The Best Speaker Wall Mounts in 2024 [Ranked List]

Have you invested in the perfect set of speakers in hope of a perfect cinematic experience? Are you thinking forward now about the placement of your speakers and where they’ll provide you the best sound? If yes then you sure should consider investing in speaker wall mounts too because they can come in handy to you in this situation.

For those of you who don’t know, speaker wall mounts can not only help you protect your speakers from damages and spills by keeping them off ground they can also help you fine-tune the sound by letting you adjust the direction of the speakers as per your choice.

Sounds like a good deal to put your money in, right? If yes then stick along because today we are here with a list of some of the best speaker wall mounts of all time.

1. B-Tech Pro Speaker Mount

Pro Speaker Mount

  • Perfect positioning due to swivel and tilt adjustment
  • You get all the mounting hardware for an easy installation
  • The side clamps are padded for the protection of your speakers

The very first on the list that we have for you are the B-Tech BT77 ultra grip pro speaker mounts that are perfect for bookshelf speakers with weight  55Ibs. The width these mounts can handle falls between a figure of 135mm to 280mm.

What makes these mounts worth your money is the fact that you won’t have to stress a lot about the installation. The specifications regarding the width and the weight are quite clear and so is the process of installation. Moreover, there’s a proper wall cover that comes along for you to make sure that the mounts don’t ruin the look of your wall when they are installed.

2. WALI Wall Mount Dual Bracket Holder

Dual Bracket Holder Stands For Speaker

  • It’s padded for a vibration-free mounting experience
  • Extremely sturdy construction for the safety of your speakers
  • Multiple adjustments for you to create the perfect sound balance

The WALI center channel speaker wall mount is a little different from the one we mentioned above and overall, it’s unique. This mount is unique because, for starters, it can help you get the best concrete hall sound quality whether it’s your home, your office, or even a public area. The arms of this mount can extend to a length of  11.5″ from the wall and as far as the weight support is concerned, you can put a speaker that weighs up to 13kg on it.

What makes it an even better choice is the fact that it provides swivel  45 degrees, both to the left and right side. In a nutshell, for someone seeking the best audio experience, this mount is a must-buy. It comes with large bolts so that you can put your speakers on it without worrying about any loose connections.

3. Speaker Wall Ceiling Mount Stand

Home Surround Sound System

  • Heavy-duty steel is used for the construction of these mounts, they are built to last.
  • Can be universally mounted to any flat surface.
  • You get swivel angle adjustment of  30°, 60°, and 90° degrees to perfectly position the speakers.

Have you ever considered mounting your speakers to your ceiling instead of the walls? If not then now is the time to give it a thought because these ceiling mount stands are the best thing to buy in the market.

These mounts by Pyle are compatible with all the standard speakers in the market. The best thing about them is that they come with retractable telescopic arms that can extend to a length of 11 inches. In other words, these mounts aren’t just for speakers if you want, you can even use them for your audio recordings in the studio.

When it comes to the surface, these mounts are designed for all kinds of flat surfaces. It doesn’t matter if you have a concrete ceiling or a wooden ceiling, if it’s flat, you can mount your speakers easily with these stands. Lastly, the installation will just take a few minutes as all the hardware for it is provided in the form of a kit.

4. Bose UB-20 Series II Bracket

Best Speaker Wall Mounts

  • Solid and durable construction that provides the best support to your speakers.
  • Less wire mess due to the unique bracket design
  • Super easy to install even if it’s  drywall or a plaster

If you’ve been buying audio products for a while now, you probably already know this that Bose is a quality company that makes the best audio equipment. The same goes for its cube speakers and this UB-20 series wall/ceiling bracket. If you have the Bose cube speakers, we’d recommend you to buy this bracket as it really can make a difference in sound adjustment.

Not just the cube ones this bracket is compatible with all lifestyle systems including, the SoundTouch Stereo music system to the CineMate 520 home theatre system. What’s best about this bracket is that if you properly follow the mounting instructions, you’ll end up with less wire mess even if you are planning to mount your speakers to the ceiling.

5. WALI Speaker Wall Mount

Surrounding Sound Speakers Mounts

  • Sleek modern knob design that can complement any room and any wall
  • Proper tilt and swivel adjustment for the best positioning of your mounts
  • The screws won’t be visible which is a huge plus for someone who doesn’t want to ruin the overall look of his wall

Again the WALI speaker wall mount brackets are here for you to serve you in your mission of making the best out of your speakers. If you have a small bookshelf or surround speakers then these brackets are the best thing to put your money in because they sure can make a difference for you by helping you position your speakers in the right direction.

The weight these mounts can handle is 3.5kg which is a lot if we consider a bookshelf speaker here. The tilt and swivel that comes along is the best part about this pack of four brackets. You can tilt it to 20 degrees and when it comes to the swivel, you get 70 degrees for it.

We are also impressed by the durability of these mounts as they come with a very solid metal construction that doesn’t just look durable but they even provide a vibration-free mounting experience.

6. VideoSecu Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket with Swivel and Tilt

  • Excellent for cable management
  • Heavy-duty construction with wall plate cover for perfect installation
  • You can use the sticker strips if you don’t want to screw holes in the wall

If you have huge surround sound speakers then you should consider the VideoSecu side clamping speaker mounting brackets. With them, you get 360 degrees swivels and tilt adjustment of 10 degrees, both up and down. What made us put down this pair here today in this list is the fact that you get proper cable management with these mounts.

Some people get annoyed with the whole wire mess especially when they are thinking about mounting the speakers to the wall. But luckily with the VideoSecu mounts, you won’t have any such thing to stress about. The weight these brackets can carry is around  33 lbs and the clams can be adjusted between 5.3 to 11 inches which is exactly what you would want for your speakers.

7. WALI Dual Side Clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mount

Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mount

  • Metal inner construction for vibration-free sound.
  • Sleek appearance with a black coat for a contemporary look.
  • Modern style, built for all kinds of surfaces.

The next in the list is WALI dual side clamping bookshelf speaker mount. This one’s a little different from the ones mentioned above because each bracket has dual sides. Moreover, you can mount the brackets to either brick, stone, or concrete walls. The weight these mounts can bear is 55lbs which makes a total of 25kgs. It’s more than enough if you have large surround, sound speakers.

The tilt-up and down that you get here is 7.5 degrees up and down. And the swivel is 45 degrees. Here one thing you need to know is that the width of your speaker needs to be between 5.3 to 11 inches, anymore than that won’t be the right fit for this mount. Overall, these mounts are amazing and you definitely won’t regret spending your hard-earned money on them.

8. Monoprice Low Profile Wall Mount

Monoprice Low Profile Wall Mounts

  • Rugged design that looks good on every wall.
  • Extremely affordable with top-notch quality
  • Cable management available

The Monoprice low profile 22lb speaker mounts are the talk of the town for being reasonable in price. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to compromise on the quality even if you are short on budget. If you have speakers that weigh up to 22lbs then we would recommend these mounts to you. The required mounting hardware comes with the set so you don’t have to worry about any hassle with the installation.

Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to set these mounts and put your speakers on them to enjoy cinematic quality audio. Moreover, if your speakers lack a mounting point then there’s some good news for you here. The Monoprice speaker mounts come with a keyhole for the adapter that can be very useful for you to avoid all that wire mess.

Overall Verdict 

These are some of the best wall speaker mounts that we have for you. Each one of them is unique in its way and it’s worth every single penny. So now without giving it a second thought,  if you really want to have the best cinema-like audio experience then get your hands on any one of the above-mentioned speaker mounts and see the ease and convenience they bring, for yourself.

By James Klett

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