Best Pencil Grips for Kids in 2024 [Pencil Grip Types]

Best Silicone Pencil Grasp

How you hold the pencil can have a big affect on how easily you can grasp the pencil. The best pencil grip for kids is one that allows them to use their muscle strength effectively and efficiently. It is the one that allows them to do the most amount of work with the least amount of effort.

Since children are often not aware of how to properly hold the pencil, the parents need to teach them how to hold the pencil in the best pencil grip for kids.

The key to developing a good pencil grip is to practice. A lot. When a young student takes a pencil in hand, he or she is either holding it incorrectly, or not holding it at all. Putting pencil to paper might be a struggle as the student tries to find the best grip.

Typically, the fingers are folded down into a fist around the pencil, or the pencil is pinched between the thumb and the base of the index finger.

For many kids, it’s almost impossible to hold a pencil, let alone write, properly, but adding a pencil grip to the process can help, resulting in good writing.

Dr Lois Provda, a proper educational therapist, was the person who invented the concept of pencil grips in the year 1992. Her occupation made her see how much children struggled with writing or making a simple straight line. She wanted to help these children, and pencil grips were born.

Pencils grips are not only for children, but adults can also use them as they give comfort and improve writing or drawing skills. They come in various materials like rubber, silicone and foam, and they come in various sizes and shapes. The main difference between these grips lies in the level of comfort, softness and finger positions.

Best Pencil Grips For Kids

A good pencil grip for kids will enable them to write without straining their arms, hands, and fingers. The best pencil grip for kids will also allow them to write for a longer period of time without feeling tired.

1. The Pencil Grip Original

2. The Pencil Grip Writing CLAW

3. Firesara Pencil Grips

4. Pencil Grips by Anerza

5. TANBT Pencil Grips

6. The Pencil Grip Crossover Grip

7. Firesara Original Breakthrough

8. Firesara Original Owl Pencil Grips

1. The Pencil Grip Original

In this article, we will discuss all the importance of pencil grips and their different types. We will also review some of the best pencil grips under $10 available in the market to help you get the one that best serves your needs.

Universal Ergonomic Writing Aid

Best Pencil Grip Review

Quick Features

  • Best For Right And Left Hands
  • Benefits Adults & Children
  • Arthritis recommend as “easy” and “comfortable”
  • Recommended by therapists to help kids
  • Fits on pencils and pens

This pencil grip is popular among both kids and adults and available for both left-handed and right-handed people. It is the original universal ergonomic design for writing aid.

Which improves handwriting and gives a proper grip as well as reduces hand fatigue and finger soreness. The unique patented design of this pencil grip allows the hand and fingers to have the proper position for gripping. It feels natural to hold due to its comfortable ergonomic design and the material is very cushiony, soft and latex-free.

This pencil grip is highly recommended by an educational therapist and is used by children and adults in classrooms, companies, and homes. The design of the grip is one size fits all. It is used for training kids and for adding comfort to the writing process. It can be used on pencils, pens, crayons, paintbrushes, markers and anything else you can think of.


  • One size fits all
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made of latex-free and cushiony material
  • Provides comfort any way you hold it


  • Might be too large for some

2. The Pencil Grip Writing CLAW

Kindergarten pencil grip

High Quality Pencil Grips

Quick Features

  • Best for both Righties and Lefties
  • Exercises control over the hand
  • For all children, including special needs such as Autism, ADHD
  • Writing CLAW fits on crayons

The Writing CLAW is a revolutionary kindergarten pencil grip that helps kids keep their fingers in the correct position on the pencil. It’s good for learning purposes and can be used for kids with special needs. The material of the grip is elastic rubber, which stretches to cover the fingers and different equipment like pens, pencils, markers, and crayons.

The best thing about this grip is that it is non-toxic, so it can be easily used by children aged 4 years and above. There are different sizes available for different ages. The smallest size is for children aged 3 to 5 years, the medium is for 6- to 12-year-old children, and the large is for children aged 12 years or above.

It’s very easy to use; you just have to slide the thumb in the biggest slot and put the middle finger and index finger in other slots. It’s available for both lefties and righties.


  • Perfect for learning purposes
  • Available in all sizes
  • Good for kids with special needs


  • The position might be uncomfortable for adults
  • Can only be held in one position

3. Firesara Pencil Grips

Unique Design Pencil Grips

Best Silicone Pencil Grasp

Quick Features

  • Best Silicone Pencil Grip
  • Correct Handwriting Posture in 4 Weeks
  • Proper Writing Aid Claw for Special Need Adults
  • Right Pencil Grasps in Three Points

Firesara is a well-known brand that makes pencil grips for kindergarten in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Its main aim is to teach kids how to write properly in 4 weeks. All its designs are unique and equally effective, so there are a lot of options available for you to choose from. You will find different cartoon designs and shapes, and each one has a unique purpose.

Some are used for teaching the right posture, while some are just useful for helping children hold a pencil. You will also find pencil grips that only provide added comfort. They are available for both lefties and righties.

These pencil grips are non-toxic, harmless, odorless and comfortable to use. They can even be used by adults who have arthritis or who like to draw or sketch so that they do not get finger or hand fatigue. These pencil grips are made of high-quality silicone and are long-lasting. They can be stretched to fit any writing tool. They do not fade or get dirty easily and are pretty easy to clean.


  • Colors and shapes that inspire children’s interest
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Good for learning the correct posture
  • Made of high-grade silicon
  • Available for righties and lefties


  • The grips for left-handed people are not as comfortable as those for right-handed people

4. Pencil Grips by Anerza

Ergonomic Writing Tool for Kids

ANERZA Pencil Grips

Quick Features

  • Writing Aid Grip for Preschoolers
  • 100% High-quality silicone
  • Posture Correction trainer Grip
  • Best Gift You can buy For Kids

This product is made by another well-known company that manufactures pencil grips in various sizes, colors, and designs that catch children’s attention. These grips are available for both left-handed and right-handed kids. They are used to guide children on how to properly hold pencils by keeping their fingers in the proper position.

The pencil grips are made of an eco-friendly material (that is, high-grade silicon) and are comfortable to hold. They are non-toxic and durable as well.

They come in a package of 10 pieces, so you won’t have to take one off and put it on every time you want to use a different pencil or pen. These grips can be used on pens, pencils, markers, brushes, and any other pencil-like instrument.

They are great for teaching preschoolers how to write. They offer two types of writing positions. The first position requires the user to put the forefinger close to the index finger, which makes a three-finger position, to adjust how a pen is held. The second position is provided by its fish pencil grips that help fix the proper posture of the hand.


  • Comfortable and non-toxic
  • Available for both righties and lefties
  • Made of high-grade silicon
  • Eco-friendly
  • Available in various sizes and shapes


  • Limited positioning

5. TANBT Pencil Grips

Best for Kids to improve Handwriting

Finger Grip for Pencil Kids

Quick Features

  • Finger Grip for Pencil Toddler
  • Kindergarten Writing Posture Correction Tools
  • For right-hand writing include kids and adults
  • Novative ergonmic design

TANBT is yet another great pencil grip manufacturing brand. It provides several types of pencil grips with various designs and colors. This item can be used for kids who have difficulty holding a pen and can also be used for adults who want to improve their writing skills and who want to prevent or reduce hand fatigue while sketching or drawing.

The aim of these grips is to teach the proper writing posture to kids within 21 to 42 days. TANBT manufactures these pencil grips in three different designs to take the user through three different stages of learning.

The distinct positions provided allow children to learn how to properly hold a pen, keep their palms open when writing and the right positioning of their fingers. These pencil grips are made with an innovative ergonomic design and a high-quality silicone material, making it soft and comfortable.


  • Soft and comfortable due to its innovative ergonomic design
  • Best for teaching purposes
  • Suitable for adults as well
  • Relieves writing pain and discomfort


  • Positioning the fingers might be uncomfortable for some kids

6. The Pencil Grip Crossover Grip

Best Pencil Grips for Kindergarten

Ergonomic Writing Aid

Quick Features

  • Ergonomic Writing Aid for Righties and Lefties
  • Crossover Grip
  • Approved by parents
  • Improve Handwriting For Kids

Just like all other masterpieces from The Pencil Grip, this product is also amazing. Its design is ergonomic, so it is comfortable to use. It also comes in six different metallic colors.

The hard, plastic body gives more comfort than any other pencil grip in the market. It can be used with any pencil-like instrument. The structure of this pencil grip is such that it makes a wing shape on top, which helps keep the fingers in the correct position and keeps them from crossing over or slipping to the side. It has been designed by an educational therapist and is highly recommended for teaching kids.

This pencil grip gives control over writing and reduces hand fatigue. Furthermore, it is extremely lightweight. Writing will come naturally with the Crossover pencil grip. It allows the user to learn the tripod grip, which means positioning the index finger and thumb under the wing.


  • Good for improving handwriting
  • Provides comfort and reduces hand fatigue
  • Hard, plastic body is very lightweight
  • Comes in an assortment of colors to attract kids
  • Non-toxic


  • Limited positioning

7. Firesara Original Breakthrough

Colorful Gift for Kids

Finger Grip for Kids

Quick Features

  • Original Creative Design
  • Small and Convenient
  • Soft and Safe
  • Correct Writing Position Effectively

This another amazing product from the Firesara brand. The professionals at Firesara came up with this innovative idea and created this unique little pencil grip. It incorporates the advantages of various pencil grips and overcomes their cons, making it a breakthrough in the area of stationary.

Very easy to use and is available for both left-handed and right-handed kids. This pencil grip can be used for children with special needs as well as adults who have arthritis or hand tremor.

You only need to insert the index finger and thumb in the two holes and the middle finger in the ring below. This position of the fingers prevents the middle finger from cocooning and helps you maintain good handwriting for a long period.

Like all other products from Firesara, this pencil grip has been made of high-quality silicone, so it is safe to use and provides comfort. This one best reduces hand fatigue and muscle cramps that happen with prolonged use of pen.


  • Good for learning purposes
  • Gives a proper finger posture
  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • Safe and comfortable


  • Some may find it poor in quality and consistency

8. Firesara Original Owl Pencil Grips

Best Gift For Kids

3 Fingers Sets Aid

Quick Features

  • Original Owl Pencil Grips for Kids
  • Assorted Pencil Grip for Righties and Lefties
  • Unique and charming
  • Safer, cuter

This pencil grip comes in an owl design and is one of the most sought after from the Firesara brand. The owl face has been 3D printed. Firesara improved the shortage of three-fingered pencil grippers by introducing this product that is extremely soft and ergonomic.

It is an excellent choice for training kids as it teaches a four-finger writing technique. You just need to insert your index finger and thumb in the given two holes and the middle finger in the ring. The tail at the end will automatically support your ring finger.

The cute and appealing design of this pencil grip can help make kids love to write and can help release writing pain and stress for adults. The material from which this grip is made of is high-quality silicone, which makes it absolutely safe and eco-friendly. It is great for people with special needs or various hand conditions.


  • Helps teach the four-finger handwriting style
  • Good for teaching kids how to write
  • Releases writing pain
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Limited positioning

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Editor Verdict’s on Pencil Grips

Pencil grips go unnoticed by most parents because they do not seem that important. However, they are an extremely important aspect to consider and help build good writing skills in your kids. It can help children learn how to write properly and how to hold the pencil properly.

How to develope pencil grip easy

There are numerous options available in the market when you look for a pencil grip. It is important to get the right one that is best suited for your kid. For this purpose, there are some factors that you need to consider:


Pencil grips come in two types of material: hard plastic and high-quality silicon. Both materials are great and offer almost the same level of comfort, though the silicon pencil grips are softer and offer more options when it comes to sizes and shapes. Your choice would come down to personal preferences. You can choose the one that best suits your needs from the vast options that both materials provide.


The material of the pencil grip also defines how durable it is going to be. Both materials provide an equal level of durability, but the silicon pencil grips get dirty faster than the hard plastic ones and you might need to throw them away due to germs.


The size of a pencil grip also has great importance. You need to choose the size correctly. Make sure the size does not make you uncomfortable after a while or else you will only be wasting your money. There are tons of different shapes and sizes of pencil grips available in the market. Make sure you don’t waste your money and choose the right one that gives you the comfort you require.

Advantages of Pencil Grips

There are many advantages of pencil grips. For one thing, they help you learn how to hold a pencil in the correct way and improve your writing skills. A good pencil grip helps you improve your letter formation, enhances your writing speed and endurance, and facilitates legibility. The most efficient pencil grip will help you control the pen or pencil with just the movement of your fingers.

Holding any writing tool, be it a pencil, brush or pen, requires strong hand muscles and strong fingers and dexterity. When the pinky side of the hand is on the writing surface, the writing tool entirely depends on the movement of the fingers and a good pencil grip will help you move your fingers efficiently.

This product can also be a great help in improving the writing skills of kids. Doing so can even lead to an improvement in their academic achievements and an increase in their interest in learning. A pencil grip can even improve their joint development.

According to expert educational therapists, an ideal age at which a kid should start learning with a pencil grip is 3 years old. Kids usually learn how to grip a pencil correctly in art classes, where fine motor skills are required. You can help hasten and smoothen this process by giving them a pencil grip, which will even add comfort to their experiences. However, a bad pencil grip will cause bad experience and even result in hand fatigue, so make sure you get the correct one.


Is there a right way to hold a pencil?

Of course, there is a right way to hold a pencil. We usually hold a pencil from near the tip so that we can form dark strokes. However, this technique may cause hand fatigue if you use it for a long time.

A better way to go about this is to hold the pencil with your index finger and thumb in a tripod position. In this position, you use your index finger, thumb, and middle finger to hold the pencil, creating a triangle that supports the pencil, and keep the pencil at a 45-degree angle.

For the utmost control over your writing, you should place the index finger on top of the pencil and rest the pencil on the middle finger. Try not to hold it too hard or too light.

At what age should a child start learning how to hold a pencil correctly?

The ideal age for learning how to hold a pencil correctly, according to some educational therapists, is three years. That is the age when kids start coloring and drawing and start holding a pencil. This is also the best time to introduce them to pencil grips to help boost their learning process and to add comfort.

How should I hold a pencil for drawing?

When we are writing, we hold the pencil near the tip; it can be the same for drawing too. The tripod grip is used by many for drawing purposes as well as for writing. However, there are other ways as well to hold a pencil while drawing.

The first one is the extended tripod grip. In this grip, you hold your pencil in the same way as you do with the tripod grip, but instead of holding from near the tip of the pencil, you hold the pencil from the middle. This grip is still comfortable and gives more freedom to move the pencil whichever way you want to.

Another way to hold the pencil is with an overhand grip. You hold the pencil from near the pencil’s tip, but instead of forming a triangle, you put your index finger on top of the pencil and your thumb and middle finger to the side. This grip is popular for sketching and shading.

Then, you have the underhand pencil grip. This form of holding a pencil is similar to the tripod grip. It looks like the tripod grip has been tipped over which is more relaxed and looser. Also used for casual and rough sketching and is mostly used when drawing with charcoal.


Pencil grips, as mentioned before, are important to improve the early experiences with a writing tool. Learning with pencil grips will increase your kids’ interest in studies. There are a lot of kinds of pencil grips present in the market, but not all of them will fit every pencil, pen, crayon, or any other writing tool. Hence, you will need to make sure the grip you are buying will work for your situation.

Buying a pencil grip can add a lot of comfort to your daily routine as well. If you have a lot of writing work, you should consider getting a pencil grip to reduce muscle fatigue.

We have provided all the information you need to buy the best pencil grip for yourself or your kid. We have also reviewed the best pencil grips out there. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to get the most suitable one.

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