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Want to watch movies in your own home theater? 1080p projectors are the way to go if you want the best pictures and sound, but you don’t want to spend more than a thousand dollars. While 4K projectors are coming down in price, you still have to spend thousands of dollars to get a 4K projector.

Hence, 1080p projectors are the best choice for most people, as they provide a picture quality that is far better than a TV and cost hundreds of dollars less.

You don’t want to spend a ton of money on a projector only to realize that you can’t get the best picture due to poor contrast ratio, washed out colors, or a lack of brightness.

Best 1080p Projectors List

To help you make the best decision possible, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 1080p projectors on the market today, and we’ve ranked them from best to worst.

1. View Sonic PA50S

Cheap Projector For Home Theaters

Best Projector For Home And Office Use

Projectors enable you to watch TV and films on the big screen. If you want to buy Television of the same size, it will cost you much more. In comparison, Projectors provide you a relatively economical way for your requirements. Some projectors are portable, which means they can easily be moved from one place to another.

This View Sonic pjd5155 Projector features 3300 lumens, offers SVGA 800×600 resolution and has a user-friendly design. View sonic projector includes an exclusive Super Color technology. It offers a wider color range for true to life image projection. The projector features extensive connectivity includes HDMI, 2 x VGA, Composite Video, S-Video, 1 x VGA output and Audio in/out.

This projector is designed to be energy saving. It includes a Dynamic Eco feature to reduce power consumption by up to 70%. By doing so, it extends the lamp life by up to 10,000 hours which makes it an ideal projector for use in small places. Its advanced audiovisual features, flexible connectivity options and an affordable price make it an excellent choice for use in education and small business environments.

Best in Class Color Accuracy: View Sonic’s projector owns Super Color Technology. It offers a wide color range than conventional DLP projectors. The projector includes 6-segment color wheel design and dynamic lamp control capabilities. It projects images with reliable and true to life color performance. The projector works in both bright and dark environments making it the best consumer choice.

Smart Design: It has an optional cable management hood that connects on to the back of the projector. It is to hide unsightly cable clutter and exposed ports. The projector also has an easy access top lamp door. It enables lamp maintenance and replacement easier and simpler.

Sonic Expert Technology: This light stream projector is designed with Sonic Expert technology. It incorporates an enlarged speaker chamber and a more powerful amplifier. These are used to deliver a full 20 Hz to 20 kHz sound range. The dedicated speaker provides the best entertainment for your audience.

3D Blu-ray Ready HDMI Input: The projector is equipped with the latest HDMI. It can display 3D images directly from 3D Blu-ray players. It makes it perfect for connecting to any HDMI-enabled devices. These are personal computers, laptops, tablets and media players.

View sonic has a choice of 5 unique view settings to provide the best possible viewing experience in any environment regardless of ambient light. Apart from this, it offers a 3-year limited warranty for parts and labor and a 1-year lamp service is also included.

2. Optoma EH500 

Best Home Cinema Theater Projector

Best Projecot For Home Entertainment

The Optoma EH500 is excellent for presentation with an outstanding contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and features a powerful 4700 lumens bright output. Which makes it deliver amazingly bright display. Vibrant colors and sharp, clear text and graphics make it best for presentations and home cinema.

While some projectors are suitable for small scale usage, the Optoma EH500 is ideal for use in large screen applications where one needs excellent image quality detail. With the Optoma EH500, you will enjoy an impressive array of connectivity options which include Display Port, two HDMI, two VGA, VGA-Out, S-Video, composite video, 12V trigger, RS-232C, and RJ45.

This projector has a Crestron Room View which used for over the network control and management of up to 250+ projectors. All these factors make it perfect for large installations like business meetings and educational environments.

State of the Art DLP Technology: Projectors with Texas Instrument’s DLP and Brilliant Color technology feature multi-color processing. It is used to produce accurate and vibrant colors on the screen. The Optoma EH500 multi-color processing system functions as a six-segment color wheel. It is coated with an advanced material also achieves superb color saturation and accuracy for extraordinary image quality. Incredibly high native contrast ratios make clean and crisp black-white to ensures the text and charts are easy to read.

Lower cost of ownership: The projection lamp is rated to last up to 2500 hours in economic mode. In economic mode, the lamp even provides 2500 hours to provide long-lasting operation. This way it gives an optimal return on investment. A rapid shutdown feature is also introduced to further reduces ownership costs by saving energy.

Green by Design: The EH500 has been developed to use less than one-watt power consumption in standby mode. As compared to regular standby mode, it saves up to 75 percent more energy. To save energy, it has an automatic shutdown feature in it. Remote management and control make it even energy efficient. The components uses on its Printed Circuit Boards are all lead-free.

Optoma EH500 is a 2D projector. To make it 3D, you had to buy a 3D-RF Emitter and the corresponding 3D glasses separately. Because of its high contrast ratio, it is best for use in a room having medium to low ambient light.

3. Optoma GT1080

3D DLP Projector Best For Gaming

Best Optoma Projector Reviews

Best Projectors require a dark room for the best viewing experience. A room which has no light or small light source is best suited for home theater projectors. If you are watching a horror movie, a dark room is best to enjoy every scene of it. Similarly, if you are playing a game, you want a clear picture quality for maximum accuracy. In both of the conditions, a dark room is suitable.

Another solution is to have a projector with a good contrast ratio. Since while playing games, you can’t turn the lights off because it makes the input device difficult to handle. An excellent contrast ratio will, however, make sure you had the clearest image.

Resolution: Optoma GT1080 is a high definition gaming projector. If you are a game lover or fond of watching movies, this projector suits your needs. You won’t have experienced much better than this. This projector will give you the best gaming experience, designed for serious gamers. The Optoma GT1080 delivers super-fast 2800 lumens brilliant HD display to the screen. It gives stunning color accuracy and a 25,000:1 contrast ratio. It is for maximum image detail and improved visibility.

The projector allows you to acquire and assess information easily. It formulates a faster and more accurate response to defeat your opponents. For this purpose, it is equipped with the level of all important digital connectivity. Every option which is essential to today’s gaming gear is available with it.

Input: The Optoma GT1080 has two HDMI ports, MHL connectivity, and a VESA 3D sync port. Razor-sharp 0.5:1 short-throw lens is used to deliver larger than life images even in space-constrained environments. This projector has powerful 10 Watt audio, 12 volts output, and a quiet whisper operation. Its lamp life is 6500 hours. It is perfect, you don’t have to worry about replacing it time to time.

Technology: Optoma GT1080 features Dynamic Black technology to give you more depth to the image. It works directly by smoothly adjusting the lamp output, based on the brightness information of each frame. This way it creates a stunning high contrast ratio which is suitable for both bright and dark scenes. Bright scenes appear crisp and clear while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks and exceptional light and shade detail.

The Optoma GT1080 also features Short Throw Projection with a short-throw lens. By using it, this projector can produce large screen sizes from a short distance. It would be a very useful feature if you had a relatively small room. This will help you get a 100-inch image, with the projector placed just 3.5 feet from the screen or wall.

You can also turn your projector into a smart display. It can be done simply by connecting your smartphone or tablet with a single cable using MHL. It enables you to share your mobile screen on the projector. Now you can play games, stream videos and share photos on the big screen.

4. ViewSonic PJD7828HDL

Professional Home Theater Projector

HD projector under budget

Most projectors require regular maintenance and attention. It is something that flat screen and television do not need. The most important of it is lamp replacement. All projectors work on the lamp that needs periodic replacement. Since many lamps need 2 to 3 years for replacement, this might seems reasonable, but their prices are very high. Some might cost over $300 for replacement. The frequency of replacement depends on your model and usage. It, however, is a very costly activity.

The View Sonic 1080p projector delivers an incredible audio-visual experience at a great value. This projector is perfect for home entertainment. It features 3200 Lumens, Full HD 1920×1080 native resolution, an intuitive user-friendly design, and a sleek white chassis. It has an exclusive super color technology which offers a wide color gamut for superb image production in nearly any environment.

One the best projectors by viewsonic has a sound enhancement technology. It powers a 10W speaker to deliver incredibly clear and audible sound. For connectivity, this projector has many types of ports attached to it. These are composed of neatly designed enclosed HDMI/MHL connection compartment, supports wireless HDMI dongles or MHL connectors. A cable management hood is included to eliminate unsightly cable cutter. The projector also features a shorter throw ratio, 1.3x optical zoom, smart design, and extensive connectivity. Through this, it provides a flexible and quick set up in the home.

Super-Sized Movies and Games: This projector is made for home theater experience with a short-throw lens. Through this, it delivers huge images in modest-sized rooms. So either you are a game lover or fond of watching movies, this projector lets you go big at home.

Super Color IPS Match: The View Sonic 1080p features Super Color IPS Match technology. It combines proprietary color wheel coatings, advanced optics-grade materials, and high-precision chromatic adjustments. These are used for amazing color quality than rivals’ high-performance IPS panels. That means when compared head-to-head, screen-to-screen, these projectors provided the best entertainment. Their vivid, realistic colors matched the finest IPS LED TVs.

Breathtaking Brightness in any Environment: Brightness is an important feature for any projector. Many projectors fail to provide a high-quality image in bright surroundings. Their light is suitable for dark environments but not suitable for bright rooms. The ViewSonic projector is packed with 3200 lumens of brightness to produces bright images in any environment. Unlike many other projectors, it delivers excellent performance in rooms with high ambient light.

Full HD 1080p Resolution: This projector is designed to provide a cinema-like experience. For this, you also need cinema-like picture quality. The projector comes with a Full HD 1080p resolution and delivers stunning detail, vivid color, and beautifully immersive images. Despite being in the home, this makes you feel like you are sitting in a local Cineplex.

View Sonic offers the industry’s best projectors. Apart from this, it offers a 3-year limited warranty for parts and labor. A 1-year lamp service is also provided.

5. Optoma EH416

“1080p Full HD Business Projector”

Cheap Projector For MOney

Projectors are difficult to install as compared to TV. If you want to ceiling mount it, you may require professional assistance. If you are a common man and not aware about how to fix it, then it will be difficult for you. Professional support means higher cost of installation. You will require more investment than its total cost. Furthermore, if you want to have a fixed screen, then proper installation of wires is needed. Having right measurements and many other things made the projectors easy to install.

The Optoma EH416 is the ideal 1080p projector for commercial uses. It is best for corporate, house of worship and higher education applications. The EH416 is loaded with a host of features include 4200 lumens, advanced optical lens, 1920 x 1080 resolution, and a massive 1.6x Zoom and an SRGB support. The contrast ratio is a very important feature.

Resolution: High contrast ratio is especially useful for business purposes. If your projector has high contrast ratio, this means you will better see the picture in a bright environment. For business purposes or in worship hall, where the surroundings are always more brilliant, high contrast ratio is vital.

The Optoma EH416 offers a 20000:1 contrast ratio. Optoma include an incredibly bright image, vivid colors, and deep blacks. SRGB color profile enables vibrant, accurate color, based on the primaries of Rec.709 HDTV specification. It provides best results when used with a PC, Mac, or any sRGB compatible source.

Features: The Optoma EH416 comes with a Wall Color Adjustment. It is used to compensate for the loss of brightness when projecting on non-white projection surfaces in various environments. This feature is extremely useful in classrooms, conference rooms, and training rooms. It is useful anywhere the presenter may be using a colored wall, blackboard, chalkboard, or whiteboard for the projection surface.

It also features a new cutting edge optical lens, 1.6x Zoom, and Vertical Lens Shift. One thebest projectors because it makes installation easy. The projector has an edge mask which eliminates soft edges and jaggies on the border of the projection image to produce a smooth, consistent image.

If you are a businessman, then you frequently require moving your projector from one place to another. Wherever you deliver your presentations, the projector is needed. You can give your presentation skills if only you had a good projector. Clear image and easy portability are the two important things for any business person. Optoma EH416 takes good care of your requirements.

Also includes a carrying bag. The kit makes the EH416 perfect for meetings in the field, presentations in the conference room or training in the classroom. Easy portability is a feature, which makes this projector better from others.

6. Optoma X600

Full 3D DLP Network Projector with HDMI

Best Projector For Gammers

A projector has two primary uses. It can either be used for very large screen home theater, or as a less expensive substitute for a big-screen TV. Projectors make you decide what you need. You decide how big you need the picture quality to be founded on how near the wall or screen you put the projector. Despite being able to choose, many people do not like screens smaller than 50″ diagonal. If your projector is not very bright, ambient room light will adversely affect the quality of the video image. Room light will make it look dull and washed out. If you had ambient light in your room, you must think about projectors with high light output.

The Optoma X600 is best suited for presentations. It will make your presentations shine with its powerful 6000 lumens bright output. High contrast ratio is especially useful for business purposes. If your projector has high contrast ratio, this means you will better see the picture in a bright environment.

Resolution: Making your surroundings dark is not possible always. If you are using it for your homeroom or in a hotel room, then you can adjust for light. But for business purposes or another commercial usage, you cannot ask your boss to turn the lights off as it seems awkward. In these conditions, you had to look for alternate ways. Having a high contrast ratio is an excellent solution. The Optoma X600 provides stunning 10,000: 1 contrast ratio.

It delivers amazingly bright XGA resolution presentations. With its vibrant colors and sharp, clear text, graphics and video; this projector is best suited for presentations. You can adjust the brightness level according to your needs. It provides the brightness level necessary for use in medium to large rooms with ambient light. These include meeting rooms, classrooms and lecture halls.

Eco-Friendly: The projector is designed to be eco-friendly because of its energy saving options. The Optoma X600 features an impressive array of connectivity options. This projector has a Creston Room View which is used for over the network control and management of up to 250+ projectors. All these factors make it perfect for large installations. These include business meetings and educational environments.

It achieves superb color saturation and accuracy for extraordinary image quality. Incredibly high native contrast ratios make clean and crisp black and white. It ensures that text and charts are easy to read. DLP (Data Loss Prevention) projectors use advanced color processing.

It is used to produce exceptional contrast ratios for pin sharp graphics and crystal clear text. It makes images seem alive, and text is easier to read. High contrast ratio, DLP technology, and Brilliant Color technology make it ideal for presentations and business use.

7. Optoma HD27 1080p 3D DLP

Best Home Theater Projector

Projector Under Budget

The Optoma HD27 is an advanced 1080p Home Theater Projector sporting 3200 lumens. It has 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution, 1.1x Zoom, sRGB support. The projector has a very high contrast ratio which helps in increased brightness. It is ideal for bright surroundings as it eases visibility. Since the projector is meant for home theater, it provides a very high contrast ratio of 25000: 1.

The HD27 is the best Home Theater Projector for home entertainment. It best suits for watching HDTV programming, latest Blu-ray movie releases, and major sporting events.

Apart from home theater, this is also good for gamers. With its big screen, it provides excellent viewing experience while you play with Xbox One, PS4, or your personal computer, you’ll be impressed with the HD27’s excellent optical lens, sharp 1080p graphics. The vivid blacks produce highly detailed graphics, dark shadows, and astonishing textures.

Video and photography enthusiasts can use the HD27’s sRGB color space. It can be used to produce vibrant, accurate color based on the primaries of Rec.709b HDTV specification. The Optoma HD27 is MHL v1.2 compliant. It allows MHL devices to connect directly to the projector. These include Optoma HD Cast Pro, Roku Streaming Stick and Smart Phones. These devices do not need an external power source. You can use it to playback music and video, view pictures and share web pages and other user-generated digital media content with family and friends.

Replacing projector lamp is a big problem. Apart from difficult installation, the lamp is very costly. Many a time it’s hard for users to afford a change of lamp. Optoma HD27, however, comes with extended lamp life. The lamp life is 8000 hours which is very impressive. You will get an extended viewing and lower cost of ownership.

Let’s define it in simple language. If you watch a 2-hour movie daily and make it your routine, even then your projector lamp will last for more than 10 years. It is very helpful for long term usage as you don’t have to worry about lamp replacement.

Optoma makes no compromise over quality that’s why one the best projectors out there. It gives you more detailed projection with its full HD 1920 x 1080p. These are perfect for watching Blu-ray movies. You do not have to scale them down or compress. The full HD will give you brilliant viewing experience.

8. Optoma ML750 WXGA 3D Ready

Portable DLP LED Projector

Best Mini Projector Review

Low cost is the main thing which attracts many users. People prefer projectors over TV because of its much lower price than the TV of same screen size. Because of its low price, projectors had become best alternative for big screens. It is true that projectors also varies in price from each other. But some of the best projectors costs much less than television screens. Nowadays they are very common, and competition has increased among them. Basically, people want enjoying big screens in relatively less price.

Optoma has introduced its all new ML750 projector. It is an ultra-compact portable LED projector. Portability is an important feature when it comes to office use. If you want to use your projector for business purposes or any other, you may frequently need to move it from one place to another.

The Optoma ML750 suits completely to your needs. It is highly portable Projector weighing just 0.4kg. With its convenient carry bag, you can easily move it from one place to another. You can watch HD movies, play your favorite video games or even present presentations with this projector. It has everything; you need to impress your audience.

The ML750 incorporates a media player, native office viewer and built-in speaker. It has many different connectivity options you even can project without a laptop. For this purpose, you can use the built-in memory, USB connection, and a microSD card slot. You can easily connect, and it will display from a mobile or tablet device. It can be done by using MHL connectivity to play a game on a big screen, view business files, photos, and videos or to just listen to music.

Replacing lamp is tough many times. Apart from a time-consuming activity, it also costs precious money. An ordinary lamp costs much more than $300. But this Optoma ML750 projector uses the latest Lamp free technology. It provides exceptional results in color fidelity, reliability, and longevity. All these features make it best projector which truly satisfies your needs.

The Optoma ML750 offers best mobile gaming experience. It has a variety of ports which makes easy connectivity with different types of devices. The projector provides easy connection to a laptop, PC, games console or DVD player with HDMI.

With its big screen of 100+”, playing games is very comfortable. You can easily connect your mobile device to the projector and enjoy games on big screen. The ML750 projector delivers an ultra-bright image, suitable for road warriors, power users and on the go gamers.

The contrast ratio is a major factor because a high contrast ratio ensures clear visibility in bright conditions. This projector projects 700 ANSI lumens and a 10,000: 1 contrast ratio. With all these features it is an excellent projector. This superb projector has the power and performance of a full-sized projector in the palm of your hand.

9. BenQ HT2050A Theater Projector

Cheap Home Projector

High Quality Projector Reviews

Entry-level projectors are very economical in price as compared to TV; it will provide you more entertainment at less price. If you are watching a movie or a football game, the BenQ projector will suit you. The BenQ offers a big-screen experience from the comfort of your home. The screen is reliable and is perfect for outdoor use.

The projector uses upgraded LED source technology which projects a clear image quality without inflicting the optical harms. The harms which TVs, laptops, and tablets do are not associated with this projector. Because of its excellent screen looking feature, it saves your eyes. It allows you to enjoy movies, sports, and TV and provides you the best experience.

Clear Picture: Everyone likes bright images. Apart from big in size, image quality is an important characteristic that attracts customers. The BenQ projectors come with a square pixels technology. It offers clearer pictures than other projectors. Jagged edges are very unpleasant things to notice. While watching movies or playing games, rough edges make a nasty effect. Many people unlike projectors because of their bad experience. But this projector reduces jagged edges because of its square pixels technology to reverts actual color.

Long Lamp Life: Brightness is a major factor when it comes to projectors. People want a projector that is bright enough to surpass the light in their living room or conference hall. Brightness more than the room light offers a clearer picture. AN Advanced LED lamp is used in BenQ which provides high soft brightness. Because of its high efficiency, it saves electricity consumption. An electricity bill is always a problem if you are using the projector for your home.

Bright projectors seem right for visual experiences, but they use much more electricity. But thanks to the advanced LED lamp, it saves electricity and does not contribute much to your monthly electricity bill. Replacing lamp is always an unpleasant activity to do. Not just because it’s hard, but because of its high price. Once you buy an expensive projector, many people cannot afford regular lamp replacement. This projector seems a solution to their problems because it offers an extended lamp life.

10. Epson Home 2150

“3LCD Home Theater

Affordable Projector On Amazon

The Home Cinema 2150 projector brings the big screen home to delivers full HD 1080p entertainment. It offers up to 3x higher color brightness than competitive models. Apart from brightness, Epson 3LCD projectors ensure vibrant images. The contrast ratio is an important thing to look at projectors.

This portable projector delivers up to 35000: 1 dynamic contrast ratio. With its advanced image processing, plus 2200 lumens of color brightness and 2200 lumens of white brightness, you enjoy best viewing experience.

Connectivity is an important feature. Projector is of no use if it has limited connection options. Epson Home Cinema provides two HDMI ports and MHL connectivity. You can easily connect your Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console or streaming device. This smart projector can project up to 300 inches virtually everywhere.

Speakers is also an issue with many projectors. Many projectors do not have built-in speakers, and you should have to connect external speakers. Apart from increasing cost, they also make the delicate setting. But Home Cinema 2040 projector comes with built-in speakers and convenient setup tools. It means you can enjoy HD content out of the box.

Epson home cinema offers 3X brighter colors to enhance visibility. With its 2200 lumens, the image quality is clearer and more accurate. Because of its big screen and high brightness, this projector is best for playing video games. If you are a game lover or fond of watching movies in a theater as an experience, this projector suits you. You can use your 3D glasses to enjoy 3D projection. This way, you can get much entertainment than regular projectors. With all of its features stated, this projector is likely to impress you.

Projector Buying Guide

Projectors are a great invention. They can be used easily without any tensions. They are small and can be easily placed anywhere in the living room. Whether put it on a table or a bookshelf, the projector’s hard to be detected. And it does not affect the setting of your living room. When you want to use it, just set it up. In case you do not want to use it for a time, just place it in a corner and cover it. On the other hand, big screen Television’s hard to move. If they are mounted on the wall, then it is impossible to move them.

Big LCD’s and LED’s seems very pleasant when they are in regular use. But there is no solution if you do not want to use them for a while. They will still be mounted on the walls and will disturb your room settings. If you compare prices, you will find projectors that are must to buy objects.

They never get old, and once you buy them, they will run for a long time. Lamp life is an issue, and that needs replacement. That time too can be increased by purchasing a projector having long lamp life. Some lamps even had their lifespan of over 10 years.

Using projectors instead of large TV screens is always a good idea. They provide much entertainment for less price. Setting them is easier, and they are also easily portable. Some projectors suit best for gaming, others for business presentations, while some provide home theater effect.

You can enjoy a movie with your family at home and enjoy the theater-like experience with the projector screens. If you want portable entertainment, then you must go with a projector. For a long term personal use, projectors will prove a valuable investment for you.

Features To Consider Before Going For One

Lamp Life:

Must consider lamp life before buying a projector. Mostly cheaper projectors rely on UHP or metal halide lamps, whose lamp life is very less and going dim with time. A little more expensive will get you an LED light source, which is long-lasting and needs replacing less frequently.


Must consider brightness, projector having brightness more than 2000 lumens will give you clear and bright screen. The brighter the projector the easier to see the image in daylight.


Most projectors have fans inside which make noise after sometime when you seating near projector. Buy one which makes less noise or even very quiet when you setting near the projector.

Final Words!

All These projector are not for everyone some of them may be very expensive while some are cheaper in rates. This also clear that expensive one are long lasting and cheap one is not.

Many companies have lots of verity in best projectors, buy one which need your desire requirements.

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James Klett a senior editor at GeekyMag focused on computer hardware and gadgets, offers a wide range of information in this field. Have a question, need some help, or want to give your opinion? Drop us a comment below!

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