Ways to fix error [AP Currently Not in Use] Slow Internet Connection

Nowadays, a lot of people daily use the internet on their smartphones. People used to access and browse the internet on their mobile devices daily. Mostly are using stable internet in their homes and workplaces. If you have a network router at your home then you may suddenly find out the issue of “Internet has dropped off”.

Your devices may show dropping and lagging of the internet connection. In this manner, people are struggling to connect their devices with the internet connection. While continuously connecting it, you may find an error message of “AP Currently Not in Use.” Well! It is annoying and disturbing when you are doing essential tasks on your devices, and suddenly the internet connection dropped off. After troubleshooting, you may even seem connection interrupted issues.

If you have entered correct details like password and username, even then sometimes your AP couldn’t connect with the internet connection. You may see an error message that “AP currently not in use”. It looks annoying, but you can rectify the problem. You can read on your screens about the problem with the network connection.

Why have you seen a Pop-up error message of “AP Currently Not in Use”?

You will see the error message “AP Currently Not in Use” when the devices you are currently using cannot properly detect the internet Access Point (AP). You may also trigger that your internet Access Point is currently not being used on your smart devices. It can be your local networks or wireless routers which access the internet with the help of range extender on your device. It may be a wireless dongle or any other device that helps your device to get access to an internet connection.

Reasons that why your devices show “AP Currently Not in Use on Your Device”?

People are looking for the reasons why their devices show this kind of pop up message. The primary reason why some devices show an AP connection problem is that because of running an internet connection problem. In this manner, we suggest you do some inspection. If you take a look at your router or if you see the strength of signals showing on your devices, then you will notice weak internet signals.

Most mobile devices are unable to pick Wi-Fi signals quickly and effectively as compared to laptops and computers. On the other hand, there will be no satisfying results shown that you will ever receive fast and strong signals on your smart devices. Sometimes even your laptop shows good connection, but sometimes the smart devices are unable to receive all signals appropriately. The thing is that each device works differently and has different capabilities. If you face any issues regarding device network connectivity, then don’t need to worry about it. There are several ways available that can fix these issues. Follow our guide on how you can fix this issue correctly.

Ways to follow to fix “AP currently not is Use” error:

  • First of all, you have to do a simple step. Without doing anything, just switch off the wireless device. Well! You may think this cannot work accurately but sometimes your device network face issues while connecting to several devices. So, first, you have to power off the device. After a few minutes restart it and try to connect it again with your devices, sometimes it works when you restart your wireless router. It is one of the simplest ways to fix the issues regarding network connectivity.
  • Now check the current ongoing connection showing in your router and try to connect it with another one. Your wireless router has two bandwidths. Standard bandwidths are 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz. For instance, if you find that you have a powerless signal, then take a stab at interfacing with the other band. Simply being associated with your router doesn’t mean that you will have a solid sign. You must check that which bandwidth will provide you super fast and reliable connection.
  • The location of your wireless router works great in case of network connectivity. The rule surely implies in every field. Closer location towards your router access point means you will get a high-quality connection. If it works great for you, then we suggest you move your gadget to a closer area to your remote switch or Access Point. Draw your work area nearer or to a spot that has fewer impediments and less obstruction. Some over gathered places in your home like kitchen or laundry area have many obstacles. It can affect the performance of network bandwidths. You have to make sure that you maintain a good space from these places. In this way, you may resolve the issue of bad connectivity. We hope you will not see the ‘AP currently not in use” message on your devices.
  • Have you ever check and evaluate the setting of your phone that has a section of “Avoid poor connections”? If you ever see this option on your phone, then uncheck it. It will allow you to show you clear signs when there is bad connectivity. To do this, you have to follow further steps:
  1. First, go to your device setting
  2. Click on the Wi-Fi option
  3. Go to more setting option
  4. Select the advance option
  5. Now uncheck the tab “Avoid Poor connections.”
  • Check the Date and Time on your telephone. You’d be shocked, numerous issues pop up essentially on the grounds that your telephone could be set to a long time from now, or even gets reset to the day you purchased your gadget. Just go to your settings and unselect your ‘Programmed Date and Time’ settings and select it once more. You may need to restart your gadget for the settings to produce results.
  • Utilize a Static IP address rather than a powerful one. This implies your IP address will stay consistent, rather than changing each time you restart your remote switch. It is a basic arrangement, and you should simply realize the DHCP scope of your system, and supplement an IP address that is outside your system’s DHCP extend yet inside the limits o your system subnet.
  • Forget your Wi-Fi associations and reconnect to it. Once in a while, your gadget may not be interfacing effectively, which would prompt the ‘AP Currently Not being used’ blunder message to appear. Another basic fix is to go to your Wi-Fi organizes and select the ‘Overlook association.’ After you do this, basically select it again to reconnect to the system.

At that point when everything comes down to it and all of the mentioned tips don’t work, then you need to consider what sort of network router you are using at your home. Check that you are using an older model or new edition? Some old edition routers can slow down the network connection quickly. That can be the reasons of connection lose. You have to buy advanced router that can handle the high speeds internet connection.

On the other way, upgrading your wireless router can quickly solve this issue. Some people consider this option as a last way. Well! In this way, you will never face this issue again. We do not suggest you go out and buy a new wireless device to solve this problem—no need to spend a lot of money on buying new network devices.

For instance, if all of the mentioned ways didn’t work accurately, then you can contact with us easily. Let us know about the connectivity problems that you are facing while connecting AP devices with your wireless network. So, if you are still facing the issue of “AP Currently Not in Use,” then comments us below, and we will work on finding the best solution for you.

By James Klett

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