Best Monitor Riser For Home & Office in 2024

Vented Metal stand for Computer, Laptop

A built-in monitor stands are not good enough for the safety of your device. You must need extra adjustability and elevation to make your gaming sessions comfortable and safe.

All you need is to have a great desk space. In this manner, the best monitor riser may be a perfect choice for your adjusting problem.

The desktop stands offer ergonomic benefits to a great height at a fractional cost. So now, without replacing the existing monitor, you can add extra space into your gaming spaces. They are range from simple and standard height monitor risers.

You can keep your gaming monitors at eye level with advanced peripherals. These stands will allow you to make alternate positions.

Best Monitor Riser Standalone List

1. Laptop PC Monitor Stand

PC Monitor/Laptop Riser

Fashionable Riser Height Adjustable

Quick Features

  • Perfect for Computer Monitor iMac Stand
  • Holds up to 44 pounds
  • Comfortable viewing at 4″ to 5 1/2″
  • Stable won’t slide, shake, vibrate

The non-skid rubber high-grade stand raises your gaming monitor to perfect height for comfortable viewing. Now there will be no symptoms of neck and back pain during several hours of continuous use. The stand lets you take your monitor at a height from 3 to 5 inches. We assure you that you would love to have an elegant design that is fashionable and sleek. It is a vibration-free, sturdy, and durable stand made with steel construction. It will take a few minutes to assemble it without using any tool. The rubber skids hold the stand gracefully and avoid unwanted movements.

The rubbers will protect your monitor from any scratches and damages that often happen due to weak monitor stands. The approximate measurements are 14.5 x 9.3 Inches with a compact footprint. It doesn’t require much desk space in your workspace table. The stand holds up to 44 pounds monitors of all sizes. The adjustable stands serve more than support. It can also be used as a flat-screen riser.

2. Metal Desktop Stand

Heavy Duty Monitor Stand

Metal Desktop Stand
  • Ideal for all computers, monitors and laptops
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Anti-slip suction cup at the bottom
  • Holds up to 50 pounds
  • 16″L x 10″W x 5″H

It is the most popular and trendy monitor stand found in the market. Bring your monitor to the perfect eye level for having a comfortable ergonomic digital view experience. The stand focuses on giving relief to your shoulder, neck, and back to enhance your working efficiency. The stand gives you plenty of storage spaces to keep your controllers, game console, other accessories, and book papers in one place. The anti-slip suction cup will perfectly maintain the monitor stand table protective and stand on your desktop surface.

This monitor aims to bring the best shopping experience for all customers. It makes perfect for all monitors, laptops, and computers to remain stable on the surface. The stand raised your computers to a maximum level of height. The position ensures that you protected your monitor screens from rough desk surface from damages and scratches. The approximate dimensions are16″L x 10″W x 5″H and hold more than 50 pounds monitors. You will get plenty of desktop space to feel free and place essential accessories.

3. Monitor Stand Riser by HUANUO

Modern Monitor Riser

Height Adjustable Monitor Stand
  • Ergonomic viewing to relieve neck, back and eye pain
  • 3 adjustable height levels improve health
  • Assemble within 1 minute
  • Ventilated mesh platform

The HUANUO laptop stands intended with three customizable tallness levels permitting you to pick the most ergonomic, most beneficial, and comfortable screen view while working. You have to press the button on the leg and lift the stage to change between the perfect wall tallness levels. The PC and screen stand Hnll3 comes up with 1 Platform and four legs.

You have to simply screw the four legs into the stage level as per your need. HUANUO customizable screen riser is made of intensity covered steel with a mesh hole that improves wind stream going towards your monitor. Your new screen riser holds up to 44 lbs. It comes up with non-slip legs and hostile to slide elastic that expands strength and shields your PC and furniture from scratches.

Best Monitor Shelf
Vented Metal stand for Computer, Laptop

4. Vented Metal Monitor Stand Riser

  • Monitor/printer stand with hole design
  • Sturdy monitor riser for ergonomic view
  • Stable & solid monitor lift
  • Esk organizer with large storage space

Are you suffering from back and shoulder pain due to long hours of working on the monitor? If yes, then you must in need of finding something functional as well as useful to avoid this problem. The Vented stand raises your screen to appropriate tallness, keeping your stance in immaculate alignment and successfully soothing weight on your neck. Your new screen riser intended with non-slip legs and against slide elastic that builds security and shields your PC from harm.

The stand is made of intensity covered steel with few gaps; this HNLL2 stand performs well for wind current and keeps your PCs or printers cool. You can raise your screen by 4 inches, decreasing torments on your neck and back. It broadly holds most level board screens, scratchpad, and printers hold up to 44lbs without wobble. The non-slip leg additionally keeps it stable at every angle.  The HNLL2 screen lifts effectively let loose more space around your work area; you can put things like papers, link box, gaming gadgets, and even full-size console under it, making your work area mess-free.

Monitor Stand for Desk
Laptop Desktop Stand for Monitors

5. Monitor or laptop Riser by FITUEYES

  • Adjust the angle and sitting, safe and healthy
  • Super storage, the liberation of your workspace
  • High-quality materials
  • large capacity, load up to 10 kg

Amazing FITUEYES screen riser can keep up your vision straight and stress-free. It sounds helpful for the health of the eye, yet additionally essential for cervical unwinding, decrease cervical weight.

It is suitable for the office, workspace area, and accessible in every situation. The multifunctional stands can bolster PC screens, workstations, printers, fax machines, PC screen risers, TV screen stands, etc. The thin and simple structure fits impeccably into any stylistic layout and adds an exquisite look to your work area. You can raise your screen for improved visualization and decreases neck and spinal pain.  (Remove complete and rewrite)

Monitor Stand with organizer for Workplace

Monitor risers and stand bring your PC screen up to a comfort level, taking out pointless neck and eye strain. A few risers offer open organizer zone underneath, giving you space to sort out console and mouse ropes or store day organizers, scratchpad, and other office necessities. Some latest styles offer drawers for keeping your apparatus perfectly in a proper way. A few styles of stands and risers are furnished with open compartments, permitting you to keep staples, paper cuts, and other office fundamentals inside simple view and reach.

Monitor Riser with Drawer
Stand Arm Riser Desk Storage Organizer

1. 1home Wooden Stand with Desk Storage Organizer

  • Space-saving & Multi-use Monitor Stand
  • Scientific Design with Proper Height
  • Suitable Size & Friendly Material
  • Extremely Stable for Protecting Your Screen
  • 16.7 inch 2 Tiers Shelves

The wooden monitor stand of 1home provides a comfortable sitting plan with adjusted height. You can now adjust the body position anytime and anywhere. Bring some comfort in your life by purchasing 1home wooden monitor stand with the organizer. The stand is made of quality matte MDF material of 1/2 inch thickness by a proficient, skilled worker. With the impeccably finished and smooth surface, the level edges, and unscented properties, this wooden screen riser offers you a beautiful and sturdy PC screen riser with no air pollution.

Unique and brilliant plan with two levels, the improved four non-slip cushions to keep steady, a special place for holding a laptop, a center for the link the board, and the space-sparing console slide underneath, our screen stand present to you a flawless work area at home or office. You can quickly assemble this stand with a simple screw setting. To clean it you can use a soft cloth and bring a new luxury look in your workspace. It is going to be an ideal gift for office workers that support their comfort. It will ultimately improve their working efficiency, and you will be impressed by its caring feature.

Monitor Stand With Storage Space
Monitor Riser Stand and Computer Desk Organizer

2. Metal Monitor Riser Stand with Drawer

  • Monitor stand/riser
  • Space-saving & stable
  • Extra storage for large items
  • ergonomic viewing experience

Trending a simple monitor stand raises your monitor to the perfect eye level for having a comfortable viewing experience. The manufacturers of metal monitor stand to focus on providing relief from neck strains, back or shoulder pain, to enhance your office work efficiency. The stand dimensions are 19.25″L x 10.25″W x 5.125″H. Metal stand comes up with extra space to store large items under this stand. There is a non-skid rubber found under each feet’s to protect the desktop surface and keep the stand stable.

The feature makes it ideal for all the monitor or laptop users to work for longer hours without any discomfort. You can raise your laptop screen to eye level for an agreeable ergonomic screen view. The built-in sliding cabinet and 4 Side Storage Pockets with two side compartments are ideal for sorting out office supplies and extras for an increasingly beneficial and clean workplace. Pull out Sliding Drawer for including all the more additional capacity for enormous things, for example, huge gaming console, Xbox comfort, a link box, and so on. The anti-slip attractions cup at the base gives device stability at whatever point you’re working.

Best Metal Monitor Riser
Stand Riser with Organizer Drawer

3. Simple Houseware Metal Monitor Drawer

  • Monitor Riser / Stand for printer, computer, laptop, notebook.
  • Sturdy Metal Construction
  • 4 Side Storage Pockets
  • Dimension: 20.25″W x 11.5″D x 5.8″H

The Simple Houseware Monitor Stand doesn’t simply help your laptop screen height.  It likewise comes furnished with different storage spaces and drawers for your entire work area frill. The ventilated work configuration serves as a warmth obstruction, and the whole setup works extraordinary for screens and workstations.

The stand is not built for various heavy electronics. It works very well with all standard display screens. The sturdy metal made a stand coated with a black coating. Simple Houseware stand comes with approximate dimensions 20.25″W x 11.5″ D x 5.8″H. h

Monitor Riser With Charging Ports
Desk Organizer up to 27inch for Computer

4. Vaydeer Wireless Charging Monitor Riser

  • Wireless Charger Device
  • Durable and Solid- can support up to 66 pounds
  • Charging features 4 USB ports
  • Effective monitor raiser
  • No Need Plug under Desktop

Place your devices on the charging pad with Vaydeer Monitor Riser without any need for extensions. It will naturally start to charge in seconds without the requirement for wires or extra accessories. Vaydeer stand works with all remote charged telephones, including the most recent iPhone and Samsung devices. The board is made of an excellent aluminum compound and has an expert support structure under the board.

The stand gives extra space that is helpful for interfacing your USB gadgets and access information to your hard gadgets, versatile phones, iPad, Kindle, and different gadgets. Vaydeer Computer Stand raises your screen for most extreme comfort, Reducing eye and neck strain and advancing great stance. The aluminum screen remains with a remote Charging pad.

Computer Monitor Riser
Computer Stand with Storage Drawer

5. Jelly Comb Foldable with Storage Drawer

  • Wireless Charger Device
  • Durable and Solid- can support up to 66 pounds
  • Charging features 4 USB ports
  • Effective monitor raiser
  • No Need Plug under Desktop

If you are suffering from neck pain or back joint torment after spending long hours on a laptop, then you must need a perfect solution to avoid this discomfort. With Jelly Comb screen stand riser, presently, you can kick back and work comfortably. Raise your Monitor, Laptop, and other devices to ergonomic tallness that lessen the eye strain, mitigate sore neck and assist you with perusing and typing easily. You can build up a correct sitting position to improve your day by day working profitability.

Jelly Comb Foldable monitor stand has a built-in storage drawer to hold your pens, clingy note, and other office staff. The extra space will allow you to store console and mouse minimally when not being used. Jelly comb screen stand is a work area coordinator which acts as an incredible space saver in your office. Its solid structure can hold up the weight of your PC screen, work station, printers, and support up to 55 lbs. Its smooth covering surface makes it simple to clean. The width of the screen stand can be customizable for your working preferences.

Features To Consider For Monitor Riser

Besides all other features, there are other essentials things that you need to check while buying the best monitor risers.

Adjustable Height

The best riser in every case needs to give space to alteration. Such a kind of screen is advantageous as you can undoubtedly raise or lower the tallness of the screen bases upon your body position. Aside from this, the riser likewise needs to give a definitive perspective on the screen without stressing the neck or eyes.

Built-in features

You likewise need to ensure that you get the perfect laptop or monitor riser that is built with amazing features. The stand should be made with great quality materials to provide years of working service. The other fundamental features should be their heavy legs. Get a riser with the non-skid legs to keep it stable on the work area.

Weight Capacity

We suggest you get a riser that will effortlessly bolster the heaviness of the PC or screen. For dependable and helpful use, consistently consider screen risers that can bolster up to 44 lbs. In any case, when you got littler screens, you may consider a riser that can bolster around 22 lbs to 33 lbs.


Before purchasing a screen riser, you need to consider the development of a monitor stand that should be strong and rock-solid to hold screens with various weight limits. Ensure the riser has non-slip feet that will assist with keeping the substitute one situation without scratching your floor. Moreover, the riser should be solid enough to hold screens with up to 50lbs. A large portion of them is produced using steel and plastic materials that are strong and solid. 


It is a fundamental thought you need to look distinctly when purchasing a screen riser. Ensure the riser has plentiful work area space that will empower you to keep your work region composed and perfect. Additionally, you need to take an intimate look at the underneath space. The space is ideal for keeping your console, mouse, note pads, link box, stapler, papers, cuts, and your fundamental work materials. Maintain a strategic distance from a screen riser with constrained space in light of the fact that your workspace can be chaotic.


Make sure the screen riser is worked with a reduced and lightweight structure that will allow you to convey the stand effortlessly when you are working on your PC or screen in your office or home. It should work with a movable plan that will permit you to pick the best stature that will level your eyes with the screen for more solace. A flexible screen stand assists with decreasing back pain and eye strain that is caused by wrong working positions.


The reviewed monitor riser in 2024 are the best ever we picked from hundreds. Why you should go for any of the above monitor riser? because these the best in quality, material used and the price also. Buy the best monitor riser that suit your need, like standalone riser or monitor riser with organizer. Any question related to monitor riser feel free to comment below.

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