Best Vertical Monitors for Developers & Coders in 2024

The vertical monitor has now got more popular over the last years. Vertical computer monitors not only save your desktop space but also make desktop use more efficient and productive.

LED-Lit Monitor for money

These monitors depend on the prices and their structure. Which allow you to get a perfect screen view in a portrait mode instead of landscape traditional desktop view.

Vertical screens will enable you to fit more content on the screen rather than the view in horizontal monitors. It can be useful for you to do office work on vertical screens.

It also can improve the vertical experiences such as viewing the large section of codes, designing vertical layouts, reading eBooks, or reading an article online.

Best vertical monitors offer the primary function of screen rotation. Professional computer users will easily switch back to the portrait and landscape orientation for easy use. Buy vertical monitors comes with an ergonomic stand that offers swivel, grip, height, and a tilt adjustment with a lot of ease.

Best Vertical Computer Monitor List

1. Dell Led 27-Inch vertical monitor

Best Vertical Monitor Under $300

Beat Led-Lit Monitor Review

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  • More room to work
  • Expand your efficiency
  • More ways to multitask
  • Consistent and rich colors
  • Clean and clutter-free
  • Adjust to your comfort


It’s a great time to optimize your office or home workspace with an efficient 27 inches dell vertical monitor. The p series led screen is built-in with bezel design.  It has an advanced footprint and serves several enhancing features with 0.311mm pixel pitch. 

Now you can experience screen productivity with this thin profile screen. The monitor has a 23% smaller base, which is useful if you have less space to cover. Get started with your office work conveniently with these multiple screens monitors.

These predefined templates will allow you to easily arrange your set of applications and move to the work with an auto restoring feature. The wide view angle of this monitor enabled by is advanced IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology. With high-quality technology usage, you can experience an animated series of colors.

The TUV certifies monitor comes up with a comfortable view and amazing feature that can reduce the emission of harmful blue light effects. Its structure is design to optimize the human eye comfort for a more extended period.

2. BenQ IPS Photography Monitor

1440P IPS Photography Monitor

1440P IPS Photography Monitor

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  • 2K QHD resolution with IPS Tech
  • 99% Adobe RGB color space
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Professional monitor capabilities
  • Eye Care for comfortable viewing
  • Low Blue light filters harmful Blue light


The BenQ SW2700PT is a 27 inches wide screen that is fueled by IPS (In-Plane Switching) innovation. It has excellent display goals of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The screen has 99% inclusion of the Adobe RGB color space. It additionally bolsters 100% of the Rec. 709/sRGB shading array for having a great digital experience.

It has a built-in tool that uses the image processing chip for presenting real-life displays. The use of the chip in the monitor is a more reliable and appropriate apparatus that offer HD quality view, colors, and visual experience. Additionally, it provides useful application adjustment ways to experience picture effects.

The best part what mostly programmer and photo editors consider is the screen response rate which is five milliseconds. One of the greatest advantages of these monitors is that they support more than 1 billion colors for capturing real-time effects. You can change the modes more quickly with the OSD controller. It permits you to make modifications to the screen and use it for multiple purposes besides photo editing.

The BenQ SW2700PT 27 inches screen has a detachable hood. The great hood gives a pleasant touch. It is suitable for clients who may be sitting in territories were controlling the light may not be conceivable.

3. Dell Professional LED-Lit Monitor

Best Monitor For Coders/Editors

LED-Lit Monitor for money

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  • Convenience And Clarity
  • Enhanced Viewing Experience
  • More Productive Than Ever
  • Image Aspect Ratio Widescreen (16:9)
  • LED-Lit Monitor
  • Wall Mount Type


Need a perfect image display choice that boosts image productivity with more convenience and comfort? If yes, then you must buy dell P2217H 21.5 inches LED-Lit Monitor. It is perfect for coders and professionals who use the screen for long hours.

Dell P2217H provides stunning visuals without the emission of blue light rays and eye fatigue. Slim borders of this vertical monitor give smoother and obstructed free visual experience while working on multiple monitors. 

You can experience ultimate adjustments to tilt, pivot, and monitor height as per the visual preference. The monitors have multiple ports for connectivity on the bottom and left side of the monitor. The side ports allow you to connect different wires and USB devices easily.

Choose this monitor due to its eco-conscious design which meets the environmental and regulatory standards. It is one of the popular and recommended monitor for those who want to experience peace of mind with great visual quality. The best thing is that company allows a three-year warranty for the maintenance and advanced exchange service.

4. Alienware 25 inches Gaming Monitor

Premium Gaming Performance

Vertical Monitor For Gaming

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  • Lightning-fast 240Hz native refresh rate
  • Compatibility All Operating System
  • Specific gaming OSD
  • Brightness : 400 nits
  • Dynamic on-screen display
  • Key enhanced gaming features


Alienware is a well-known computer accessories maker company. Alienware innovative products have consistently been popular for their futuristic and sleek design. The Alienware gaming monitor is best that comes up with an expensive outlook and emphasizes the great level of gaming status from its first glance.

In the market there are multiple options for a vertical monitor, but Alienware AW2518Hf 25 inches wide vertical monitor is a blister of 240Hz. The monitor is best for all the gamers and professional. The monitor is known for its performance which is rare among all of the TN panels. If you have extra money to spend on high quality and popular monitor, then go for buying AW2518Hf screen for your daily use.

The Alienware series boasts with coverage of sRGB gamut at a higher level up to 99%. It is one of the best vertical monitors which come with IPS technology. The monitor gives 170 degrees’ horizontal and 160-degree vertical decent viewing angles.

This vertical monitor connectivity includes the highly efficient power input with two HDMI ports, one audio port, and a display port. The six OSD buttons at the screen bottom allow players to navigate the screen. The game-enhancing mode provides professional gamers with an on-screen timer to display alignment per frame.

5. HP IPS LED Monitor

Vertical Monitor with Ergonomic Stand

IPS LED Monitor with Built-in Speakers

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  • 1080p IPS LED Monitor
  • ESA Mounting
  • HDMI & VGA Ports
  • Frameless ultra-widescreen monitor
  • Anti-glare panel
  • 178-degree viewing angle


HP is a popular and trustworthy company that provides high-quality accessories. HP offers 23.8 inches’ monitor, which is suitable for office-related tasks. VH240 series vertical monitor built-in with ergonomic stand and speakers which gives great audio effects. The vertical monitor is perfect for casual gaming and everyday use. The IPS panel of HP VH240 provides a wide viewing angle that won’t shift the image contrast and color. You will get the fastest 5ms response time for a better angle.

You will get mind-blowing gaming experience with this latest 23.8-inch LED monitor. Everything will run smoothly without any intrusion of motion blue, trialing, and visual artifacts. The monitor has a built-in low blue light filter that uses Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) that regulates the screen brightness.

Screen flickering feature introduced in this monitor that is sensitive to the human eye. The screen covered with the anti-glare coating that quickly eliminated the image reflection. IF you love to play games all the time, then you must invest some money to buy LG VH240 monitors instead of any other option.

Features to Consider while buying the best vertical monitor

As technology grows day by day and we get valuable resources which provide us with ease and satisfaction about our work. Same as like that innovation of vertical monitors could be a simple solution for screening problems. While buying these vertical monitors, you have to look for those features that are worth to notice.

Display types

There are lots of display types you can have in various vertical screens. It depends on your choices that you need IPS, LCD or LED display types. In-Plane Switching vertical monitors offer correct colors. They are suitable for gaming, graphic designing and photography.

But if you prefer to choose LED monitors, then you can have high-quality monitors which have longer power to present brighter images. Liquid crystal displays are perfect if you need affordable and quality monitors.  

Monitor screen size

Screen monitors less than 20 inches’ sizes are fine for reading emails, articles or sharing photos. If you have a big family, then you should choose 21 to 26 inches to monitor display that is suitable for watching TV, movies or playing games. For programmers and coders, 27 inches’ vertical monitors are perfect for having a quality output. 

Screen Resolution

Vertical screens come up with different screen resolutions. HD and HD+ screen resolution provides a quality view at reasonable rates. However, if you are a photographer, then you must need Quad HD and 4K Ultra HD which provide great image quality for professional use.

Great response time

Several gaming monitors require fast response time for the perfect display. Vertical monitors provide high-grade motion graphics. These monitors can easily be attached to any game console. That is the reason you should check the pixel response rate, which is important to have great and fast graphical motion.

Your budget

In the event, if you are searching for a vertical monitor for review messages, sites, essential application utilization, and conceivably the Skype meeting, at that point, you should choose the latest models. 

However, if you have a low budget but need high goals pictures to view, then you can choose medium quality monitors. You are most likely searching for the ideal model that improves the color display performance. Perhaps the greatest factor that can influence the cost is down to the size of the screen itself, which depends on your working preferences. 

FAQ’s about Vertical Monitor

Are vertical monitors good?

The trends of vertical monitors are getting popular because of having more space. With the perks of vertical monitors, the developers and professionals can see the screen view appropriately. Most developers prefer to have vertical monitor because it has the feature of splitting screens.

Can any monitor be used vertically?

Same as like tablets, the computer screen changes the picture orientation. It depends upon the preferences of designers, but it is not typically automated. If you want to turn the screen vertically, then you will need to address the positioning of the monitor as well as a display setting. 

Why do coders use vertical monitors?

Nowadays, a lot of programmer’s works under the pressure of data, configuration files, code and documentation. In this manner, they must need narrow view columns. Vertical monitors provide better shape and view as compared to horizontal monitors.

Can I adjust my monitor horizontally?

Well! Yes, you can adjust the monitor view horizontally in vertical monitors. You have to open the start menu and go to Control Panel. Click on the Adjust resolution button. Here you can see different screen resolution sections. Click on the orientation and go for the choosing landscape or portrait option as per your need.

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