use the device for long hours or at night time.

Its 60Hz refresh rate makes it a little less desirable for gamers but it is a good choice for entertainment and professional requirements.


  • Most flexible connectivity
  • Clutter-free design
  • Trilateral bezel design
  • TUV certified


  • Noticeable yellow tint

Best HDMI Computer Monitor
Best Monitor With HDMI Input

10. HP Pavilion Premium 27Q

  • 2K Quad HD 2560 x 1440 resolution
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • HDMI and DisplayPort inputs
  • 350 cd/m² brightness
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

This HP Pavilion HDMI computer monitor comes with a DisplayPort and an HDMI port, which ticks one of your biggest boxes. Moreover, its 27-inch screen with a 2560x1440p screen resolution delivers you the bright and clear images. The high color contrast ensures crisp images, which are further enhanced with the IPS technology. It also offers flexible viewing angles. The anti-glare feature enables you to enjoy your screen time under the sun.

The 5ms response rate is a slight drawback, which may slow image transition and blurriness. Its refresh rate is 60Hz. The two specs together lower the Monitor’s rating on a gamer’s list. Although it does not offer the best image transitions, it is quite efficient for office tasks and entertainment.  


  • Fine image quality
  • Anti-glare feature
  • Multiple input ports


  • Low response rate
  • Lacks built-in speakers
  • Pricey

Features to Consider for HDMI Input Monitor

The following are some of the factors that ensure a lucrative investment. So make sure to check out all these before you invest in any of the computer monitors.


Since the major factor in your case is connectivity, do not forget to check that. It must have an HDMI port, if not others. However, try to look for other connectivity options too.

Viewing Angles

With different viewing angles, you can enjoy the same picture quality from different positions. It is better to go with higher viewing angles. Monitors equipped with IPS technology offer better viewing angles than any other.


Warranty secures your investment. Do check the warranty terms before paying for any device. Try to look for a product that offers maximum coverage for a longer period.

Display Features

Along with screen resolution, you also need to check out color contrast, flickering and tearing aspects, blue light mode, etc. All these features enhance your viewing experience and support your investment.


Do All Monitors Have HDMI Inputs?

No, monitors vary in terms of connectivity options. Despite that fact, HDMI is the most common type of connectivity port available in modern monitors and devices. It’s highly valued and sought after. However, the practical design of modern monitors features more than one type of input ports. They may be VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, etc.

Can You Use Dual Monitors on One HDMI?

One HDMI goes to one Monitor at a time. If you have two HDMI inputs, then you can connect two monitors at a time. Hence, HDMI cannot stream multiple displays with one cable.

Why Not Budget TVs?

Let’s get this straight. It is quite a task to find an affordable TV with fine resolution and picture quality. Moreover, these TV’s are accompanied by ghosting and backlighting issues. They have low response rates, which isn’t suitable for gaming. So if you are to choose between a budget TV or a monitor, we’d recommend going for a monitor.

Can You Watch TV on a Computer Monitor with HDMI?

Yes, if you have HDMI connectivity on both the devices, then you can watch TV on a monitor. Make sure you have the right cable, connect, and watch!

Are You a Console Gamer?

If you are a console gamer, you must know the importance of a good-quality HDMI cable. They enhance your gaming experience like nothing else. As far as the refresh rate is concerned, you won’t need a very high refresh rate as consoles usually support 60 Hz.


The overwhelming diversity of monitors available in the market makes it challenging to find the best Hdmi input monitor. However, it is important to make sure you invest in the right product that can provide you with all the required features. Having an HDMI port these days is not difficult. Nearly all of the new to mid-aged monitors have an HDMI port. Most of these devices also feature other ports, like DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, etc. for wider connectivity.

Other than connectivity, screen resolution, width, frame, mount, etc. are all the necessary features of a monitor. So if you are looking for all these features with $100, then try Acer 21.5-inch Zero Frame Monitor. However, for the most massive screen exposure, you can check out LG 43-inch Class UHD Display. 

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