Best Inflatable Projector Screens in 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

Why you need an inflatable projector screen? Why not fixed or motorized screen? Or you may just need a good LED and enjoy your moment. Well, many people love to watch movies on a large screen. Some of them go to the cinema on a weekend and watch a movie of their choice.

Other people want to have a theatre in their home. Doing all the settings at home to have complete fun. For this purpose, buy a LED or LCD screen, set of speakers, projectors and other devices that are must to complete home theater systems.

A screen is an important part of your theater. You need something to project your movie on. One can go for a white piece of cloth but you will surely lose the quality of the image until or unless you use something that is designed for the purpose of projection. While LED is a perfect option for your indoor fun, those who love to watch movies outdoor rely on an inflatable screens in the open air.

Best Inflatable Projector Screens

Given below is a detailed article in which you will learn all about inflatable outdoor movie screens. First, we discussed the ten most popular screens. Each one of them is reviewed separately so you must know which features are available in the market.

This Buying Guide has all the required info and will surely help you to learn different aspects of the product. After reading all this, you will have a clear choice of what to look for in an inflatable outdoor projector screen. Thus buying a perfect inflatable screen will be much easier for you.

Holiday Styling Best Budget Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

Best Movie Screen For Family

Holiday Styling features this inflatable screen having fabric material which is triple grade 600D thick. It is durable and strong with reinforced loops on each corner. To hold this screen upright, it has ropes, pegs and a sturdy frame.

Like many other projectors, it supports both front and back projection. It is easily portable so this screen will serve as a good outdoor screen for you. This one is a huge inflatable screen ideal for movies because of its large size. Its total size is 16 ft. while the actual white part i.e. on which picture will be projected measures 12 ft. diagonally. It has dimensions of 125 inches width by 75 inches height.

Thanks to its lightweight, you can watch movies any time on it because this one is easy to move from one place to another. It just weighs 9 kg which makes it a perfect choice for all of your outdoor needs. You can use it in home or take it with you to the park to enjoy with your loved ones. You also can attach projectors and speakers to it. This will complete your outdoor theater system and give you a perfect visual experience.

Another good feature of this screen is the white display and frame are attached as one unit. Now you don’t need to worry about fitting both parts. These are attached and can be removed at any time for the purpose of cleaning them or saving them at a secure place. Thus, you need not worry about anything as every feature is already managed.

A quiet electric blower completes your setup. It delivers full blowup inflation and your screen will be ready to use in just 2 mins of low noise inflation. After, you just need to link your mobile or laptop from which you want to play the movie and the entertainment will start. As an alternative, you can also stream directly through Amazon Prime or Netflix.

You need to place your rear projector at a height. This is because the screen is about 12 inches above the ground. Users are loving this because it is not only a simple but a complete projector screen for your home entertainment.

MEGA Movie Screen – Portable Huge Outdoor Inflatable Screen

Best Outdoor Movie Screen

This one is a 20 Feet large inflatable screen by Easy Go Products. At one point or another, we are all lazy in our lives. Man wants things to go easy rather than to stick. This is the reason people love to have a screen which is easy to set up. This inflatable screen completes their wish as it is very easy to set this and it will just take 2 mins.

The screen comes with a user manual which will help you step by step when you go to install your screen. The package also includes an air blower and rope, tent, inflatable stakes to help you maintain the right posture of your projector screen.

Just like the previous product, the white display and the black frame of this screen also comes as one unit. This eliminates the risk if they will fit at a later stage or not. However, the screen is detachable and you can easily separate it from the frame. This is particularly useful when you want to clean it or need to separate them for storage purpose.

This screen is super light in weight and weighs just 5.5 kg. It makes it easy for you to move this highly portable screen from one place to another. Thus, apart from serving as a backyard movie screen, this screen will serve you widely as an “Event Screen” for every event. The display of this 20 ft. large screen measures 136 inches width and 76 inches height.

The screen is having an attractive design. Its kit comprises an inflatable frame with a detachable white screen, blower, ground stakes, and tie-down strings. These strings are connected to D rings which give the required stability to the screen. Thus you will enjoy watching a movie on a safe and secure screen.

You will have your own theater anywhere you go. This is because the light in weight makes this screen travel-friendly. You can easily take it from place to place with you. It is a perfect choice for camping adventures, picnics and for all of your outdoor parties. You will surely love its large screen.

Easy Go Products 17′ Premium Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

17 inch outdoor movie screen

This screen is much similar to the previous one. One of the difference is that its screen is relatively smaller and measures 17 ft. This gives it display dimensions of 96 inches width and 58 inches height. The weight mentioned on Amazon is 21 pounds which equal 9.5 kg roughly.

It is also a good product for all of your outdoor needs. If there are fewer people in your circle then you may feel equally good with this screen as it will cost you much lesser than the one having 20 inches screen. The package includes a storage bag so you can store your product safely.

Easy Go Products 14 feet Screen – Best for Outdoor Parties

Inflatable Movie Screen For Family

Well, we reviewed product no. 3 which was by Easy Go products. This is exactly the same product with a slight change in screen size and weight. This one measures 3 ft. less than the previous one i.e. 14 ft. diagonally. This inflatable screen measures only 5 kg which makes it highly portable.

Another change you will face is that it costs much less than the screen measuring 17 inches. So if you have a small family and feel OK with 14 ft. screen, then you must try it as it will save you money. The important thing to note is that there is not much difference in display screen size. So you won’t miss much fun. The screen is equally attractive and is travel-friendly. Thus, you can carry it anywhere to serve as a fun screen.

Gemmy 39127-32 Deluxe Air blown Movie Screen Inflatable

Large Inflatable Movie Screen

This is an air blown inflatable screen for you by Gemmy. This will enhance your outdoor movie watching experience to a new level. You can use it for any purpose. It is good for movie nights, watching sports events, playing video games on it and every other media.

You can not only use it in your backyard but also take it anywhere outside the house because it is easily portable. The screen weighs just 11 kg so you won’t face many problems in moving this from one place to another. This Inflatable Screen gives you the comfort of having 4 different screen styles in it. You can select any of them for your need.

For example, if you expect that many people will attend your event, you will set the screen at a raised level. This way every person will be able to watch easily. For each and every of your occasion, there is a separate style screen. This giant screen has the ability to mold itself into your required style.

People like a product that is easy to set up so they won’t face problem every time they want to use it. This screen self-inflates itself in seconds so you won’t face any problem. It includes stakes, tethers and a built-in fan. All of these enhance the stability of this inflatable screen. This inflatable outdoor screen is durable and is resistant to weather changes. This enables it to cope up with the outdoor environment.

This is a 144 inches screen. The white display measures 123 inches in width by 70 inches height. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9. This makes it a perfect option for most of the videos. The screen is raised much above the ground level so people sitting on the back will have a better view as they won’t get disturbed by the chairs on the front. The screen includes 2 built-in fans. Its high screen above the ground distinguishes it from other screens. This screen is light in weight so you can easily move it from one place to another.

Nozzco Screen – Great For Outdoor Backyard Pool Fun

Best Outdoor Screen For Couples

This is a 14 feet large inflatable screen by Nozzco. Every company promises that their product is having a large screen. A large screen matters a lot in movie watching because it gives a better and detailed view and also lets you accommodate more people at a place. This is the reason this screen is having a large display of 10 inches diagonally. However, size is not the only thing to consider. The screen material must be considered so no wear and tear occur in the future with your product.

Nozzco ensures you have a perfect combination of size and quality. Its screens are made from high-quality materials to give them a unique look. The screen is reliable and it will serve as a theater alternative for you and your family for a long time.

If you ask me about which is the most important feature for an inflatable screen, my answer will be easily set up and portability. You always need to move your screen from storeroom to the backyard or in the party somewhere in the town. This demands your screen to be easily portable to avoid any mishaps. This screen is so light in weight that you can easily store it in the given bag and take it with you anywhere you want. You will have impressive projections for each of your important events.

So you were waiting about the details of how to set this screen up. Well, the package includes are the things necessary to help you in setting this screen up. It has an air blower, rope, tent, stakes and of course, a carrier bag. A user manual is also included to help you step by step when using the screen for the first time. Will all of these things, setting the screen will be easy and fast to finish the job for you. The air blower is designed to inflate your screen in less than 2 mins. Thus, you are all ready to go big.

Movie ticket templates are a gift to you by the company. These are total 10 in number and each one differs from the other in style. This enables you to invite your friends in a professional way to come and watch a movie with you. With a large screen at the front, it will be a memorable event for all of you. Well, if you are very careful regarding the quality of your product, then you must select this one. This is because this Inflatable Screen is designed from high-quality materials.

Celexon Screen – Top Rated Inflatable Outdoor Screen

Best Outdoor Movie Screen

This is relatively a large frame projector by Celexon. It measures 165” by 70” by 118 inches (length by depth by height). The depth of this screen helps it to stand on its own in most cases. The projection cloth has Velcro strips on the back to hold it.

The screen surface measures 122 inches in width by 68.5 inches height. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9 which is perfect for most of your media needs. T he screen will be covered perfectly by the picture. It is type D while the gain factor of this inflatable screen is 1.0. This gives you the perfect natural view of the image as the image won’t lose quality even if you see it from the sides.

The package also comes with a powerful pump. Setting this up is very easy because it has quick setup enabled. You can set this for use without the need for any tools. The screen has a PVC front projection surface surrounded by a black frame. The back of the screen blocks any light coming from the back.

This screen gives you a perfect 4K UHD content. The package includes PVC projection cloth, inflatable frame, electric pump fan, other parts for fixing the screen like ropes and pegs. A repair kit is also there to help you fix your frame and cloth.

Overall, this screen gives you a good deal to buy it. There is no visible problem with it while the gain ratio ensures that you will be having a high-quality entertainment. More people can come to watch a movie or your favorite shows with you.

The only feature you may wish to know about is its weight which is slightly more than another inflatable screen. It weighs 15 kg total. An inflatable screen is meant to be easily portable from place to place and this weight needs special care to carry it from one place to another. However, it is a reasonable weight because the screen is still very much in control.

Loch IWS Inflatable Screen – Outdoor Movies Cinema

Affordable Movie Screen

This screen by Loch gives you the fun like any complete theater and not just deliver an ordinary theater which misses important features. The screen features a view area of 140 inches diagonally. Now you can go big and big. The screen equally supports front and rear projection so you start with the one which is comfortable for you.

This screen features an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a gain factor of 1.0. Combined, they ensure that you have a perfect picture covering all sides of the screen. Quality of the picture will remain same at all parts of the screen.

You won’t face any problem in using this inflatable screen by Loch. The professional blower that comes with this product is designed to do extreme tasks. It will inflate your screen in just 50 secs. This way you will start watching a movie at a much faster pace as you don’t need to wait long. The screen is ideal for watching movies outdoors or playing games on it. A big screen means more details to uncover and that’s what people like.

The package includes blower, stakes and a storage bag. This bag lets you store your product when not in use. It will be safe in this bag and you can easily carry to your desired place to have complete fun. The screen measures 16.5 kg roughly so you won’t face any problem while carrying it from one place to another.

To be honest, this screen has some serious problems that must be considered. The most important point is that the screen material is non-removable. This makes it very difficult for you to clean it. There is no perfect arrangement for it to hold its posture. If the wind is blowing at a speed around 15 mph, this may fall. So you need to pay special attention towards the weather when finalizing the event day. The screen inflates faster but takes a lot of time to deflate. You may need special patience when using it.

However, when it comes to looking, this screen promises to give you a professional theater like experience. As an alternative to all the cons mentioned in above para, you can use this screen indoor. This is because you will have controlled factors there and you will love how this screen adapts there to give you best experience.

Vividy Deluxe Mega Movie Screen – Best Screen for Outdoor Parties

Cheap Projector Screen Outdoor

This is a large inflatable screen which is 14 ft when measured diagonally. To set this screen up, you don’t need much time. It will be ready to use in just 2 mins because the setup is made easy by including a guide to help you. All of this adds to the ease of using this inflatable screen. The frame of this screen is very light. This makes it easier for you to move it from one place to another.

The package also includes sandbags, ropes and storage bags. The design of this screen is kept in such a way to make it more portable. You can also clean it easily. The storage bag will be useful after you use the product and need to store it safely. It is also useful when you want to move the screen from one place to another. Just put your screen in this bag and move it to your desired place.

Before this product, we analyzed some other screens which weighed around 10-15 kg. Now you will be amazed to know that this screen by Vividy weighs only 5 kg. Wind can’t easily scratch it because it is so light in weight. To fasten it, you can use ropes and ground stakes. Afterward, tie downs can be used to give the screen the stability it needs. Thus your screen will be safe now and your fun will get doubled on this large screen.

As I already mentioned, this huge screen measures 14 ft. diagonally. This makes it an ideal screen for a huge number of people. This screen will be an ideal companion for you in camping, picnics, and outdoor parties. Once you set it up, a lot of people can come to add to your enjoyment.

This is a good screen but there are certain points you must take care of. First is that the frame is not black. If you love to watch on a black and white combination, you this screen is certainly not for you. The second thing is that some components are not included in the package and you need to buy them. These include fan and HDMI cables. Buying a fan externally means there is no estimate available about the time needed to inflate the screen. However, you will love watching your favorite movies on this big screen.

FULLY EQUIPPED Loch IWS – Cheap Inflatable Projection Screen

Best Outdoor Screen For Pool Parties

This is a professional quality inflatable screen to you by Loch. The blower is not only super powerful but also is very quiet at the same time. This way you won’t get disturbed by the noise coming from the blower.

This is probably the easiest one to set up and use. The reason is that you only need one person to complete setting this screen. You just need to attach the blower and inflate your screen. In will remain inflated throughout your movie for about 24 hours.

The package includes a storage bag so you can easily store your screen in it. Other items include stakes and tethers. It inflates in just 50 sec so you are always ready to start watching a movie and have fun. Stakes help you to fix your screen more firmly.

Though not the largest, but this screen is a large one. It measures 120 inches diagonally. This way you will have more fun by viewing your fav movie on a big screen. The option is available to project from either front or rear. You can choose whichever suits you. The aspect ratio of this inflatable screen is 16:9 while the screen gain is 1.0. This way, you will experience a perfect quality from this screen irrespective of your seating position. This screen is going to be your perfect friend for all the outdoor fun with your friends and family.

You need to be careful to avoid the screen to get dirty because cleaning this product is not very easy. You may prioritize buying this screen because of its fast inflating time.

How do we select above inflatable screen over other?

We selected screens on the basis of some basic points. Same is the criteria we follow in each and every review.

First, we check the category of the product. Then we check the features and match them with the quality of the product. If certain features are present but the quality provided is not up to mark, then we neglect it.

We are continuously looking for products that will match your taste. So when you read the buying guide, you might end up in selecting one from the list of inflatable screen we provided.

Features to consider

Every product has its own feature type. You can’t look for a screen by analyzing its camera pixels as those are more required in mobile phones. For a movie screen size is much important than other electronic items in which you may compromise for it.

So for an inflatable screen you need to consider its ability to inflate, the voice of blower, frame and screen fitting, aspect ratio, size ratio, size of the screen, a rating of the brand, warranty, frame color, weight of the product, ease while setting it up, and cleaning options. We will discuss them in detail in the buying guide below.

Buyer’s Guide For Inflatable Projector Screens

When you go to buy an inflated screen, you need to be careful about different features. These are all, you need to consider and don’t miss in order to get a screen that will best suit your needs. For your ease, we had divided them into separate parts. After going through this buying guide, you will develop a much clear idea about what to look in your desired screen.

Size of the screen

You can’t neglect it at any cost. You must know the estimated number of people that can come to attend your party at any time. According to this, you must buy a screen of the suitable size. For more people, you need a large giant screen so it will be visible from far away so people sitting at a distance will be able to see it.

Size costs so much. If you know that at any time, there will not be many people there to watch a movie with you, you must go for a screen relatively smaller in size. This way you will save precious money. Simply, you must consider a size to price ratio. Price of the screen must be affordable and the screen size must meet your minimum requirement.

Ability to inflate and voice of blower

This is a feature that needs special attention. When time to inflate the screen doesn’t matter too much, the voice of the blower may be a serious issue when watching a movie. You need to know if the screen takes too much time to inflate. A normal screen may take 40 seconds to 2 mins time. If it takes more than this time, then you must not consider buying it.

Some blowers make noise. When you are watching the movie, it will disturb you a lot. You must consider users reviews when buying any product, so that you won’t face any problem in long run.

Frame and screen fitting, the color of the frame

The color of the frame must be black. This is because it is the ideal color and enhances contrast in the screen area. However, if you don’t feel any problem, you can go for other colors.

Frame and screen fitting is very important. This is because if frame and screen come fixed, then you won’t face problem fitting them. There are some cases when frame and screen don’t fit and that is the real problem so you will be happy if they come pre-fitted. However, then you may have a problem separating them for cleaning purposes. So you must be careful. There are some products that come fitted but you can also separate them so you can clean the screen easily; you must go for them.

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio for any screen must be 16:9. This is the ideal ratio for the majority of movies and videos nowadays. If your screen doesn’t meet this ratio, then you will feel problem in projecting video on it. This is because you need to crop some part and that will lead you to lose some fun.

Rating of the brand and warranty

You must buy your screen from a well-known brand. This is because they give you a complete return on your money. They use the high-quality material. The main pro to buy from a good brand is that you can trust it blindly. If at all, any issue occurs, these big names will do the best to satisfy you in order to save their name. Inflatable screens are very sensitive products and quality inputs are needed for a perfect screen. So it is recommended to buy from a well-known name only. All of the products reviewed here are from some trusted brands.

The weight of the Screen

In nearly all products, weight plays an important role in one way or another. Inflatable screen is meant to move from one place to another. This is the reason they should be as light as possible so you have the comfort while moving them. There are some which weigh just 5 kg. These are the best to move from place to place. However, if you have a big screen, then it will weigh more. This is why make sure that your screen weighs around 10 kg. You should never cross the mark of 16 kg as it will be difficult then to move your screen in a bag and then the purpose of buying an inflatable screen will not be achieved.

Ease while setting up the screen

Inflatable screens are generally very easy to set up. Nearly all the screens reviewed there needs only 1 person to set. You need to inflate the screen through a blower and then fix the screen with the help of rope, screws, and stakes. So you should avoid buying a screen that is difficult to set up, because that will be a permanent problem for you.

Faq’s Inflatable Projector Screen

What is Inflatable projector screen?

A type of screen that is not fixed at a place. Its main feature is that like a balloon, you can inflate it at the time of usage. After you use it, you need to deflate it. The whole giant screen will squeeze and will fit in just a small bag. This way it saves time, space, and is easily portable from one place to another.

How Inflatable projector screen works?

Inflatable screens are just a piece of screens with minimum connections. They have a frame and screen area. You need to inflate it through a blower, the screen then comes to its original position. Mostly, they have both types of options available as front projection and rear one. Go for the one that is best suited in your case. Then you just need to projector a movie on the screen area and have fun in your backyard.

What to Look For in an Inflatable Screen?

Well, this is variable. Some people desire to go big and big. So they need to look for the one which is larger in size as it won’t cost them much in comparison to a fixed screen. Other things to look in an inflatable screen is its ability to inflate, the voice of blower, frame and screen fitting, and aspect ratio. All of these are explained in detail in the Buying Guide.

How to mount an Inflatable projector screen?

This is probably the easiest of all tasks. Of all the theater screens, the inflatable is the one which is easiest to mount. You even don’t need help from any person. Just fit the blower at its place, on it and the screen will inflate in 1-2 mins depending on the blower type.

When it inflates, just mount it by using ropes, screws, and stakes. This way, your screen will be ready to use and it will remain in working condition until or unless the wind around is very fast.

Is Inflatable Screen Works indoor?

Inflatable Screens are specially designed for the outdoor environment. This is the reason they are so giant and are resistant to weather conditions. However, you can still use them indoor as it won’t a problem much. The only thing you need to be careful is the space i.e. height of the room in which you need to place this.

It will be a good option to have an inflated screen in your drawing as it will not take space all the time and will only be used when it is needed. When using indoor, mounting this will be much easier.

Why Inflatable screen? Why Not Regular Screen?

Well, there are so many differences if we compare both of them. The main thing to consider is that you can’t use a regular screen outdoor. People love nature and love to go outside to watch movies and have fun. If you use a regular screen, you need to have so many connections to keep it going. An inflatable screen saves you from it because it is easily portable and doesn’t require complex electrical connections.

The other important thing to consider is that an inflatable screen won’t acquire a space permanently. A regular screen will get a corner of the room and you can’t use that space for anything else. This is not the case with an inflatable screen. You are watching a movie tonight in your backyard, this is good. After watching, just deflate the screen and store it in your storeroom in a single bag. The other day, your backyard is free for you to play pickleball paddle, soccer, or other activities in the same place.

Price and size comparison is the third important thing. You get the screen of the same size as the much lesser price if you go for an inflated one. Thus you save money too.


Inflatable screens are a nice investment. They save money, space and efforts at the same time. If you love to watch movies in the open and have a backyard available in your home, then this is the perfect screen for you.

In this guide we provided complete details about inflatable screens. This was all you need to know before buying it. One thing to remember is that avoid buying used ones. The screen may have any small hole in the worst scenario and that will not allow the screen to inflate fully. A new screen ensures that it will be in good condition. If at all there arises any problem, you will be able to claim it.

These screens are resistant to weather but require care by the user. If you take care of your screen, it will take care of your investment in return. These are very durable screens and they will work with you for long.

By James Klett

James Klett a senior editor at GeekyMag focused on computer hardware and gadgets, offers a wide range of information in this field. Have a question, need some help, or want to give your opinion? Drop us a comment below!

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