Best Amazon Fire HD Cases and Covers | Buying Guide

Once you have got an excellent tablet in your hands, you may think that picking out a cover would be easy.

Don’t be so sure! With the plethora of options, features, and price ranges on the market, you may have to think long and hard about the Case or Cover you want to buy. In fact, the best Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 or Fire HD 10, maybe more expensive than a medium-priced tablet itself.

Luckily, you can browse through several Tablet Cases online and order them right from your home. However, you should do your research thoroughly since it is these covers that can prevent your precious tablet from breaking, getting scratched, or shattering its screen. No device is safe from the bumps and bangs of everyday usage, so a tablet cover can make your life much easier.

In order to ensure that your useful and pricey tablet is protected as much as possible, check out some of the best options on the market. We have reviewed some of the Best Amazon Fire HD Cases available today, so you can get started as soon as possible. Before that, though, we have outlined some aspects of the tablet cover that you should consider before settling on one.

Amazon Fire HD 8/10 Cases

We will now introduce the top five tablet covers that were made specially to fit the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet. This is one of the newest models on the market and is priced quite reasonably, so there must be a lot of people on the lookout for such cases.

Below are some reviews of these covers so that you can make a solid decision and pick the best one for yourself:

MoKo Case – Best Rugged Cover for Amazon Fire HD 8

Affordable Cheap Cover For Tablets

This tablet cover is a heavy-duty option with a rugged body and a sturdy, built-in screen protector. It is available in several colors, including solid options like black or a mixture like Blue and Dark Gray, Magenta and Gray, and White and Gray. The new Amazon Fire HD 8 device would fit in nicely, which is great news.

This tablet is easily one of the most affordable and recent ones out there, so finding a good cover for it might have been a difficult task otherwise. However, keep in mind that only the 7th generation is compatible with this cover.

The protective case has a dual layer but still manages to provide access to the buttons, camera lens, and any other control you want to use. It would help your tablet withstand a wide range of hard drops, bumps, and even shocks.


  • A highly sturdy case that would last a long time and protect the tablet to boot
  • Easy to set up and start using with all the components fitting together perfectly
  • Equipped with protective flaps on the ports that protect against the entry of dust, debris, and dirt
  • Ports are easy to open with a flick of the thumb
  • Made with quality materials that would not come apart even with rough use
  • Several glowing reviews about how the cover has protected many tablets and prevented them from breaking
  • Comes at a highly reasonable price
  • Screen protector would not compromise the screen’s appearance. It would also ensure that all the controls remain functional and accessible


  • Some difference in the appearance of the color on a computer screen and in reality
  • A few complaints about the cover not being tough enough to protect the tablet from cracks and dents

Fintie Slim Case – Ultra Slim & Lightweight

Best Case For Fire HD Review

This highly-rated tablet cover is available in several bright and neutral colors, such as Blue, Purple, Rose Gold, Dual Colors, and even the US Flag. It’s also compatible with the 6th Generation Fire HD 8, so don’t fear if you have an older model.

The front and back of this case are in one piece, so all you have to do is place your tablet inside and cover it up. The cover wouldn’t separate, so your tablet is sure to be completely safe. Even if you drop your device, the soft inner would cushion its landing.

With the flip capability of this case, you can easily change it from a simple cover to a viewing stand. This would even double as a keyboard stand if you prefer.


  • Attractive appearance that sports a classy, simple design for all sorts of environments
  • Interior is made of microfiber that’s resistant to scratches and would cushion the phone in case of any bumps, drops, or shocks
  • Magnetic strip inside for automatically sleeping and waking up
  • Comes in several bright, funky colors as well as neutral shades
  • The back is made of a durable polycarbonate material that would prevent any dents or cracks
  • Clip-on application that’s highly convenient and makes for easy carrying and accessibility
  • All cutouts are accurate and ample, even including a camera hole for making clear videos or pictures
  • Available in a wide variety of designs to suit every taste


  • Some reports of it not being completely and ergonomically comfortable to hold
  • Some reviews state that the case is slippery and may make it difficult for the stand to hold

Amazon Case for Fire HD 8

Amazin Fie Hd Tablet Review

This tablet case is available in several colors, including classic ones like Charcoal Black and funky ones like Canary Yellow. Cobalt Purple and Marine Blue are just two more examples of the several colors that will satisfy even the most exacting of customers.

It’s specially designed by Amazon in order to completely fit any Fire HD 8 tablet, provided it’s from the 7th generation. It would, hence, be able to protect the device from several accidents.

This tablet cover is in a slim design that has a built-in stand that can provide handsfree navigation and use in both orientations. It would fully cover your tablet, so there won’t be much need for a screen protector. The case is also equipped with a magnetic closure that would serve to make sure the cover stays shut when you want it to be.


  • Several glowing reviews online that could assure you of the quality of the cover and its performance
  • High-quality material and durable design
  • Tablet speakers are properly positioned and would let out audio without any hindrance
  • Snug and complete fit that would prevent the device from rattling around
  • Microfiber lining on the inside that protects the screen whenever the cover closes
  • Available in several glowing and classic colors that could be selected to perfectly complement the tablet
  • Case would fold into portrait as well as landscape positions for support
  • Closing the cover would automatically turn off the tablet, thereby saving power even when the user forgets to turn it off themselves


  • Holes for camera might not match in the front and back
  • Wouldn’t protect the phone from a long drop
  • One of the more expensive options on this list

Amazon Case for Fire HD 10

This is a flip case that provides a rubbery, smooth feel that would look and feel like the height of luxury. There’s also an automatic open and shut feature where the tablet would be accessible the minute you flip the cover.

There’s also a clear window at the back, which should enable you to see the color of your device. This would give you a nice experience with the original color without compromising on the protection.

Since the Fire HD 10 is available in several bright, vivid colors, this option enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds by having a cover and seeing the tablet too!

The exterior of this tablet cover is smooth and rubbery enough to wipe down in case of any dirt or stains. In fact, this cover wouldn’t even show the dirt or stains for a long time. It would retain its adorable look and feel that would get everyone inquiring about your purchase.


  • Snug fit that prevents the tablet from sliding around
  • Rubbery feel yet wouldn’t attract fingerprints, dust, or dirt
  • Smooth and luxurious surface at a reasonable price
  • Several cutouts that won’t get in the way of utilizing the controls and features
  • Slim fit that wouldn’t detract from the design of the tablet
  • A hardback cover for protection and a front cover to provide flexibility and comfort while holding
  • Instant-on feature that would turn the tablet on when the front cover opens. This would happen without having to press the power controls
  • Clear back panel to show off the color and design of the tablet


  • Kickstand is not too sturdy according to some reviews and feedback
  • Some complaints about the stand-holding magnet not working

MoKo Tablet Case For Fire HD 10

Best Case For Fire HD 10 Review

This slim-fit folding case would be sure to delight in several kinds of designs and colors. These include Apple Blossom, Magenta, Orange, Rose Gold, and Creative Sketch. There are also classic shades like Notebook Black that would be able to blend well into an office or workplace environment.

Since the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is affordable enough to give to kids and young adults, they can easily choose bright and funky patterns according to their preferences.

When you open or shut this tablet cover, your tablet would be sure to turn itself on or off respectively. This would provide an energy-efficient design and would prevent your device from overheating.


  • Has accurate cutouts for easy access to controls and features
  • Magnetic closure enables the user to change the tablet into Awake or Sleep mode by simply opening or closing the case
  • Straps available for holding the tablet and stylus easily
  • Cutouts don’t get in the way of the speakers
  • The case makes it easy to make the tablet stand up for easy viewing
  • Includes a convenient typing angle
  • Reviewers stated that this cover is easy enough to handle even with one hand
  • Luxurious feel of leather
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comes in a wide variety of beautiful designs and colors


  • Some differences in the color presented online and the one available in reality
  • Doesn’t come with a screen protector, which would have to be bought separately

Features to Consider

Since buying a tablet cover could potentially protect an investment worth hundreds of dollars, you need to be sure about what you are looking for. Simply purchasing an expensive tablet cover wouldn’t solve all your problems, and neither would buying the most popular one fulfill your need. You first have to assess the kind of tablet you have and work out what you need it most for. From there on, you can prioritize the rest of your requirements accordingly.

The tricky part here is to select the features you want most. The tablet covers available on the market today have many unique features, but there is always a trade-off somewhere. For instance, you may want a lightweight cover but have to compromise on the quality of material. Take a look at the features of a Tablet Case, in order to decide which ones you should buy:

Basic Casing

If you do not want to completely ruin the sleekness of your tablet or are seeking to save some space, a basic casing might be in order. After all, tablets are designed in extremely gorgeous ways and are meant to be transportable. There is no need to limit the way your tablet can slip into small bags and purses, maybe even pockets.

However, slim cases are also very inflexible, so be sure to measure your device and make sure the case you choose would actually fit it. Check out the cutouts as well, just to be sure.

The compromise here is one of protection and that of additional features. With a basic case, you would just have a slim covering for your phone that would hopefully protect it from dents and scratches. However, it may or may not be able to save your device from a fall, so be prepared. You might be able to find some made of a very tough material which would be able to protect your tablet from serious shocks. You might even be able to find some made of very tough material like TPU, which would be able to protect your tablet from serious shocks as well.

If you love the design of your Fire HD, you may want to opt for one of those translucent cases. As a rule, slim cases do not cost all that much, so you do not have to consider its upgradability factor. Simply get a new one when you update your device!

Folio Options

You could have an incredibly stylish and slim option in a folio tablet cover. It is an excellent way to cover your tablet from all angles, which is especially useful if you carry the device with other items.

When it comes to protection, these cases could vary in options. Some may have a shell case inside that is made by hard plastic material. This gives more protection, especially at the corners and sides of a tablet. However, if a folio case has only soft or leathery material on all sides, don’t expect much of protection.

There are many great options when it comes to the materials for folio cases. If you are a vegan, you might have several choices available to you in vegan leather. You can also opt for a PU material that is a bit sturdier, and tends to protect your tablet. At the same time, it would be a less expensive option than genuine leather.

Some of the folio cases available might offer card slots and spaces for cash, but they can’t really replace wallets. If you stuff them like most folks do with their wallets, you would end up having a bulky case that would be too heavy for a tablet. We, hence, recommend that you use these compartments for storing an emergency card or some extra cash just in case.

Battery Included

Mobile technology may have made strides in the past decade! But the battery life of mobile devices is still an ongoing complaint. Our smartphones and tablets can give us entertainment and information with a few taps, but very few of them can go beyond 10 hours. However, there are now Cases for smartphones and tablets with batteries built right into them. Such covers can somewhat minimize the risk of being left with a dead device and no way to charge it.

The issue here is that battery cases are typically quite heavy. Some slim options are available, but they would not have a large enough battery capacity to charge your device much. As always, real customer reviews would always come in handy if you are considering such a special feature.


There are many tablet covers available that provide space and opportunity for some sort of user personalization or customization. When you choose a Case or Cover with this feature, you open up a number of endless possibilities. For instance, you to choose from a variety of prints, such as a flag or even a picture. This way, it would be a useful purchase that also takes you back or provide some unique meaning to you.

A personalized Tablet Case or Cover is also an excellent choice for gifts. You can choose it in different colors or design, if you are planning to give a gift to loved one. This would be sure to get some smiles and a lot of appreciation!

Opening Technique

Before buying any tablet cover, make sure you know how it operates. A neoprene cover would open up like a standard book. Alternatively, you can get a cover with a kickstand. This could make the tablet stand vertically, horizontally, or both.


If you are an extremely clumsy tablet user, you may want to invest in a case that is extremely rugged. A rugged case is usually very bulky and would protect your tablet from the most dreadful drops. It would also cost you quite a bit if you want some serious protection.

Another advantage of rugged cases is that they provide a good, firm grip. They include air pockets with reinforced corners and might even have a belt clip included for easy carrying. Certain models have even been tested with military standards.

Ideally, such cases would protect the buttons and back as well as the screen of your tablet. However, it would also make your buttons harder to press and make your device & heavy.


This option is somewhere between a slim case and a rugged one. This is what you should go for if you do not want a huge, bulky device but still need a decent level of protection. In order to provide this balance, there is usually some sort of combination of a hard material like polycarbonate and a softer inner lining, which may be made of silicone. This way, if the tablet is dropped, the hard casing will not be a threat to the inner lining. The silicone would absorb the shock, thus ensuring the device is safe and sound.


The above Fire HD Cases and Covers are all excellent choices. However, the best one would obviously depend on your needs, requirements, and preferences. Above all, make sure the cover you choose can easily fit your device. If your tablet is loose in its case, you risk it falling out and crashing on the ground. This would nullify the point of even buying a case in the first place.

Finally, do not make the mistake of thinking a decent tablet cover would be a cheap purchase. If it is worth putting on your valuable tablet, it is worth paying for. Hence, be sure to budget for a quality purchase and see the difference yourself!

By James Klett

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